Best Church Tech Integrators in California

A high-quality audio-visual integrator is essential to making sure your church service runs smoothly. If you’re located in the Sunshine State and deciding between providers, read on to find out our list of the best church tech integrators in California.

Grant Glas
September 28, 2021
Church Software

Whether you are looking to improve the sound, visual or overall tech quality during your Sunday mass in your House of Worship, a high-quality audio-visual integrator is essential to making sure your church service runs smoothly. If you’re located in the Sunshine State and deciding between providers, read on to find out our list of the best church tech integrators in California. 


1. Diversified 

A global leader in the audiovisual sphere, Diversified is a full-service provider of integrated audiovisual solutions for presentations, collaborations, and unified communications. The company eliminates end-user uncertainty by designing for ease of use and implementing global AV standards across their enterprise. They have several offices throughout California and can cater to churches of all sizes. 

Diversified has provided AV solutions for Houses of Worship for many years, including offering environment design, concert audio, acoustic performance, live video, video canvases and media servers, stage lighting, house lighting, production intercom, and digital signage, and circulation AV. Together with their expert team, they specialize in creating immersive environments through intentional technology and promise to engineer and deliver however you imagine your Sunday Service to be in audio and visuals.

2. Muzeek World 

Muzeek World Inc. is a professional audio, video, and lighting company in Corona, Riverside County.  Their range of services includes church sound design consultancy, implementation of acoustics, component integration, and system installation. Their team of qualified technicians installs these systems and trains church personnel on how to use them. By combining traditional trends and the latest technology in the market, they ensure that their church clients benefit from AV services with an extra edge. 

Muzeek World has an expansive selection of equipment from trustworthy brands, including Bose, Yamaha, JBL, Blackmagic Design, Tannoy, Biamp, QSC, Shure, Sennheiser, Soundcraft, Allen and Heath, Pioneer, Denon, Roland, Kramer, and more. They can provide any type of equipment clients need for their audio, video, or lighting solutions and have years of experience working with churches all over America. 

3. Christian Sound Services

Located in Long Beach, California, Christian Sound Services (CSS) has been a leading enterprise installation company for churches in Southern California for over 25 years. CSS designs and installs equipment all over California in all styles of venues, ranging from large auditorium-style sanctuaries, small 150-person sanctuaries, and youth centers. The company offers its customers a statewide design and installation service with a team of experienced video, sound, sanctuary lighting, and stage lighting engineers, technicians, and installers.

Walking clients through their wide range of audio-visual choices, they help make even the most sophisticated equipment simple to use. In addition, to cater to Houses of Worships in all stages of their development stage, they offer flexible payment options. 

4. Western Audio/Video 

San Francisco-based Western Audio/Video specializes in building automation and integrated control solutions that allow churches to get their message across in their San Francisco place of worship. By creating the ideal environment for worship and education in a church, synagogue, cathedral, or mosque, they help make it easy for clients to connect with clergy, staff, or visitors.

Clients can easily adjust lights, shades, climate, and AV at the touch of a button to prepare the space for different functions. Western Audio/Video’s smart lighting systems allow churches to highlight architectural features or presenters while speakers and microphones are professionally installed to ensure crisp, high-quality sound in the congregation. Their network installations are available in all settings, including in historic structures. Additionally, they offer clients to monitor their security system from a smartphone for added peace of mind while away. 

5. Vizual Symphony 

Vizual Symphony’s goal is to enhance the overall church experience for visitors by improving viewing angles in the sanctuary, providing a better audio-visual experience for attendees, and improving church signage and digital displays. The Burbank-based company’s expert team identifies issues in House of Worship’s audio-visual presentations and offers solutions that help churches provide a better overall visitor experience. They work with churches of various sizes and offer a free initial consultation. 

6. CSD

CSD has been building immersive audio-visual systems for over 30 years. The company has been helping businesses, schools, and churches establish audio, video, lighting, and acoustic (AVLA) systems that communicate effortlessly with the audience. Over the years, they have grown a team of professionals that delivers on the hallmarks of each business: producing high-value systems, staying within a client’s budget, and providing customer service that lasts long after they have completed a project. They have worked with churches across the nation, including Joseph Prince Ministries, Gateway Church, The Summit Church, as well as the Solomon Awards.

Many church leaders know that effective production technology is more critical today than ever before but are unsure how best to leverage these tools. Diversified designs and builds help support effective production and media solutions such as high-quality audio, broadcast video, and stage lighting to create engaging spaces – environments that inspire people to share with friends. By working with one of the best church tech integrators in California, you can be sure to create an environment that your congregation will love to attend and won’t want to leave.

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