How to Set Up Your Kids' Ministry Rooms in 5 Easy Steps

Thinking about redecorating your kids' ministry room? Look no further than this simple 5 step guide, to help you create the perfect space.

Grant Glas
July 26, 2021
Kids Ministry Leadership

Are you thinking about redecorating your kids' ministry room? These places are often a child’s first experience of prayer and worship, and making them safe spaces of discovery and comfort is crucial. Look no further than this simple 5 step guide to help you create the perfect length.


With different areas for play, reading, or interactive activities, kids' church rooms can be one of the first times that little ones can choose just what they want to do. Setting up for this freedom will require planning and a good design. Read our carefully constructed list of the five simple steps to setting up a fun kids’ ministry room that is full of imagination, wonder, and worship!

Welcome Area


The first place that your young ones and their parents will arrive at is the most important. Add a kids ministry check-in station to ensure that everybody feels welcomed, acknowledged, and safe. This also gives a much-needed window for communication between the parents and staff at the church. Any allergies, injuries, or general issues will be made clear to all of the workers.


Make the check-in process even easier with a kids ministry software for online registration, which can include all of the child’s details so you can quickly check for allergies whenever you need. Go the extra mile and wear a name badge and a smile to make everyone (especially newbies) feel at home. Colorful banners with directions and friendly messages at Bible elements produced by the kids, too! 

Floor Space


Choose your flooring material wisely to promote comfort as well as cleanliness. For smaller spaces, moveable rugs, blankets, and pillows are ideal for transforming any area into a cozy relaxation den. Placing these on easy-clean floorings such as vinyl means easy solutions when there’s a spillage. Simply clean the dirty rug or blanket, and you’re good to go.


If you have a larger space and want to plan, you can include a ‘messy’ zone and a ‘cozy’ zone. With a designated area for creative activities like painting, crafting, and even cooking, you can keep all the mess in one place. Then, you can make the reading area incredibly snug, keeping it a safe and quiet zone away from the busy bustle of the other regions.

A Timeless Design


We recommend that you stay away from the latest cartoon craze when decorating the room. Instead, timeless primary colors or striking patterns will be sure to never go out of date. Keep storage options in mind while choosing furniture for your kid’s ministry room. Having hidden in-built boxes and cupboards will ensure that the room is always s while making theming adventurous with your children’s ministry decor; why not add a feature wall that depicts a scene from the bible? By adding a storyboard wall that depicts a biblical event, you can add new dimensions to your kids' first bible study experiences. Or, make it a feature on the outside door, encouraging new young visitors whilst sharing the word of the Bible.

Interactive Elements


Seeking something more for your kids' ministry room design ideas? Why not take it one step further, and turn one of the walls into an interactive zone. Adding a chalkboard wall will bring oodles of entertainment for the youngsters, who can draw bible scenes, write their favorite quotes, and much more. Plus, it can be super easy for sharing, as the board can be wiped and ready for the next group’s turn in no time!


For a more simple setup church room idea, add a sticky note wall, where the kids can get creative. Similar to a chalkboard wall but without the hefty price tag, this will also allow the children to embrace their own ideas. By choosing elements of the bible that stand out as special, kids will start forging a greater connection with God at a younger age.

Good Lighting


Make the zone feel warm and inviting by perfecting the lighting. Hanging fairy lights can add a touch of enchantment to the quiet areas, and playful, colorful lanterns will add a feeling of fun to other areas. Use bold and bright lighting to add a dramatic effect to any reenactment activity, or as a light source for shadow play.


Bright and overpowering overhead lighting can make it difficult to relax. Instead, arranging more gentle lights around the room will add a splash of ambiance that even the littlest ones will be sure to appreciate. Once relaxed and in the zone, the kids will be more engaged and ready to learn than ever.


Adding great kids' church room designs doesn’t need to cost much at all. Instead, get the kids involved and turn it into a fun activity too! From seasonal murals to storytelling posters, anything can be used to add a flash of color, charm, and creativity to the room. You can even get the older kids to plan the decoration ideas, providing them with leadership experience from a young age, while making the younger kids feel looked after.

Need help planning, designing or building a new space? Visit our friends at Little Mountain for help.

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