The 7 Best Church Web Developers

There are numerous web developers out there who can help you ensure that your website is one of the best church websites. Read on to learn more about exactly what web development is, and our top 7 picks for who can help you.

Grant Glas
October 27, 2021
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Creating a website for your church can be a daunting task, as there are so many things to consider. Or, maybe you already have a website for your church but are seeking to improve it; to make it user-friendly while attracting more visitors. Either way, a web developer could be just what you need.

Take the weight off of your shoulders by delegating the task to the professions. Fortunately, there are numerous web developers out there who can help you ensure that your website is one of the best church websites. Read on to learn more about exactly what web development is, and our top 7 picks for who can help you.


Helping churches to reach more people and grow, REACHRIGHT will develop a welcoming website that will portray your church in the right way. Created for churches by a team that lives and breathes ministry, REACHRIGHT is one of the best church website builders.

Speak to a specialist on their website to custom-build a unique package to suit the needs of your church, or sign up for either the Web, Reach, or Grow package. Whether you simply need a website created or are seeking to boost your traffic with SEO or Google ads, you can select whichever is right for you.

Clover Sites

With a stunning selection of website templates for you to choose from, Clover Sites is one of the most user-friendly church website builders. Plus, all of the templates are also available as a free demo, so you can try it on for fit before you commit! They know that each church is different, so they offer you the freedom to truly express the soul of your community, through your website.

Their four central principles are communication, generosity, engagement, and management – they even include a church management software free to cover all the bases. Boost your donations, connect with your congregation and expand engagement with this web developer.

Ekklesia 360

Tried and trusted by over 8,500 churches Ekklesia 360 offers a simple web development system that is powerful enough for any ministry network, no matter the size. Learn from leading ministry leaders as you expand your church community into the online realm, increasing your ministry attendance and engagement.

Plus, coaching sessions are offered to empower your church workers to reach their goals. With personalization tools based on your specific ambitions, this software prioritizes longevity to help you reach your long-term goals, rather than simply building a website.

Faithlife Sites

Offering a free demo for anyone who wants to try their web building software, Faithlife knows that you can’t fit a square shape into a round hole. Adaptation and customization are crucial when developing a website that truly represents your church, and that’s why their software comes with a range of different templates for the central needs of churches. 

With handy templates for belief statements, service times, and more, setting up a personalized set of pages for your website will be a breeze. Plus, take the stress of updating your content off your shoulders, as Faithlife automatically syncs up with your calendar, removing announcements for events that have ended, so you don’t have to remember.

Faith Network

Proud to offer uniquely created websites, not just a selection of templates, the Faith Network will create an original website for your church. Following the unique voice, mission, and vision that each church group offers, this software will provide you with a modern and engaging interface for your website, full of all the tools you need to run your service.

Use the Faith Network software and transform the online presence of your church. From blogs and galleries to videos and calendars, your media, as well as your organization, will benefit greatly. Their passionate team will offer you outstanding support and training that will last for as long as you need it.

Ministry Designs

Providing you with all the resources you need for a successful online church in one handy place, Ministry Designs focuses on 3 central principles: Reach, Teach, and Grow. A new and improved website will mean that you reach more people, advance how you teach them with the right tools, and grow as a community through blogs and videos.

An impressive 12,000 graphics are shared with you too, to boost your creativity with religious-based images for signage, posters, lessons, and more! Boasting a strong and supportive customer service team, this web development team will walk you through the process – you’ll never be left on your own.

Share Faith

The versatile collection of clean and crisp website templates offered by Share Faith will make your website development journey effortlessly smooth. With a simple drag and drop interface to help you personalize your website content with ease, this software will give you everything a coding expert could, while saving you from learning how to code.

It even includes an inbuilt messaging service, so your congregation can submit prayer requests and respond to others, boosting communication and forging deeper community bonds while providing your congregation with the services that they want. 

Get the experts to help you with your church website design and choose a web development company that is led by people who live and breathe ministry. With church-specific details like online giving platforms, prayer requests, and more, these options will offer you the best framework for web development that’s available to churches – some even include church management software too!

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