Our 20 Favorite Podcasts For Ministry Leaders to Subscribe To

A decade ago, podcasts were a fun novelty. Today, it seems like everyone has their own podcast. There are nearly endless podcasts on every subject—especially important ones like children and student ministry.

Grant Glas
March 3, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Podcasts are more than just a source of entertainment or true crime updates. They’re a way to stay updated on best practices, learn tips from experts, and hear inspirational stories from ministry leaders in similar situations.

However, sorting through all of the podcast options can be daunting. That’s why we scoured the internet looking for the most helpful podcasts for ministry leaders like you. This is far from a comprehensive list, but it’s a great place to begin if you’re just starting out or looking for new ideas.

5 Top Children’s Ministry Podcasts

Kids ministry is hard, but you’re not alone. There are thousands of leaders across the country in a similar situation to you. Learn from leaders on these kidmin podcasts:

1. Orange Kids Podcast

Orange Kids podcast cover

The Orange Kids Podcast creates an encouraging community for kid’s ministry leaders and volunteers. Each episode features experienced children’s ministry leaders who offer nuts-and-bolts suggestions to help you do what you do better — no matter the size of your ministry.

2. Kids Ministry Collective Podcast

Kids Ministry Collective podcast cover

This weekly show covers topics from ministry challenges to leadership to parenting, and a variety of other ideas for the average children’s ministry leader.

3. KidzMatter Podcast

KidzMatter podcast

KidzMatter is the go-to resource for children's ministry leaders. Join hosts Ryan Frank and Corey Jones as they discuss relevant kidmin topics. They’ve even built a network of similar ministry podcasts including The KidMin Huddle and Navigating Preteen Ministry.

4. The KidMin Creatives

The Kidmin Creatives cover

A podcast for the kidmin community where hosts Shaun and Sarah Stephenson discuss creative ideas you can implement in your children's ministry. The show releases new episodes every Tuesday.

5. Kids Ministry Answers

Kid Ministry Answers podcast cover

Kids have lots of questions, and so do children's ministry leaders. Hosts TJ and Carlee take a break from their jobs as children's ministry pastors to help listeners discover answers to their most pressing kidmin questions.

5 Top Student Ministry Podcasts

Ministering to students is more complicated and stressful than ever before. Thankfully, youth pastors are some of the most creative people when it comes to solutions and ideas.

1. Rethinking Youth Ministry

Rethinking Youth Ministy podcast cover

Rethinking Youth Ministry is a podcast for youth ministry leaders, pastors, volunteers, workers, and anyone who cares about middle school and high school students. Each episode, the team at Orange Students hopes to raise the bar for youth ministry by asking questions, interviewing thinkers, and having real, honest conversations about what it looks like to lead the next generation.

2. Download Youth Ministry Podcast

Download Youth Ministry podcast cover

Join hosts Doug Fields, Josh Griffin, Katie Edwards & Jason Carson as they dive into youth ministry questions, take time to encourage listeners, discuss ministry, and laugh together. It’s just enough youth ministry so you don't feel guilty for listening.

3. Youth and Culture

Youth and Culture podcast cover

Hosted by Ryan Sebastian, this podcast dives into all topics involving youth ministry. It’s the podcast for youth leaders looking to go deeper into discipling​ students and teenagers in their church.

4. Youth Worker Collective

Youth Worker Collective podcast cover

A production of the United Methodist Church, this podcast features roundtable discussions between youth ministry practitioners. They offer advice from their real-world ministries — everything from games to downloadable lessons to coaching on putting together a budget.

5. Youth Ministry Hacks

Youth Ministry Hacks podcast cover

Co-hosts Justin Knowles and Matthew Ferrer invite special guests to have honest conversations about life and time-saving tricks while working in student ministry. 

5 Ministry Leadership Podcasts

Church is more than just kids and student ministry. Senior pastors and other leaders also need help learning the ropes from experts. These podcasts are for ministry leaders of all levels and experience.

1. Think Orange Podcast

The Think Orange Podcast

From our friends at Orange, the Think Orange podcast shares ideas and conversations to help you influence the next generation.

2. Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

Carey Nieuwhof

Carey Nieuwhof is a senior pastor at Connexus Church in Ontario, Canada, but he’s also the host of an amazing church leadership podcast. The weekly show features interviews with leaders like Philip Yancey, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, and Andy Stanley.

3. Nick Blevins Family Ministry Podcast

Nick Blevins podcast cover

Family pastor Nick Blevins leads conversations with other ministry leaders about family and next generation ministry. He interviews other leaders about their advice and ideas for serving the church and impacting the next generation.

4. 200 Churches

200 Churches

Hosts Jeff Keady and Jonny Craig are both pastors at smaller churches of less than 200 attendees, which is the audience for their leadership podcast. Learn how to impact a community of believers without the resources or influence of a megachurch.

5. The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

The Andy Stanley

Speaking of megachurches, Andy Stanley leads a network of them in the Atlanta area. But his leadership podcast isn’t his weekly sermons. It’s bi-monthly conversations about developing as a leader in either business, the community, or in ministry.

5 Creative Ministry Podcasts

Working in church communication or creative arts is another unique calling. This is a small, tight-knit community of leaders working and learning together. 

1. The Pastor Writer Podcast

Pastor Writer podcast cover

Chase Replogle is another bi-vocational pastor and podcast host who interviews pastors, authors, and writing experts in a journey to better understand the calling and the craft of writing, reading, and living the Christian life.

2. The Church Digital

The Church Digital podcast cover

The Church Digital podcast explores how God is using technology and innovation to grow the church and spread His Word to new parts of society. The goal is to help church leaders to better understand how ministries can use digital tools to continue to reach people. The podcast is a part of a greater network of podcasts that also includes The Church Digital Sidekick and The Pocket Pulpit.

3. The Church Communications Podcast

Church Communications podcast cover

From the same people who created the 25,000 member communications Facebook group, this podcast was created by and for practitioners of church communications. Hosts Katie Allred and Kenny Jahng lead conversations with other experts in digital and marketing.

4. The Social Media Church

Social Media Church podcast cover

Social media is just a piece of communications within the church, but it’s a big piece (and growing bigger). To explore this ever-changing subject, listen to hosts Nils Smith and Aaron Magnuson discuss topics covering everything from Facebook to TikTok and everything in between.

5. The Pro Church Tools Podcast

The Pro Church Tools podcast

Pro Church Tools is a resource for churches to connect with people during all 168 hours during the week—not just on Sunday. Their weekly podcast covers everything from digital marketing to video announcements. 

Which ministry podcasts do you subscribe to?

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