The Best Kids Ministry Curriculum for Multi-Site Churches

Choosing a curriculum can be challenging, particularly if you’re investing a considerable amount of money in the curriculum plan, so before you make your decision, check out this guide to the best curriculums for multi-site ministries.

Grant Glas
October 25, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

What is a Multi-Site Ministry?

Multi-site churches are becoming ever more popular in America, as more ministries are choosing to extend their reach by investing in new church campuses. Although the thought of expanding your ministry may seem daunting, transforming your church into a multi-site network by setting up new locations in your local area has many benefits.

As well as widening the spiritual reach of your church, setting up another church campus will offer more options for members as they can attend the ministry that is most convenient for them. A larger membership pool also means increased opportunities for recruiting volunteers to help with Sunday school teaching in your kid’s ministry.

If you’re considering transforming your church into a multi-site network, be sure to read our guide on How to do a Multi-site Kids Ministry for tips and ideas on how to set up a new campus for your young church members. When planning your multi-site church strategy, it is vital that you select a comprehensive Sunday school curriculum so that you can achieve your church mission across all of your ministry locations while ensuring that all children are having a positive learning experience. 

Choosing a curriculum can be challenging, particularly if you’re investing a considerable amount of money in the curriculum plan, so before you make your decision, check out this guide to the best curriculums for multi-site ministries.

The Best Children’s Church Curriculum for Multi-Site Ministries 

Church Curriculum Option 1: Think Orange

The Church + Home = Greater Impact
Light (yellow) + Love (red) = Orange

One of our top picks at Playlister, Think Orange offers a range of curriculum plans to suit children of all ages, meaning it can be used across all your church campuses. When it comes to ministering to kids, Orange is one of the most effective curriculum plans, as it brings together the church and a child’s parents to extend Sunday school learning into home life. It is used by thousands of churches around the world, making it a strong choice for multi-site churches that need a reliable curriculum to use across multiple locations. 

Church Curriculum Option 2: GO+ Curriculum 

Designed to reach children at home and in the church, the GO+ curriculum includes a wide selection of activities and coloring sheets, alongside children’s worship videos to enhance the learning experience and explain difficult concepts to children in a simple and fun way. The GO+ church license is ideal for ministries looking to expand their reach as it offers regular social media posts to help engage potential church-goers online, which is often the first step in gaining new members. 

Church Curriculum Option 3: Life.Church Open Network  

Ideal for church leaders who want to plan a curriculum unique to their ministries, the Life.Church Open Network offers an unparalleled selection of free, downloadable ministry resources including games, activity sheets, and kid’s videos for you to base your curriculum on without having to adhere to a rigid learning plan. As all the materials can be found online, they can easily be accessed from any church campus, while the Life.Church bible app for kids offers the opportunity for further learning outside of Sunday school. 

Church Curriculum Option 4: The Sunday School Store Curriculum 

The perfect curriculum if you have only just opened a new church campus and are hesitant about investing in a long-term plan, The Sunday School Store offers a selection of short-term curriculum packages, with a digital download format to reduce printing costs. Covering essential topics such as the 10 Commandments and important figures in the Bible, you can pick and choose the best curriculum for your needs and distribute it across your church campuses so that all young church-goers learn about the foundations of their faith. 

Church Curriculum Option 5: The Gospel Project

The Gospel Project offers a chronological, weekly bible study curriculum that will help kids understand the bigger picture, with plenty of fun activities included such as games and crafts. To keep your curriculum fresh, new volumes of The Gospel Project are released every three months and can be followed on-screen or from a paper copy to suit the needs of any church campus. Optional worship hour resources can also help introduce young children to prayer and allow for a greater understanding of spirituality and worship.

Share your Curriculum Across your Ministries with Apple TVs

The Apple TV box is a small (3”x3”) box you can plug into your TVs and projectors to use Playlister on. Here’s how the Apple TV solves your ministry problems.

Apple TV
The Apple TV box can fit in your jacket pocket. Since it works without the internet, the Apple TV is great for churches.

Apple TV Benefit 1: It works without internet

Don’t let your ministry lag because the WiFi is lagging. Playlister downloads your videos to the Apple TV, so it will work even if there is no internet connection. No other TV accessory like Roku or Firestick can perform offline playback because the Apple TV has 32 GB of storage. That storage allows Playlister to cache the content on the Apple TV.

Apple TV Benefit 2: The remote is easy

Raise your hand if you’re tired of walking new volunteers through the ProPresenter manifesto. Put your hand down and take some weight off your shoulders- because Playlister is easier for your volunteers to use than anything they’ve seen before.

Train staff and volunteers in seconds with this simple remote. Remove complex tech from places in the church where it doesn't belong.

Apple TV Benefit 3: Install different apps to help your church

You can get any app you need from the App Store on the Apple TV. Including Playlister.

Playlister can help you to export your curriculum across all church campuses so that volunteers can access it easily without the need for any USB sticks. 

Plus, you can store all of your church media in one place and schedule lessons to appear on screen at any time so that everything will be readily available when staff members enter the classroom. As one of the highest-ranking church presentation software systems, Playlister understands the importance of empowering volunteers to share the word of God with young church-goers, which is why we strive to make it as simple as possible to amp up the efficiency across all ministry locations.

Learn more about how Playlister could benefit your multi-site church today and enjoy true ministry success!

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