How to Help Elementary Kids Grow in Their Faith

Kids are like sponges. They absorb everything around them and learn at the speed of light. Every little thing they see impacts their beliefs, influencing their faith and relationship with God. It’s important to provide children with strong Christian role models, so they learn from example and first-hand experience.

Chris Holland
May 26, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Elementary kids are in a pivotal position in their development. They have newly acquired skills from preschool and a thirst for learning more every day. These are the formative years where you can help kids create good habits for life and build a deep bond with God. 

Use these tips at your ministry to ensure you set your kids on the right foot with faith. 

Kids’ Ministry Games

Kids playing bible card games

What better way to learn than through games? If kids see learning about God as a chore or something that is lectured to them, they will switch off or resist the lessons. Instead, get them excited about the Bible by using games as one of your teaching mediums.

Children of elementary age are still getting used to being in school and formal education, so Sunday school should be a break from all that. When you blend learning with fun, every lesson becomes a joy. 

Bible Object Lessons

Using a diverse range of teaching methods is the best way to capture the attention and interest of elementary kids. And, while we love playing games, it's vital to switch it up with other activities too. Bible object lessons are one of our favorite ways to teach kids about God through their environment, so they discover their faith on their own.

As young minds learn about Jesus and the Bible, a lot of questions are sure to follow. Object lessons can provide kids with the evidence they need to believe in God, from something as simple as the feeling of trust before a blindfolded fall.

Partner with Parents

Parents walking in nature with kids

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again. Partnering with parents is a must! When the children’s ministry curriculum is continued at home and extended into family life, the impact of Sunday school lessons is multiplied tenfold.

The Think Orange kids' ministry curriculum focuses on keeping parents in the picture. When faith continues in daily life, children cultivate a more natural bond with God that will stand the test of time. Kids spend every day with their parents and just a few hours with the church, so make sure their time at home counts.

Model Your Own Faith

As young minds learn through experience, church leaders and ministry workers have to walk the talk themselves. If you tell them every day that they must be kind to others or “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” show them this through your actions.

If kids begin to question why it's one rule for you and another for them, the validity of the guidance starts to diminish. Being a good church leader starts with being a good Christian, so practice what you preach, and your elementary school kids will do the same.

Instill Daily Quiet Time

Kids having their own quite time

The act of praying daily is a habit. Taking the time to sit with God, feel gratitude, and unwind is a central part of practicing faith. So, give kids a head start on this by laying the groundwork for daily connection with God. Guided group prayers provide kids with a framework for solo prayers. 

Teach kids that prayer is like a sacred conversation with God. It is a precious moment that we can use to cultivate our personal relationship with Him, and it brings us insight into what choices we should make on our life path. Show kids the value of asking Him for guidance when they have a dilemma, as He will shine a light to help them.

Highlight Faith in Holidays

Girl writing christmas letter to baby jesus

When you look at the meaning behind most special holidays, you will find God. Take the opportunity to get kids excited about God by teaching them the true meaning of each holiday. The hustle and bustle of the celebration will keep them interested to learn more and will remind them that God is all around us.

When kids associate a deeper meaning with the holidays, it gives them an additional perspective. Show them how to practice gratitude and give thanks on these special days of celebration and fun to keep them grounded. Remind them that Jesus is the reason we have what we have.

Let Them Start Serving

Kids volunteer group

There is a lot to be learned from volunteering for your local community. If able, we should all dedicate some of our free time to giving back to those who need it. While many wait until their kids are older to start them on their serving journey, younger kids can get involved in smaller ways.

Let them create signs and posters for collections when they happen at your church to combine fun with altruism in their minds. Although they may be too young to start volunteering directly, it’s never too early to teach them the value of compassion, empathy, and kindness. 

Wondering how to teach kids about God? He is everywhere, and there is endless opportunity to teach youngsters about Him. Keep your children’s ministry ideas fun and diverse when teaching elementary school kids. This way, they will stay engaged and cultivate a strong relationship with God.

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