The Top 21 Christian Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

It feels like there’s a new app or online software being offered every single day, and it can feel impossible to keep up. That’s why we have compiled this list of our favorite religious apps for Android, iPhone, Amazon, and more.

Grant Glas
January 12, 2022
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From Christian ministry apps that help to organize your services, to personal prayer apps and resources for Bible study, this comprehensive list will direct you to the best Christian apps for whatever it is you need.

Apps for Bible Study

1. Olive Tree’s Bible+

Olive Tree's Bible app

With this Bible study app, you can effortlessly switch between different translations of the Bible and search keywords or topics across all of the materials. It includes a Bible dictionary and various commentaries for those looking for a deeper insight into Scripture passages.

Make highlights, add notes, and save passages effortlessly using Olive Tree, one of the best Bible study apps for syncing study notes with biblical text. 

Price: Free

2. The Bible App by YouVersion

Holy Bible app

The Bible App is the ultimate Christian resource for studying — it includes everything you could possibly need. As the reigning champion in popularity among Christians, this is the app that your friends and peers probably turn to. 

YouVersion allows public and private notes, the discovery of local events, different translations for comparison, and more! Highlight important passages to quickly re-discover them in the future or add an image to segments that are important to you, and bring your Bible study alive.

Price: Free

3. Logos Bible Software

Logos app

More than just a Bible study app, Logos incorporates many additional features like sermon building, theology guides, and help with ancient literature. 

This option is not for the faint-hearted and is best left for those engaging in advanced Bible study. Or, if you have a particular interest in the syntax of ancient Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic words found in original texts, then this is the app for you.

Price: Starting at $294

4. Accordance

Accordance app

With seamless cross-platform compatibility, this godly app will ensure you have all of your notes exactly where you need them. It has a lightning-fast, easy-to-use interface, so you don’t have to waste your time navigating around cumbersome software.

It offers analytics so you can discover patterns and trends found throughout the Bible. That means, this app is ideal for pastors, professors, and students or for those who want to take a closer look at the Bible. 

Price: $59.90

Apps for Memorization

5. Remember Me

Remember Me app

Offering incredible versatility in its methods of Bible study, the Remember Me app is one of the best Bible memory apps for a reason. From flashcards and quizzes to fill-in-the-blank and word puzzles, this app covers all of the bases for study.

Combining multiple different methods of studying helps knowledge to sink in more deeply. So, get a head start on your Bible study with Remember Me and commit passages to your long-term memory.

Price: Free

6. Scripture Typer

Scripture Typer app

Add your own verse for sermons and prayers, or search their ever-growing database of Scripture, and have the text in your memory in no time.

With an option to search for Bible verses by topic, you can easily find a supplementary piece for your class or service. It offers a step-by-step memorization process with hidden words and repeats until you get 90% accuracy.

Price: Free

7. Bible Minded

Bible Minded app

Bible Minded is ideal for those who are dedicated to learning passages of the Bible by memory. It uses four different study methods to maximize how deeply the Scripture will be ingrained in your memory.

It offers self-tests, so you can see how you’re doing, and reminds you to study as frequently as you need. Once you have correctly written a passage, the app will encourage you to revisit it semi-regularly to help you commit it to your long-term memory.

Price: Free

8. Verses

Verses app

The modern interface offered on Verses makes it a hugely popular option. Taking you through the memorization process slowly and thoroughly, Verses makes sure you are so familiar with the text that you can type and speak it correctly.

It keeps you on track by clearly displaying your progress and where you’re headed next so you can stay on top of your growth.

Price: Free

Apps for Kids

9. JellyTelly

Minno logo

Provided by Minno, this streaming service provides trusted, Christian content for your kids. From family-loved classics like VeggieTales to informative series such as What’s in the Bible, you can feel confident that your kids are watching appropriate content with JellyTelly.

Available on iOS, Android, Roku, tvOS, and on desktop, you can entertain your children with Christian TV shows anytime, anywhere. With more than 120 shows on offer and unlimited streaming, it’s clear to see why it’s a favorite.

Price: $6.99 monthly, $69.99 annually


Superbook app

SUPERBOOK includes incredible, animated stories that are rooted in Scripture, so your kids can study the Bible in a fun and exciting way. With many games offered in the app, study and play can go hand-in-hand.

Highlight passages or attach photos and notes for a Bible study experience that helps children truly see the relevance of the text in their lives. Profiles of important people, places, and artifacts are also included in the app to give them a well-rounded knowledge base.

11. Bible for Kids

Bible for kids app

With colorful illustrations and touch-activated animations, letting your kids get to know God through this app will highlight the fun side of the Bible.

