How to Choose Your Church Software Provider

As online church software becomes more and more popular, a lot of us are considering taking the plunge. With known benefits like improved efficiency and organization, it is becoming the more obvious choice. But, where do you begin?

Grant Glas
December 23, 2021
Church Software

There are countless different providers, all with varying prices and package options. Selecting the right one to seamlessly slot into the running of your services is an important decision. 

Whether you are looking to change providers, or are taking the first step toward church software, we know that choosing a church management software to fit your context perfectly can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry, you have come to the right place! Read our clear and concise guide to help you to select the church software that’s right for you.

The Size of Your Service

Choose either a pay-as-you-go option or a one price fits all model, depending on the size and reach of your church. If you have many attendees and would like to include everyone in your software, ChMeetings could be perfect for you. With a rate of $400/year for unlimited users, including everyone won’t have to break the bank! Plus, this software is completely free for smaller groups of up to 100, so it could be a great starting point too.

If you would prefer to have a more centralized group involved in your online team, then Flocknote or Planning Center could be more suited to you. Also free for smaller groups, and designed with the workers at the forefront, these software providers are designed to grow with you. With a staggered pricing system to account for every type of church community, you will just have to pay for exactly what you use, nothing more.

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Money Matters

Most of these software options will provide a 30-day free trial, so you can settle in and see if the fit is right. Some, like Breeze, take it a step further with zero setup fees, no contract tying you in, and they will even transfer all of your data over for free! They will help you to feel at home with a seamless switchover process, supplying you with everything you need, at your fingertips. 

Larger churches shouldn’t always mean a big cost, and ChurchTrac takes this fully into account. With different options varying from standard, plus, and even free, you can still access some of the best church management software within a budget. also provides a free option for just church giving, with additional add-ons that you can choose to pay for monthly. Why not choose exactly what you want to use?

Website and App Design

Trying to re-invent the image of your church? Software packages that include app and website design could be perfect for you. Subplash uses website editing software that is incredibly easy to use, so you can customize and adapt your website, bringing personality to your church’s site.

ChMeetings offers the creation of your very own church app. Unique to your community, designed completely by you, this app will make this software feel just like an online home for you and your community. Import your church’s logo, or even craft something new, to make it quickly recognizable. It will even show up under your church’s name in both the app store and on all devices.

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In-Built Accounting

Some software providers will include an accounting option with their packages, providing you with various economic reports. Plans such as these can be particularly useful for larger churches, where keeping on top of finances can get difficult. Also sending details of donation breakdowns to both you and your donors, these options help you to keep an eye on your church’s money.

Breeze offers an accounting plan like this, and will even send alerts if a regular donor stops giving, so you can check that everything’s alright. It can even store unlimited data on your churchgoers, meaning you can have long histories of donations stored on the cloud. No more rummaging through ancient logbooks with this new technology, saving you time as well as space.

Also offering detailed reports on spending, donations, attendance, and more, ChurchTeams is another great option for clarity and simplicity. Their metrics card option allows each staff member to choose the report charts that they access regularly, and save them to their homepage. This includes data on how much is being donated, how it is being donated, and attendance from year to year.

Whether you are just trying to change with the times and get organized, or are seeking to streamline your services, a new church facility management software could be the answer you need. There are many different software types out there, but luckily most providers will allow you a 30-day free trial, so you can easily try it on for fit first. 

With price variations based on the size of your congregation and your budget, everyone can get involved in the organizational and practical benefits of church software. Freeing up time for what really matters, a good software package will do much of the work for you. Instead, you can focus on building community, forging connections within your church, and worship.

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