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Here is everything you need to know about Playlister.

Chris Holland
March 12, 2020
Church Software

Playlister is the first and only curriculum cloud. You can send curriculum to all the TVs in your Church and send out online playlists for families to watch at home.

Here’s a look at how Playlister works and how Churches are using it to take the hassle out of ministry.

Setting up Playlists: No more anxiety or hours of prep time

If you use Orange curriculum, you can import all your curriculum into Playlister by clicking a button. This takes 10 seconds, and you'll never have to download curriculum again.

“We went from hours of uploading and downloading media and videos to preparing our slides in minutes from the convenience of our homes.”
- Shadrach  | EBS Church

“I used to have to download all the media packages, then I would burn DVDs, then I would need to upload other files to dropbox to put in ProPresenter… The number of hours I spent on the media side of things each week was crazy...I’m so glad that Playlister has created margin in my life so that I get to do the ministry that I was called to do and not spend all my time drowning in random tasks.”
- Kristen  | Connect Church

No more USB sticks or old Presenting Software: Schedule when curriculum appears on TVs

The USB stick was invented 26 years ago. Thanks to Playlister, you don’t have to run these relics around to all your TVs every week. You also don’t have to spend hours downloading media to other presentation software that is hard for your volunteers to use.

Just schedule when you want your playlists to be on your TVs

With Playlister, you can just schedule when your playlists appear on your classroom TVs. This means that you can set it and forget it- all the lessons are going to show up on the right TVs during the time frame that you selected.

“I just get on a computer, any computer, because it’s on the web, and I spend 5 minutes setting up all my playlists for the month.”
- Danielle | Loudonville Community Church

“No more burning DVDs or dealing with computer updates.”
- Joyce | Bethel Baptist Church

No more malfunctioning technology

Prayer is one of the most important uses of your time. Unfortunately, many Kids Ministry leaders find themselves praying that their technology won’t crash during service. Playlister has also made anxiety over tech problems a thing of the past.

Playlister syncs everything to the Apple TV so it will work EVEN IF THERE IS NO INTERNET. Plus, the Apple TV comes with its own remote, so there is no need to have a computer in the classroom anymore. This means that nothing will malfunction during your service.

“The Apple TV device is plug and play, and since the content is stored on the device, I never have to worry about slow streaming or lack of internet on Sundays.”
- Tiffany | Christ Church Anglican

Use Playlister at-home to send out a customized online experience in minutes.

As Churches meet exclusively or partially online due to COVID-19, we understand the strain that this can put on Kids Ministry leaders. After building a playlist, you can send a link to families at home for them to view with any device. This ends up being a massive time saver because you don’t have to download/upload curriculum. You don’t have to rebuild a separate online experience (if you’re already meeting in person). You can also upload your own intro videos to Playlister so that the kids at your Church can see familiar faces if they are unable to attend Kids Ministry on campus.

“Making playlists is so easy, and it allows us to get our faces in front of the families while using the awesome Orange content.”
- Lacey | First Christian Church

Use the Video Hub and Analytics to drive your online ministry towards high engagement.

You want to make sure that families watch your playlists, so Playlister at-home comes with key analytics for your ministry. Here is an example of what you’ll see:

Get data about how many families are watching your videos

“I think it is great data. On the Analytics, it really helps to see the number of households participating and actual playlists watched for each video. It’s interesting to see the completion rate and learn why they are not completely finished on the views. Having the cities listed really shows where everyone is located, which can determine potential new church plant locations.”
- Jason | Austin Ridge Bible Church

Create your church's Video Hub

You can also create an online Netflix-style page for your Kids Ministry with the Video Hub. The Video Hub gives your parents one place to go to check out all your Church’s curriculum. Click here to see an example of one of our partner’s video hubs.

“Our families love the hub because all their curriculum is right there, and they can go back and watch previous lessons. It’s worth every penny.”
- David | New Hope Church

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