Orange Curriculum vs Grow - Which is Better?

Does the message fully align with the values and priorities of your church? Will it ignite a passion for God in the way that you would want?

Grant Glas
August 23, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Deciding on the best curriculum for you and your church is an incredibly important decision, as it will become the foundation of faith for your community. Considering the fundamental mission of your church specifically is crucial when selecting a curriculum for kids ministry. Does the message fully align with the values and priorities of your church? Will it ignite a passion for God in the way that you would want?

With a vast selection of curriculum options out there, it can feel overwhelming when faced with the sheer ocean of choice. Diving into two of the most popular children’s church curriculum options, we have compiled a comparative piece to help you decide.

Spoiler alert: We picked Orange as the winner in our head-to-head comparison.

Read on to discover why we picked Orange children's church curriculum and more details about the Grow and Orange church curriculums. 


Engaging and dynamic learning is one of the most fundamental factors to consider when choosing a curriculum that will spark a life of worship in a youngster. This can take many forms, from exciting topics to varied learning methods, involving more than just the curriculum. Fully engaging kids requires energetic and insightful leaders, too. Let’s take a look at the specifics within the Orange and Grow curriculum. 

Combining light (yellow) with love (red), Orange is dedicated to teaching the young generations the word of God. With light symbolizing the church, and love the home, the hybrid learning style brought to you by the Orange curriculum works to build and maintain deep roots of faith, for kids and their parents alike. Offering both online and offline learning, Orange is available for all.

Icons of church and home

Grow offers a variety of events, including water baptisms and initiatives like 21 days of prayer to get the whole family involved. Their City Group programs that are designed for middle and high school students allow learning through fun, with games and activities in a group setting. Also offering large and small group learning events for preschool kids each weekend, this curriculum brings variety and excitement.

Age Appropriate? 

Asking who will be benefiting from your curriculum choice is another way to answer the question of which curriculum will be best for you and your church. Does the program adapt sufficiently to meet the varied needs of children of different ages? 

Simplifying all of the main messages for little learners, Orange focuses on starting strong with learning from birth, through intentional story-time and play. Involving partnership with parents to keep them informed on their child’s learning while building community bonds, this curriculum helps faith to be taken into the home too. With different programs for babies, toddlers, elementary, pre-teen, middle school, and high school, every step of development is taken care of with this program.

Grow also brings the family into focus, with discussion groups, communication plans, and an online hub on offer. Providing 52 weeks of curriculum to children, young students, and high school kids, this ministry choice will have you covered all year round. Even including teaching workshops for adults to develop and grow with the church, Grow curriculum has every element thought of. They also offer seasonal events, discipleship workshops, and a selection of handy planning tools too!

Grow Kids - Children's Ministry Curriculum
Grow is providing 52 weeks of curriculum to children, young students, and high school kids, this ministry choice will have you covered all year round.


A good curriculum should be accessible to all of the members of your community so that no one gets left behind. Also offering a Spanish language option, Orange is available for a wide variety of people. Spanish and Hispanic communities are welcomed to use their kids' ministry, alongside all English-speakers. Whilst Grow is only available in English, it does include a specific focus on kids with special needs, to involve all young minds in their community curriculum. 

What About the Price?

With a customizable option on offer, the Orange curriculum lets you choose how many learners will be attending, so you can perfectly match the package to your needs. You can try it free. Orange Curriculum also includes free Playlister in their media packages.

Orange offers a church-wide strategy for every phase of life.

Offering a bold 200% money-back guarantee on the Grow Curriculum and Strategy package, why not sample their learning style risk-free. If it’s not up to scratch, you will not only get your money back, but you will even be able to keep the year’s worth of curriculum, resources, and tools. Plus, enjoy a 20% bundle discount when you buy 2 or more curriculums!

So, Which is Better?

After exploring the different elements of each curriculum, the final decision comes down to your needs and desires as a church and community. 

Grow focuses on building a strategy for the church, with emphasis on planning tools, techniques, and events, while Orange’s priority is detailed differentiation on the curriculum given between aged groups, providing for the nuances of learning, and catering for kids on every stage of their learning journey. 

We believe that Orange children's church curriculum is the strongest choice, as they work to include all members, supporting the practicing of faith between generations – together.

Whichever curriculum you choose for your ministry, learning and growth begins with the attitudes and care of the church members themselves. Spreading love and support throughout your church and community wherever you go will empower others to follow your lead. 

How does Orange connect to Playlister?

Orange Curriculum and Playlister go together like peanut butter and jelly. Because Orange is one of the dynamic and tech-friendly content providers, and Playlister makes it easy for you to cast your curriculum directly to the screens at your church.

We’ve worked with the Orange team to import your content directly without having to worry about USB sticks or burning CDs. You’ll also save money when you bundle your Orange package with a Playlister membership.

Where to get started with Orange?

All of these resources might seem overwhelming at first—and that’s understandable. Orange offers quite a range of resources, but you don’t need to panic. Here are a few quick tips to getting started with Orange at your church soon:

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