How Willow Creek Community Church Uses Playlister

Willow Creek Community Church is a multi-campus church in the Chicago area. Here’s a look at how they use Playlister in all their Kids Ministry spaces.

Chris Holland
May 17, 2022
How to Use Playlister

‍Before Playlister: The Old Way of Presenting Curriculum

Willow Creek originally had teams running ProPresenter in every Kids Ministry room at each campus. Not only was this expensive, it required lots of volunteers.

“Sometimes it can be hard to find all the volunteers trained for ProPresenter at our other locations," said Miguel Garcia, Willow Creek’s kids ministry production director. Making sure volunteers are comfortable with their technology was Miguel's top priority when looking for something new.

The Three Reasons Willow Creek switched to Playlister

1. Send content from a central location

Willow Creek's South Barrington campus

Miguel can get everything set up at Willow Creek’s main campus and the playlists will be sent out multi-site wide.

Miguel also uses tags to segment which Apple TVs get which content. This way, the volunteers will only see one Playlister in each room, as shown in the image below.

A look at an one of Willow Creek's elementary rooms using Playlister

2. Adjust playlists everywhere in 30 seconds

"The good thing about Playlister is, if I need to adjust something, I can make a change to my playlists and it instantly updates everywhere."

As Miguel mentioned, Playlister updates instantly with any changes made to your playlists. If you forgot a slide, want to switch worship songs, or accidentally scheduled the wrong week’s lesson, you can fix it in seconds.

When your playlist is fixed, it is fixed across all your rooms at each location.

3. Volunteers love Apple TV

"Since the AppleTV only has a few buttons, we can train new volunteers on it quickly. This means that technology training doesn't interfere with volunteer training."

When volunteers at Willow Creek learn that they can just point and click with the AppleTV remote, it makes the technology much less intimidating. They've found this helps retain volunteers and speed up training for new ones.

Interested in learning more about using AppleTVs in your Kids Ministry? Check out our article that outlines all the benefits that Miguel mentioned.

Defeat the Church Technology Monster at your Church‍

DVDs, slides, and ProPresenter turned into the Church Technology Monster at Willow Creek Community Church. Miguel and his Tech and KidMin teams were able to finally defeat the Church Technology Monster by moving to Playlister.

Ready to overcome the Church Technology Monster at your Church? You can try Playlister for free today: just click here to create your free account :-)

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