How Self-Development Can Boost Leadership Skills

Regularly working on your leadership skills is essential to benefit your church team. Those who work under strong leaders tend to feel supported and more motivated to give back to their church community.

Chris Holland
July 7, 2022
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But did you know that leadership and self-development are closely linked? Regularly working on yourself is essential for any strong leader, and gaining more leadership skills provides you with the tools needed to work on yourself.

Pour your energy into personal development and watch your leadership skills jump to the next level.

Leadership and Self-Improvement

Teaching young woman leader new tools

Self-improvement is not a process that happens overnight. It can take weeks, months, and even years to put in the time work required to shift your mindset and alter your habits. Prioritizing your own life is essential for these changes to actually happen.

Church leaders can fall into the trap of putting their own goals on the back burner, feeling like they are doing the right thing for their church community. In reality, putting yourself first is step one when it comes to genuine self-improvement.

Leaders should focus on bettering themselves in the same way that followers do. Regularly dedicating set time to self-development practices is what separates those with the potential to achieve great things from the rest of the pack.

Give and Receive Mentorship

Mentoring churh leaders

Receiving mentorship can help you learn from someone more experienced than you in ways reading a book could never. If you are feeling in a self-development rut, putting yourself out there and finding a mentor could be the wake-up call you need to thrive.

It's less common to think of giving mentorship as a method of self-improvement, but mentoring other people can shine a light on your strengths and weaknesses as a leader while allowing you to give back simultaneously.

When you cultivate and practice effective leadership communication skills, you can help others who are less experienced to expand their horizons while following your lead. What better way to practice your leadership skills?

Proverbs 20:17
As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Welcome Feedback Always

Learning how to recieve feedback

Constructive criticism can do wonders when it comes to highlighting areas for improvement. For many people, it is a challenge to receive comments like these with an open mind, but shutting the thoughts of others out is incredibly detrimental to self-growth.

Integrate the practice of asking for feedback on every project you do to improve your listening and understanding skills. It is imperative to nurture your ability to receive comments, as it can be more difficult to accept feedback the higher you rise in the church.

Ensure you participate actively in your feedback by holding space to meet and talk with your workers. Use a mixture of in-person meetings and more generic methods to get answers quickly, like through polls on social media.

Practice Self-Reflection

Practicing self reflection outdoors

Listening to the opinions of your workers is useful, but learning how to reflect on your own is irreplaceable. Only you know how prepared you felt for a particular task, how calm and collected you were, and how well you listened to members of your team.

Reflection is a key leadership tool, without which we are doomed to repeat our past mistakes. Make the time to ask yourself valuable questions like:

  • What did I do well?
  • What would I do differently?
  • In which areas do I need to grow?
  • Why am I proud of myself?
  • Which skills do I need to acquire?

Doing this keeps you on top of your game, ensuring you feel prepared for future projects and endeavors. Compare your own self-reflection thoughts with any feedback offered to you from others for a more accurate answer.

Free Leadership Training

If you’re ready to put the work in and become the best leader you can be, take a look at some of these free church leadership training. We include some of the most accessible ways to facilitate self-work through TedTalks, blogs, and more.

Instead of paying for expensive leadership training courses, why not start by regularly listening to leadership-based podcasts or reading books written by those who have walked a similar path to you? 

It is possible to gain leadership and management skills from the comfort of your own home, with little more than a laptop, a notebook, and an open mind with you. Become a leader you can proud of.

Seek a Stronger Bond with God

Seeking to strenghten relationship with God through the bible

Open your mind and heart to God whenever you are facing a time of uncertainty or change, and He will guide you when you need it most. Spend more time praying than usual, or turn to scripture for motivation and assurance.

There are countless Bible verses about leadership in the church, so gain inspiration from the ancient words written about the leadership methods modeled by Jesus. Strengthening your bond with God will shine a brighter light on your improvement areas.

The importance of leadership skills in the church setting is known, so keep an eye out for signs of bad church leadership, both within yourself and your fellow workers. It is your duty to keep your flock thriving through strong leadership. 

Self-improvement and strong leadership are not as separate as you may believe. The concepts are two sides of the same coin, and pouring time and dedication into both is the only way to see results.

We all find moments for leadership in small everyday interactions, whether you are an experienced pastor or a teenage church volunteer. Learning the skills needed to lead will help you become a better Christian with the capacity to give back.

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