How to use Playlister Go

Here is everything you need to know about viewing your church’s playlists on Playlister's iPad app.

Chris Holland
March 12, 2020

Step 1: Download the “Playlister Go” app on your iPad

Just search for “Playlister Go” on the App Store or download the app here.

Step 2: Open Playlister Go and find your church

Once Playlister Go has finished downloading, open the app. You will see a screen with a search bar that says “find your church.” Tap the search bar and begin typing your church’s name. Once you finish typing and hit “search”, all churches with the name you typed will show up (This will mean that there will be multiple “Crossroads Church” and “Grace Fellowship Church” options, so adding a custom logo will definitely help).

Find your church

Note - your church name will appear how it is listed when you created your account. If you have uploaded a PNG logo in your account settings, it will also be displayed in Playlister go. If you have not uploaded a custom logo, your church name will appear with a Playlister logo

Step 3: Select your church and enter your access code

Your church's admin team will provide you the access code

Enter your access code that was created by your Playlister account administrator to access your playlists. This is useful because only people who know the access code will be able to log in and view playlists.

Step 4: Enter your email address for verification

This email address does not have to be associated with a Playlister account and will not be shared in any way. Your account administrator will be notified viewed your playlists on Playlister Go.

Enter your email address to access the content

Step 5: Tap a playlist to open it

As you can see in this picture, Playlister Go is just like the Playlister Apple TV app but on an iPad. Just tap a playlist to open it up and then tap on an item to present it (this makes that item full screen). Just swipe to move to the next item.

Note- in your Playlist Manager, you can add “advance” actions (eg: advance to the next item after 10 seconds) that will still work on an iPad.

Final Considerations

You will want to share your access code and this article here with your families so they can use Playlister Go. We would suggest using your normal communication channels to do this. We understand that not all families have an iPad, so we are currently working on a web-based version of Playlister Go and will update you as our progress here progresses.

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