The Best Sunday School Video Lessons

Ministering to children can be challenging, as many young Christians may be unsure about why they attend church or are unaware of the importance of their relationship with God. Family church videos can be the perfect learning aid.

Grant Glas
December 16, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Why Add Videos into Your Children’s Church Curriculum?

When planning the curriculum for your kids’ ministry, you may be wondering how to break up lengthy Sunday school lessons and make them interesting and engaging for young churchgoers. Why not add Sunday school video lessons? Ministering to children can be challenging, as many young Christians may be unsure about why they attend church or are unaware of the importance of their relationship with God. Family church videos can be the perfect learning aid.

As well as being fun and entertaining for young children, Sunday school video lessons can help explain popular Bible stories in a simple and engaging way, and are a very effective educational tool when coupled with worksheets or discussion questions. Plus, videos are a great activity if you are short on volunteers one week, as it will reduce the amount of preparation required for the lesson. 

To help keep kids engaged, it’s best to opt for shorter videos with plenty of colors and a simple dialogue that explains topics clearly. While many curriculum packages include video resources, YouTube is also brimming with a variety of age-appropriate ministry videos that are completely free and perfect for churches with a smaller budget. 

For Sunday school video lessons specific to the Bible, be sure to check out our guide to The Top 10 Bible Story Videos to Use in Your Kids Ministry as a way to explain these tales to children in a fun and exciting way. However, to complement Bible studies, it is often beneficial to have videos that explore broader topics around faith and Christianity. To discover our top Sunday school videos, keep reading . . .

Sunday School Video Lessons to Show in Church

Why do we go to church? CQ Kids

If you’re teaching a new youth group, this short and easy-to-understand video by Christian Questions is perfect for incorporating into their introductory lesson. It explains the importance of attending church in a straightforward manner, while also emphasizing why fellowship with other young Christians matters. For children unsure about beginning their church journey, this video is sure to provide some much-needed background information about their faith.

The Goal: A Story of Faith, Friendship, and Forgiveness

Learning and practicing forgiveness is at the core of Christianity, so help kids understand the importance of forgiveness and apologizing with this fun video that follows the friendship between two young boys who are exploring their faith. Offering a more modern take on traditional Sunday school lessons, this video imparts a powerful message in less than 10 minutes, leaving plenty of lesson time for discussion questions. 

A Happy Sunday | BIBLE ADVENTURE | LifeKids

Perfect for the Easter holiday, this Bible Adventure video by LifeKids explains the resurrection of Christ while also posing the question: How can I be God’s friend? It encourages children to interact with the video to keep them engaged, and features a celebratory song about the joy that comes with having a strong relationship with God. 

Dreams Come True | BIBLE ADVENTURE | LifeKids

Also by LifeKids, this Sunday school video lesson introduces the topic of living by God’s teachings and being a good example to fellow Christians. It explains the story of Joseph from the Book of Genesis, teaching children how He too set a good example by making the right choices and listening to God. It also includes a song at the end to consolidate the lessons learned in the video and help children to remember how to set a good example like Joseph. 

Matthew 28:19 - GO (Hand Motions)

Videos don’t just have to depict Bible stories or explain faith-related concepts. There are plenty of fun songs available online, such as this video by Seeds Family Worship about spreading the Word of God, based on Matthew 28:19. As well as teaching kids an important lesson from the Bible, it’s super simple for kids to follow, and features hand actions to help them remember the song and get active.

The Lord's Prayer - Summit Kids (LiveLyric)

Another great song video to show in Sunday school is The Lord’s Prayer by Summit Kids. As well as being fun and upbeat, it's the perfect way to introduce children to the Lord’s Prayer and help them remember it over time. Songs are one of the best ways to encourage church members to rejoice together, so be sure to include some in your children’s ministry lessons.

The Best Church Management Software

Once you’ve decided on the Sunday school video lessons you want to use, you need a software program that allows you to store your media and complementary resources in one place. This will make it easier for volunteers to navigate the curriculum, meaning they can spend more time imparting their knowledge of Christianity to young church members. 

Playlister provides a place for you to store all of your church media so that everything will be accessible when staff members enter the classroom. You can schedule when the pre-built lesson appears in the classroom, and volunteers can instantly import media files, such as videos, to save time and eliminate the need for endless USB sticks. This means that group leaders can focus on supporting young church members in their learning, rather than worrying about working with unreliable and outdated software.

We understand that teaching young church-goers can feel like a difficult task, but with the help of videos—and reliable software to manage and present them—you’re sure to feel confident in your ability to educate children about their faith and help bring them closer to God. Add videos into your Sunday school lessons today, and boost the effectiveness of your lessons instantly!

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