Orange Curriculum Partnership with Playlister

Playlister is excited to announce our partnership with Orange. Just log in, and all your Orange Curriculum appears. Your Playlister account is magically paired with Orange making it the best way to teach your Orange Curriculum.

Grant Glas
September 27, 2019
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Playlister is partnering with Orange Curriculum for a fantastic integration. Now when you invest in Playlister, your Orange curriculum will magically appear in your Playlister account.  

Here's how you can link your account:

1. Log into Playlister Manage
2. Go to your account settings
3. Click "link account" on the Orange Integration option
4. Enter your login credentials for the Orange Store

That's all you have to do! All available Orange curriculum will appear under "Linked Libraries" in your Playlist Manager View.

As part of the launch for this massive update, the Playlister team will be driving across the country to meet churches all over the United States. The Playlister team will cover over 5,000 miles and 22 states reaching thousands of folks that serve at churches. The Playlister team, including our CEO and founder, Grant Glas, will be visiting and touring 18 of the U.S. largest churches and stopping at 11 of the Orange Tour locations.

Playlister will have a booth at every Orange Tour stop in October & November

See here for the list of Orange Tour stops.

Why are we touring the country? We believe that the church of the 21st century has an instrumental role in shaping our future. With the right mixture of technology and leadership, the church can take the lead on helping the community in 2020 and beyond. The newer generation of kids is becoming accustomed to environments that enable collective learning in an open setting. Just walk into your nearest Starbucks, and you can understand a mixture of community and technology delivering an experience that makes you want to return.

We believe we have a chance to amplify that experience at church. By rethinking how we use our buildings and technology, we could shift our communities for the better. Playlister is looking forward to going on the road and understanding how we can help with the mission of churches everywhere. Follow us on Instagram to see where we are stopping next.

Follow us on Instagram to see where we are during Orange Tour.

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