Top 7 Church Leadership Development Resources

Ready to take the Christian leadership skills in your church to the next level? Church development resources will get you there. The notion that every ministry should have access to the resources needed to elevate and disciple their team of leaders has resulted in a plethora of free church leadership resources becoming available to churches everywhere.

Grant Glas
March 15, 2022
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Boosting your ministry’s church leaders doesn’t have to be an expensive procedure or involve any outsourcing. Leadership in the church can be elevated from within when you use some of these resources. Read on to learn more about our top picks for leadership resources, helping you take your leadership, and your team, to the next level.


Blogs and articles are one of the most popular forms of church leadership training; they are a classic medium for self-growth and self-development tactics. Learning ways to improve your skills is easiest with a simple, clearly written article that you can refer back to time and time again. These are some of our favorite sites for this sort of thing:

Church Leadership Resources

Church Leadership website

Bringing us quality content for zero cost, the articles by Church Leadership Resources are some of our favorites. With a variety of different topics and succinct summaries available for preview on each blog, you can quickly scan the homepage to discover the ones that relate most to the specific areas of improvement you are targeting.

Carey Nieuwhof

Carey Nieuwhof's website

Written by a senior church leader who led and grew his church in Canada, the Carey Nieuwhof blog brings his unrivaled expertise to the page for our benefit. Hundreds of high-capacity leaders are featured in his blog posts as he blends his wisdom with the life experiences of his fellow church leaders. Learn from his mistakes, follow his successes, and boost your own leadership capabilities.

Life.Church Open Network

The open life church website

The team at Life.Church has over 20 years of ministry experience, so they have a great wealth of knowledge to bring to the table. While they offer a variety of resources that tap into a selection of different topic areas, we have found their blogs to be particularly useful, and there’s a handy search bar available so you can quickly find the information you’re looking for.


Podcasts provide raw and unfiltered feedback from some of the Christian world’s most successful leaders, taking us into a new realm of leadership training. Listening to conversation-style audio helps you to really get to know the leader behind the article. Many people prefer this style as it is more immersive and enables you to listen while doing something else, like cleaning your house or driving.

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Craig Groeschel podcast page

The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast is one of the most highly rated podcasts for church leadership training. His personal, practical lessons offer specific advice, taking the mystery and confusion out of successful leadership. Listen to these episodes for easy-to-understand takeaways and empowering insights brought to you by this experienced church leader.

Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

The Joshua Gagnon podcast page

Joshua Gagnon is a voice you need to hear, keeping the world of podcasting fresh with his youthful ideas and perspectives. As the founder and lead pastor of Next Level Church, he has demonstrated incredible leadership skills and shares his tips with us through over 250 easily digestible podcasts. He is passionate about helping other leaders communicate their love for Jesus more effectively and grow in their leadership.


Are you the kind of person who easily zones out when listening to a podcast? Well, you are not alone. We love visual stimulation as it keeps our attention fixed in one place, and complex topics can be explained with ease when charts and graphs are involved. So, why not sit down with an explanatory video that digs deep into leadership style, offering tips and advice too?

Q Talks

Q Talk's website page

Rooted in Christianity with episodes that delve into questions of faith and leadership, Q Talks is a must for ministry leaders. This podcast resource is tailored to helping out church leaders like you. This podcast creates a powerful space for asking the big questions we need to discuss in order to stay relevant. Choose whether you are an individual, a team, or a church leader and pay monthly for access to all of their insightful videos.

TEDx Talks

Tedx Talks on youtube

TedTalks are incredibly popular due to their easy-to-watch, effortless-to-understand nature. There is an impressive selection of leadership videos available on YouTube, shared by some of the world’s top leaders. Although most of them are not specifically church-related, many of the key takeaways remain relevant to any leadership situation and could prove very useful in developing your practice.

There are countless successful leaders out there, but not all of their strategies and methodologies will apply to you. Learn how to apply their advice to your unique leadership style to complement your personality and situation. One way of honing in on your natural skillsets is by taking assessments such as the Myer-Briggs personality assessment to shine a light on your strengths.

Deciding to work on your leadership skills is in itself a sign of good leadership. Being flexible, ready to learn, and open to change are crucial qualities when leading a group, especially in the church setting. As one of God’s chosen leaders, you have a responsibility to constantly better yourself. So don’t fall into the trap of becoming too comfortable with your position, and strive to be the best you can be every single day.

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