Making Your Church's Easter Visitors Feel Welcome

On Easter Sunday and the significant days surrounding it, you can expect to see more visitors at your church than ever before. As church attendance sees a sharp spike, it is crucial to make the most of it so that people will return time and time again. The best way to do this is to genuinely and compassionately welcome visitors to the church.

Grant Glas
March 30, 2022
Kids Ministry Leadership

Some people feel like outsiders when they attend a new church for the first time, which discourages them from returning. Similarly, if inconsistent church members are met with judgment and scorn, they may not be in a hurry to come back. Remember that everyone is on their own journey, and we must welcome all.

The most vital thing to remember is that we, as church ministry workers, are doing God’s work. By welcoming all people with open arms and understanding that every person's circumstances are different, we welcome people into the arms of God. So, make sure your church is a welcoming environment this Easter time by following these top tips.

How to Welcome Visitors at Church

Welcoming church visitors

Beyond the obvious warm smile and friendly greeting, there are solid ways to make people feel welcomed. From welcome packs and helpful signs to heartfelt speeches and decorations, thoughtful touches will go a long way. It offers an opportunity for you to let the personality of your church shine through, but following these guidelines will keep you on the right track.

Welcome Pack for Church Visitors

Easter Bag

A church welcome kit is so much more than a bag of free stuff. It should be a collection of intentionally selected pieces designed to help people on their faith journeys and remind them of their spiritual walk. Your welcome pack should inspire people to get closer to God and boost their discipleship. As it's Easter, be sure to include something on topic for them too!

Some ideas for church visitor welcome packets are:

Something handmade by the kids ministry, like a bookmark or badge. 

A pen and notepad with the church logo, name, and social media handle.

Coupons for free drinks or snacks at your church cafe.

Coloring pages for those with kids.

A tasty treat like sweets or a mini Easter egg.

A brochure with information about upcoming events.

Easter Church Decorations

Easter decor with eggs in a nest

Make your church a homey and warm environment by taking your decorations to the next level. When done right, decorations can help people get in the celebrating spirit and boost excitement levels for all. Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to break the bank! Creating an Easter mural to adorn the walls is a wonderful way to incorporate the help of every child. From preschool kids to teens, they will all get excited about being a part of the creative side of things.

Blending kids' ministry craft activities with decorative ideas is the best way to save money. Not only that, it provides a fun and creative activity for your younger members and lets them feel a sense of pride in having contributed to the seasonal spark in your church. Use finger painting for younger kids while the older ones can explore their artistic talents in other forms.

Easter Welcome Signs

Happy Easter sign

Eye-catching and informative signs are the most effective way of making newcomers feel welcome. Having clear signs to direct new members is important whether it is Easter, Christmas, or just a random Sunday. Vertical signage options can be in place every single week to prevent potential attendees from getting lost and feeling disheartened. But now that it's Easter time, why not have a little more fun?

If you have a digital bulletin board outside your church or another type of digital sign, now is the time to get creative. Display Easter news in bold, eye-catching colors to attract people to your service. Let them know when and where you will hold your events so that no one will miss a thing. If you don’t have a digital sign at your church, it's time you considered leveling up your technology!

Ensure you have a sign directing people to the parking lot and entrance hall, as these tend to be the most difficult to find. Once they are through the door, having a welcome team of volunteers to greet people with a warm smile and a welcome pack will go a long way. Then, make sure someone is there to show them to their seat or the service hall. Different churches might have rules dictating who can sit where.

Easter Speeches for Church

Pastor giving his easter speech

A good Easter speech for your church will thank your volunteers for their hard work, your regular attendees for their consistency, and your newcomers for showing up today. Most speeches will thoroughly cover the first two but tend to dwindle on the third. Including a section that specifically welcomes all people to come back will stick in people’s memories as they think back to your church.

As you can expect more visitors than usual over Easter, keep the news and updates very general. People may feel alienated if you make too many inside jokes or share personal news that won’t resonate with newcomers. This could make them feel like they are intruding on something rather personal. 

Whichever method you choose to welcome people to your church this Easter, the most important thing to remember is to pray. Have fun, give thanks, and worship the Lord as we celebrate this incredible time — rejoice in this beautiful time of year.

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