Also created by YouVersion, this is one of the best free Christian apps for kids, available on Android, iOS, and Amazon.

Price: Free 

12. Bible Pathway Adventures

Bible Pathway Adventures logo

Blending history with biblical study to provide an all-around comprehensive knowledge base for your child, this app will likely improve parents' knowledge too! Teach them the context of each narrative, so they truly understand the world in which these stories occurred.

This storybook app allows parents to introduce Bible study to their kids in a fun and interesting way. Rather than a singular app, you can pick and choose which stories you’d like to read and download them on Kindle to snuggle up for a story while teaching your children about the Bible.

Price: Paperback and Kindle options available

Apps for Christian Ministry

13. Jesus Film Project

Jesus Film Project app

Aimed at older students but with a wide variety of content, the Jesus Film Project is a digital database with over 200 full-length movies, short films, and miniseries. 

Helping the world get to know Jesus better than ever before, this religious app offers translations in more than 1900 different languages. Accessibility to all is the aim, and entertainment is the means.

Price: Free 

14. Orange

Think Orange apps

As a children’s ministry curriculum provider for kids throughout their childhood, Orange covers all the bases. The best part about their curriculum? Their handy and user-friendly apps, made to perfectly complement the content.

With Parent Cue made to keep families involved in their children’s learning, and Lead Small developed to aid volunteer leaders, these apps provide excellent communication channels and countless resources. You can even use these apps with any curriculum you like, not just the ones offered by Orange.

Price: Get started with a free 30-day trial/$20 per app per month

15. Ministry Grid

Ministry grid logo

Keeping your ministry on the same page, Ministry Grid offers a central location for all things related to ministry volunteer training. Created by LifeWay to support the effective growth of powerful leadership in churches, this app has an incredible library of training material.

A healthy and unified church comes from thorough training and equipping team members with the resources needed to thrive. 

Price: Try free for 60 days/$597 per year

Apps for Church Presentation 

16. Playlister

Playlister software

Offering an affordable alternative to many of the expensive church presentation options out there, Playlister is an effortless tool that simplifies the sharing of curriculums and teaching of the Bible.

It takes just three simple steps for your church lessons to be up and running, so your Sunday prep can be ready to go in minutes. Schedule your classes so they automatically appear on the right screens at the right time, and train a new volunteer in just seconds, too!

Price: With an Orange media package, free; or prices start from $19.99 per month

17. Proclaim

Proclaim app

Faithlife Proclaim promotes collaboration with the entire team, relieving the pressure that often falls on the shoulders of one person. Instead, make it a team effort with an app that includes everyone.

Now, you can plan services together, from absolutely anywhere. Create and upload slides, add sermons directly from the software, and work together to create well flowing, comprehensible Sunday service without the Saturday night scramble.

Price: 30-day free trial/$29.99 per month

Apps for Prayers

18. Abide

Abide app

Blending mindfulness with prayer, Abide is the perfect app to help you grow closer to God every single day. Offering you daily verses to think about, followed by guided prayer, Abide makes intentional praying a breeze.

Topically ordered for your ease of use, there are countless prayers and meditations for you to choose from. So, sign up for the 30-day prayer challenge or improve your bedtime routine with a moment with God — Abide covers all of the bases for building good prayer habits.

Price: Free version available/$39.99 per year for full access

19. PrayerMate

Prayermate logo

PrayerMate offers a platform for you to register your prayer requests so that you won’t forget to pray for any of the causes dear to you. Helping you develop a strong discipline of prayer, PrayerMate lets you organize your prayer life, so you always remember to pray.

Create daily prayer reminders so that you never forget, and even create groups with family members or friends so you can be on the same page with your prayers.

Price: Free

Apps for Giving

20. Pushpay

Pushpay app

Empowering people to maximize their generosity by removing barriers to giving, Pushpay makes donating incredibly simple. Currently serving more than 14,000 churches, Pushpay has benefited many congregations, increasing donations and funds.

This digital giving platform removes all of the awkwardness of requesting a donation from your team. Instead, create an app that reflects your values as a church and takes giving online for a more comfortable experience for all.

Price: From $150 per month

21. Kindrid

Kindrid app

Created by, Kindrid is the solution to church donations that simply requires a text message. Now, members of your congregation only have to text the amount that they wish to give — it really is that simple!

Perfect for those users who struggle to keep up-to-date with all the latest apps and software, offering a solution that only requires a mobile phone is a game-changer.

Price: From $19 per month

What have you been missing out on?

Download the apps from this list that appeal most to you, and see how you can transform your Bible study or praying game for good. With an impressive selection of Christian apps freely on offer, the only question is what’s stopping you from downloading them today?

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