Best VBS Offerings for 2022

It’s time for vacation, and that means one thing for kids’ ministry—vacation Bible school! Bringing an exciting opportunity to amp up learning experiences and reach more students than ever before, VBS makes learning about God fun for everyone. Allowing you to dig deeper into certain themes and get creative with your activities, learning during the summer months means more time with the church!

Grant Glas
March 1, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

The best part about it? It opens an opportunity for new people to get involved and become a part of your church. Whether they are a solid member of your community and regularly attend church services or have recently moved to the area, people love a religious learning opportunity for their kids. The summer months can become boring for children, so blend fun with education when offering this edifying opportunity.

Hosting children’s church lessons over the summer is a must. Read on for our top eight vacation Bible school picks for this year. 

Arts Camp

Kid with paint all over his hands

This thoughtful, community-based alternative to VBS blends creativity with worship. It engages students through creativity, music, and movement, to deepen their faith by discovering their unique relationship with God. Sunday school lessons cover a lot of Scripture, so why not take a creative break when it comes to summer vacation? After all, creativity is His gift to us. However, as this package is so fluid, it would require a strong and artistic leader to bring it to life.

Cost: $29.95

Age: Grade 1 – 5

The Abundant Life Garden Project

Cooking healthy food

Bring a whole new meaning to food, harvest, and nutrition with this hands-on Christian curriculum. This free VBS curriculum teaches children the miracle of growth and plants while encouraging thanks for the food we are blessed to receive. It highlights environmental concerns and how important it is to care for the earth through activities that connect seamlessly with biblical stories.

Cost: Free

Age: Preschool – Middle School

Passport to Peace

Two friends walking with a side hug

With a focus on the importance of nurturing community relationships as well as personal bonds with God, this curriculum by Shine is all about love. Teach children the value of peacemaking skills, understanding others, and giving everyone a voice through this curriculum which helps to bring up compassionate and caring kids. It is an incredible, meaningful curriculum but is also quite expensive, as each child also needs an individual booklet ($6.49). 

Cost: $199.99

Age: Preschool – Grade 5

The Castle of Courage

Disney Castle

This fantasy-based curriculum is ideal for younger kids who love princes, princesses, and castles. Add a splash of imagination and excitement to your church lessons with this curriculum, which teaches students about central Christian principles without them feeling like they are in school. The objectives of this curriculum have their roots in Scripture and are tightly intertwined with fun activities.

Age: Preschool – Middle School

Cost: from $97


Coral reefs

Take a trip down under with this five-day VBS curriculum. Marvel at the wonders of the outback, coral reefs, forests, and animals in this Australia-based lesson plan that highlights important Bible passages and religious lessons. As catchy songs are included to boost memory and puppet scripts are available for younger students, this curriculum will get everyone excited to learn. 

Age: Preschool – Middle School

Cost: from $159.29

Make Waves

Kid playing on the beach

Brought to us by Orange, this incredible curriculum encourages kids to ponder the consequences of our actions and the importance of doing good in this world. We are all in this world to do good and to share His Word, so show your students how they can make a splash of positivity with this beach-vibe curriculum that’s ideal for summer vacation. The ripple effect of the fun and laughter felt through this curriculum will be huge!

Age: Preschool – Elementary

Cost: $199

Jerusalem Marketplace

City of Jerusalem

Bring the historical settings of the Bible to life with this dynamic curriculum that steps back in time to the birthplace of Jesus. Smell the freshly baked bread, weave a basket of reeds to take to market, and discover the bustling town of Jerusalem through this five-day kids’ ministry curriculum. Transforming your classroom into a biblical village will help the students place their biblical knowledge into real-life situations.

Age: Preschool – Elementary

Cost: from $171.99

Spark Studios

Playing the guitar

This energetic curriculum by Lifeway is all about the power of creativity and self-expression. Whether through music, singing, art, or drama, the power of imagination is prioritized for kids. Let the children of your congregation have pure, unfiltered fun this summer as they embrace their passions and create something incredible. God’s creativity didn’t stop at Genesis—we must use our talents to bring glory to Him.

Age: Preschool – Elementary

Cost: from $104.99

Take the opportunity to strengthen your little learners’ relationships with God by creating a dynamic and fun environment for your VBS. With an incredible selection of VBS on offer with various vacation Bible school ideas and crafts and learning opportunities, you can select the perfect package for your Sunday school kids.

On a budget? Don’t worry! There are plenty of free children’s church lessons out there. Get creative with songs and dance, and let your biblical passion shine through as you lead an exciting summer school where everyone can get involved. The summer months are a time for children to take a break and relax, so make sure they want to attend your vacation Bible school by making fun the number one priority.

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