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Sunday services are a central element of worshiping as a Christian. But there’s something about the small group session that enhances community connection and strengthens bonds with God tenfold.

Chris Holland
June 2, 2022
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Cultivate a church environment that’s welcoming, understanding, and supportive by pouring energy into your small group leaders. Offering training opportunities and leadership mentoring will motivate your church workers to give their all.

Leading small groups is about more than just relationship building – it strengthens your connection with Jesus, keeping your faith strong and vibrant. Being a leader is a blessing for many people, so make sure you employ the right people for the job.


With the right training, someone in this position could transform the relationship many congregants have with God. Invest in your small group leaders with relevant training to keep your small group a safe space for a deeper connection with God. 


These five resources will make sure your team of small group leaders is effective, efficient, and engaging.

Stones Crossing – Disciple-Making Disciples

With a heavy focus on group training, this course by Kieth Groves is ideal if you have several small group leaders who need training at once. It includes links to YouTube clips and visual aids to add diversity to the content, making it more understandable.

The Biblical notion that disciples create disciples is at the heart of this course. And small group sessions are a central way to make this happen. Choose this option to remind your church leadership team that they must live the life of Jesus and lead by example.

It intertwines passages of the Bible to demonstrate each point it makes while honing in on the necessity of multiplication. This D group leadership training is focused on equipping a spiritually mature person with the tools to train the next generation of small group leaders.

A group of young church leaders

Offering an entire platform dedicated to advancing leadership, is a must. They offer a wide variety of coaching content, from free leadership resources to inspirational podcasts by successful church leaders. 


It dives deep into specific issues and how to overcome them, helping leaders across the nation overcome obstacles and become the best church workers they can be. This site is dedicated to supporting, guiding, and connecting leaders.


Whatever your problem may be, they can provide you with the resources to solve it. From tips on how pastors can reject a life of stress to ministering to men who are coming to the end of their lives, this website covers all the bases.

Judy Hamlin – The Small Group Leaders Training Course

The Small Group Leaders Training Course book

This guide comes in a paperback book format, making it portable, reusable, and shareable. Not only does it offer guidance on training small group leaders, but it also gives tips on how to set up small groups in your ministry if you don’t already have them.

Read it to expand your knowledge on ways to develop good communication skills, identify your leadership style, and then refine it. As leadership is an essential element of small groups, this book gives you the tools you need to get there. 


 It incorporates various training methods into the book to give you all the practical, hands-on experience you need in leading a group. With lectures, small-group practice sessions, and relationship-building exercises included, this book offers an all-around learning experience.

LifeChurch – Five Week Training Series

Choose the LifeChurch Five Week Training Series for a more detailed training program. When training is spread out over the course of several weeks, the participants have more time to understand the content and practice using it within their sessions. A one-day training session rarely has as significant an impact. 


 From LifeChurch, “This training will help you develop those you lead, mentor, pastor, or parent. What you learn will apply at home, in your workplace, and in your personal relationships.” They strive to cover all the bases for leaders that make a difference in all corners of their lives.

This training resource is offered entirely for free, helping churches everywhere to create strong leaders. However big your budget is, the LifeChurch Open Network will provide you with access to quality resources online.

Pursue God – Three Week Small Group Training

Each week focuses on a different element of leadership, setting the blocks for an influential leader to be built. It is a simplistic program that centers around discussion and talking, which is what small groups should be all about.

It provides essential tips to small group leaders on how they can engage every member effectively and influence spiritual growth simultaneously. Ensure no one is left behind by giving out personal invitations and investing time ‘outside’ of what is expected.

They also offer a scorecard to encourage self-reflection and evaluation, and a plethora of helpful blogs to guide you through specific problems in the small group setting. The titles range from “When Someone Drops a Bombshell in Your Group” to “Dealing with the Small Group Dominator”, helping leaders expand their knowledge after training is up.

As the small group is the most simple place to model discipleship making, it is crucial to provide the right training for your small group leaders. Make sure they understand how essential their role is through some of these church leadership resources designed to educate future leaders. Your ministry will thrive like never before when you equip your workers with the tools needed to share their passion for discipleship.

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