Six Benefits of Volunteering at Your Church

Have you been considering signing up as a volunteer at your church? We are here to tell you that you should do it! With countless physical, mental, and spiritual benefits shown from volunteering your time, it’s hard to think of a reason not to.

Grant Glas
February 15, 2022
Kids Ministry Leadership

But people often do. Whether people say their lives are too busy or admit that they are scared of the challenge, unfortunately, there are nowhere near as many church volunteers as are needed. There’s a reason why churches are always looking for more.

Most people volunteer at least once in their lives, as the benefits are absolutely endless. Helping your local church while building your resume and strengthening your relationship with God, too? It really is a no-brainer!

Still not sold? Read on to learn more about the top benefits of volunteering at church.

Get Closer to God

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The number one reason that most people volunteer in a church setting is to strengthen their relationship with God. Spending increased amounts of time in the church enhances our ability to do our duty — God’s work. We have all been called on by the Lord to serve and spread the Word of Christ, so volunteering represents the crux of Christian devotion.

Whether you’re serving in children’s ministry jobs or event planning, your time spent volunteering for your local church will have a huge impact. The church relies on the hard work of volunteers, so do your part to create a brighter future for your children, and their children too.

Help Your Community

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As a lifeline for many community members, a smoothly running church is essential for all. Church ministry jobs can range hugely in expertise, but there is certainly a way that you can help facilitate a fully functioning church community that supports the elderly and needy while educating and rearing the next generations.

Your kids who don’t yet work officially could lend a hand for church work on Sundays and get a strong sense of work ethic from a young age. Or, despite how busy your schedule may feel (we all live busy lives), why not dedicate a few hours a week yourself? We can all spare a few hours for God.

Increase Self Confidence

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On top of helping your community immensely, working in volunteer positions can help to increase self-confidence too. By doing good for the world and spending your time fulfilling the real needs of the people around you, you will discover a sense of accomplishment like never before. Know that your actions are helping the people around you, and feel good about it!

Find pride in the life you’re living, build character, and develop a strong sense of identity through your role as a volunteer. Plus, the better you feel about the person you are, the more likely you are to be successful and achieve your personal life goals. The benefits of volunteering aren’t limited to within the church.

Build Your Skillset

Volunteering with the sound system

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in a volunteer position will inevitably help you acquire new skills too. Whether it's gaining in-depth knowledge about children’s ministry curriculum or useful organization strategies needed to plan a good fundraiser event, the benefits of volunteering are huge.

Plus, you can certainly add your newfound areas of expertise to your resume, putting you at a level above the rest for any future jobs you may apply for. Employers love to know that they are getting a dedicated addition to their business who knows how to work as part of a team.

Get a Sense of Purpose

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There is a reason why volunteering is recommended to people who are losing their way in life. Whether you are struggling with depression or simply can’t find the path you’re looking for, the consistency and community that come with volunteering can be incredibly helpful to those who aren’t in the best place.

Having a sense of purpose in your life at a time when you truly need it can help you stay on track. The mental health benefits of volunteering are powerful. Keeping you in regular contact with a support system while showing you that you are a valued and loved member of the community, volunteering can help relieve depression for some.

Keep Physically Fit

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The world of volunteering in the church environment can be hugely varied and exciting. This makes it an ideal way for those who are struggling with their weight or fitness goals to spend their free time. You could be running a class for young kids or refereeing a friendly soccer game – what a fun way to stay active!

This point is especially relevant for older volunteers, who may lack the motivation to stay mobile every day. Signing up to volunteer with the people of your community could do incredible things for your everyday health, keeping you on your feet well into your old age.

Are you ready to take the plunge and better your community while working on yourself? Why not reach out to your local church and see if they have any volunteer openings available and ask how you can get involved to help the people around you. Start slowly if you need to, but know that every minute spent helping is a minute spent with God.

Not sure how to encourage more volunteers to sign up? Try using some of these volunteer job descriptions to capture the interest of your local churchgoers. Changing the advertisements and job descriptions on your bulletin board to keep them fresh and relevant can make a big difference in the number of volunteer applications you will get.

Checkout this TEDx Youth talk about the hidden benefits of volunteering:

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