The Top 5 VBS Lessons for Your Children's Ministry

Vacation Bible School, otherwise known as VBS, provides an opportunity for churches to minister to children during the summer months in a new way—which encourages a stronger relationship with God, while also offering days of fun for young Christians. An extension of Sunday school, VBS usually involves Bible studies, coupled with exciting activities such as games, crafts, and worship through song.

Grant Glas
February 1, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Why Your Ministry Should Introduce a Summer Church Scheme

Summer vacation bible school

If your kid’s ministry hasn’t hosted VBS in the past, 2022 could be the perfect opportunity to introduce a summer scheme into your children’s church curriculum. As well as helping kids develop their relationship with God, VBS creates happy memories that last a lifetime, which will also help to consolidate young Christians' trust in the church and in their faith. 

If you’re a small church team, or you’re unfamiliar with VBS, planning a summer school may seem like a daunting task. As with any learning program in your children’s ministry, one of the most important factors in ensuring success is basing every lesson on a strong and engaging curriculum that will help aid kids’ learning while encouraging curiosity about the Bible. 

To help with your Vacation Bible School planning process, these are our top picks of the best VBS lessons out there that are guaranteed to spark interest and joy in young church members!

The Best VBS Lessons for Your Kid’s Ministry

F.R.O.G. by DLKT Kids

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Depending on the duration of your summer school, five-day curriculums are a great option, as they allow you to cover certain topics or concepts in depth without children losing interest. If your VBS is due to go on for the entire summer, you can plan five sets of five-day curriculums so that kids leave your study program with a comprehensive knowledge of five key topics in Christanity. 

F.R.O.G., also known as Fully Rely On God by DLKT Kids, is a great five-day plan to kick off your VBS. It encourages children to put their trust in God by exploring popular Bible stories, such as David and Goliath, where maintaining faith allows for triumph over adversity. These detailed lesson plans include everything from print-out coloring pages to outdoor activities—meaning, that you can pick and choose the resources that work best for your ministry. 

Breakout by Children’s Ministry Deals 

Children often learn best when their Bible studies are framed in a unique and exciting way that encourages problem-solving and teamwork, which is why Breakout by Children’s Ministry Deals will make an excellent edition to your VBS program. This fun escape-room-themed curriculum includes puzzles for kids to solve over the course of five days, with the aim of teaching them that God can help us break out of our struggles to lead a more fulfilling life. 

Lava Lava Luau by Children’s Ministry Deals

Emotions can be difficult to manage, particularly for young children who are still developing and navigating the world, which is why Lava Lava Luau is one of the best lessons for your VBS. Also by Children’s Ministry Deals, this five-day curriculum teaches kids that they can manage even the most challenging emotions with the help of God by using Bible stories as case studies. Every day focuses on one big idea, such as "God Has A Plan For Me," so that children are not overwhelmed with learning material, and they can study more effectively. 

Heroes of Faith by Ministry Ark

The Bible is full of strong figures that young Christians should learn about, which is why Heroes of Faith by Ministry Ark is an excellent edition to your VBS curriculum. Each lesson teaches children about a different person from the Bible who is known for their bravery and dedication to God, with big ideas for children to tell their parents about when they return home at the end of the day. The lesson plans also include game ideas so that you can add an extra dose of fun and activity to your VBS.

Mission: Possible by Ministry Ark 

The perfect 12-day lesson plan to conclude your summer school, Mission: Possible by Ministry Ark encourages children to see and feel that they are part of God’s mission to spread love throughout the world. It explains a selection of important Bible stories such as that of Adam and Eve, and concludes that we have all been brought into the world to build a relationship with God and help others find their faith. This curriculum also has an "extra ideas" section so that you can create a lesson plan that is unique to your ministry.

Plan Your VBS With Playlister 

Kids enjoying vacation bible school

If you’ve gathered all of your VBS curriculum resources, and are in need of a reliable place to store your media files and share them with volunteers so that they can familiarize themselves with the lesson plans in advance, Playlister is here to help! 

As the first-ever church software cloud, we understand the importance of being able to access your ministry curriculum easily, which is why Playlister allows you to store all of your church media so that everything will be accessible when staff members enter the classroom to begin summer school teaching. 

You can schedule when the pre-built lesson appears in the classroom, and volunteers can instantly import media files, such as videos, and activity sheets, to save time and eliminate the need for endless USB sticks. With the help of the right VBS curriculum and efficient church software, your summer school is sure to speak to the next generation of Christians, so begin planning for 2022 today and enjoy ultimate ministry success!

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