Best Vertical Signage Options for Church

Capturing the eye of those who pass your church, vertical signage options are a brilliant way to draw newcomers in. While it is easy for buildings to all blur together as unexceptional and uniform, a bold and colorful sign will attract attention.

Grant Glas
December 31, 2021
Kids Ministry Leadership

Whether as a welcome sign for events or as a more permanent fixture of your church or digital church signage, vertical signage options are versatile.

With customizable options readily available online, the sky’s the limit when choosing your vertical signage design. From seasonal signage to practical pieces, you can find whatever your church may need. We have compiled a list of some of our favorites, so you can see if they suit the style of your church. Read on to learn about some of the top church design ideas.

Image of welcome sign

Welcome Signs

One of the most popular ways that churches use vertical signage is to reassure people that they are welcome. As not every church has the same feeling toward newcomers, it’s crucial to make it clear that newbies are welcome if you are seeking to expand. Use signs to signal to the entrance points too, and they can double up as direction posts!

Trying to distinguish your church from others in the neighborhood can be difficult, as people tend to be sure of a church before they attend any service. So, why not let a bit of your church’s personality shine through when designing your signs? You can get banners and signs custom made online, which means you can use your church’s logo, and your creativity, to make your church stand out.

image of directional sign

Giving Directions

Whether in the day-to-day running of your church or for use when throwing events, signage can provide many practical solutions too. From highlighting the areas that kids need to go to for their ministry services, to directing the way to the bake sale, the people of your community will feel a lot more comfortable when they know exactly where they are going.

Wayfinding has typically been a popular use for signage, as the eye-catching nature of colorful signs means that no one can miss them. The same goes for signs in the church setting, so make your signs as appealing and attractive as possible and people won’t be able to miss them! This means fewer frustrated members of your congregation, and more attendees at events, too.

Giving an event handout

Event Information 

While all signage is best left concise and compact to have the biggest impact, using them to share information about upcoming events can influence how many people you will have in attendance. Use a short and snappy event description with an eye-grabbing sign, and even those who just drive past will be informed and curious about the events you are hosting.

All you need is the date, time, location, and what people can expect. Be sure to add a specific line extending the welcome beyond the regular attendees of your church. Something like, “Join Us!” will highlight the fact that you’re a welcoming church community, and others will be encouraged to attend. After all, reaching the wider community is one of the main purposes of events!

Digital Signage Solutions

Getting a specific sign custom-made for every event's "welcome" and "thank you" signs, could get expensive. Why not invest in a digital signage solution instead? A sign that can be whatever you want, whenever you want. With ways to control the content of a digital sign remotely, you can change the message regularly, and keep it interesting.

Replacing static bulletin boards with dynamic displays will make people much more interested in what you have to say. Signs that have been there for months and months really lose their appeal, but this won’t be a problem with a digital vertical sign that you can change as frequently as you like. Plus, having a digital sign outside of your church does send a message about what kind of church you are, and in turn, will influence the people that you attract.

Step into the digital era with a flashy and adjustable sign that can be used for whatever your mind can imagine. Has someone recently been married at your church? Has someone had their first communion? Share all of the joyful moments that your church hosts with either an outdoor or an indoor church signage solution. Your modern church design will be appealing to younger people, who are seeking like-minded individuals within their church of choice.

Apple TV used for digital event signage

Final Thoughts

It's easy to underestimate the power of signs, but they are everywhere around us and have a great impact on how we perceive certain spaces. It may be difficult to consider if you have been attending your church for years, but taking a step back and imagining what it would feel like to be a newcomer can give you an interesting perspective. How can you differentiate a "members only" area from where the general congregation is meant to go? Is anywhere exclusive? Do people need to sign in or can they just sit down? 

These are questions on the forefront of anyone’s mind who doesn’t explicitly know what they are doing. And, we have all been there. Instead, welcome new people while celebrating your current attendees, with a striking signage solution. Equip your Apple TV digital signage setting and you can have your new and exciting digital sign up and running in an instant! The only question? Which sign to display first.

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