10 Church Leadership Training Ideas for Your Ministry

An essential part of being a good leader is consistently demonstrating the willingness and drive to grow. That’s why Christian leadership training is a must for any ministry—it makes self-development an integral part of your church.

Jesse Wisnewski
April 3, 2023
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An essential part of being a good leader is consistently demonstrating the willingness and drive to grow. That’s why Christian leadership training is a must for any ministry—it makes self-development an integral part of your church.

The best part? 

Church training programs don’t have to break the bank. 

We have curated a list of seven free training resources and four paid training programs catering to any size of budget.

Prioritize growth at your church by promoting these 10 church leadership training ideas:

Podcasts for Leadership

Podcasts are a highly accessible ever-growing medium for information and learning. Due to their convenience, more people than ever are now listening to podcasts, using them to replace the radio on their daily commutes. With a vast reserve of free options out there, you can effortlessly learn from the best of the best in your spare time.

1. Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley Leadership podcast

The Andy Stanley Leadership podcast blends ideas from business and pastorship, providing the listener with varied examples of how to lead effectively from his personal church leader training experience.

2. Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel leadershop podcast

Each 30-minute episode with Craig Groeschel, the pastor of Life.Church, shares digestible guidance on essential topics like mindset, motivation, maintaining vision, learning forgiveness, and more. As a pastor himself, his skills and ideas are perfectly transferable to church leaders.

3. Carey Nieuwhof

Carey Nieuwhof podcast

This interview-style podcast dives into the lives of leaders from various backgrounds, from church leaders to pop stars. Gain insights into successful leadership tactics with this highly engaging podcast, focusing on the experiences of a diverse and exciting mixture of people.

YouTube Channels

If you are a visual learner who gets distracted while listening to podcasts, YouTube provides the best church leadership training ideas in a watchable format. Free and flexible, YouTube is popular for obvious reasons, as busy people can slip them into their schedules wherever they may fit.

4. Mac Lake

Mac Lake podcast logo

Through his own experience of starting a church and two non-profits, Mac Lake has overcome many hurdles within his leadership, which is what he strives to share with every viewer. This YouTube page is full of essential tips, tools, and techniques to develop more inspirational church leaders.

5. TEDxTalks

Tedx logo

Seeking knowledge from people beyond the church sphere? Tune into classic TED Talks interviews and learn about what successful people across industries have in common. This is an easily digestible choice for those low-energy days when you want to expand your horizons but have limited time available.

6. Church Leadership Development

Church Leadership Development playlist

Switch it up by tuning into YouTube’s own playlist on ministry leadership training, featuring a selection of videos from different sources. Keep your educational stream fresh and exciting by dedicating a few hours a week to church leadership training ideas.

Training Programs

If you are looking for a more official training course that follows a direction and ends with a certificate goal achieved, then it is time to get serious with your church leadership training ideas. You will typically have to pay for these more detailed and thorough courses, so make sure it is worth the investment by researching the different options available.

7. Biblical Training

Biblical Training online platform

Enjoy the benefits of formal Christian leadership classes without the hefty price tag with this collection of free resources offered by Dr. John Johson of Western Seminary. Classes are available at three levels, Foundations, Academy, and Institute. 

Date: Anytime

Location: Anywhere

Cost: Free

8. Arrow Leadership

Arrow Leadership online

Take their free leadership assessment and see where your current skills stand, then dive into one of the many courses they offer, available to people at different leadership levels. It includes resources like small groups, a blog, leadership tune-ups, and some free tools. 

Date: Various dates—get the full schedule here.

Location: Various locations—get the full schedule here.

Cost: $9,000

9. Foundations in Missional Ministry

Tyndale University Intercultural Ministry

Gain access to a wide range of online Christian leadership training courses at this central hub for ministry development. The main Christian leadership programs they offer are: Developing Intercultural Leaders, Strategies for Holistic Mission, Servant Leadership, and Conflict Resolution Strategies. Some of their courses let you learn with a spouse for just $100 extra!

Date: Every other Tuesday 1-2:30 pm (April 4, 18, May 2, 16)

Location: Online

Cost: $300 (per person)

10. The Ministry Grid

The Ministry Grid

Embrace flexible learning with The Ministry Grid, offering more than 850 pre-built training courses and the chance to customize your own. Their promise to train your entire church for $597 is a popular option for those seeking to standardize their training practices.

Date: Anytime

Location: Anywhere

Cost: $97 per month or $597 annually (for the whole church)

Embracing a Leadership Training Church Model

Using a variety of church leadership training ideas at your church will encourage self-development at all levels of your ministry. Everyone in your ministry, from experienced leaders to new volunteers, will benefit from investing in their self-development through formal Christian leadership courses or podcasts on expanding leadership skills. Make these resources accessible, and watch the quality of leadership at your church soar.

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