Best Kids Ministry Curriculum for Small Churches

When it comes to leading a kids ministry, having a small group need not be a drawback. In fact, the benefits of small groups in church are great, as volunteers can build a closer relationship with young church-goers while also monitoring their learning more effectively to ensure that they are confident in their knowledge of their faith.

Grant Glas
April 8, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

The Importance of Having a Strong Curriculum

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While smaller churches may often feel in competition with larger ministries, running an effective children’s ministry isn’t about gaining members; as long as you adhere to your mission and are helping children to build a strong relationship with God, your church is a success. The best way to help children develop their relationship with their faith is by having a strong curriculum that is both engaging and informative, combining fun activities with comprehensive bible studies to provide kids with strong background knowledge of Christianity that can help them grow as both church members and young citizens of the world.

Independent churches with a smaller budget and fewer volunteers than multisite ministries may feel limited when it comes to choosing a curriculum package, however, there are plenty of affordable and even free church curriculums available for small kids ministries. For advice on how to efficiently run a small church, be sure to read our Guide For Small Group Kids Ministries to help you navigate the challenges of ministering to kids. Then, once you choose the best curriculum plan for your church, you’ll be ready to share the word of God with the young Christians of tomorrow!

The Best Children’s Church Curriculum Plans 

Kids Sunday School

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Perfect for new ministries with a very small budget, Kids Sunday School offers a completely free yet ultra-detailed curriculum plan which includes lessons covering the Old Testament, the New Testament, Holidays, and Spiritual Life to provide children with a foundation in bible studies while also teaching them about their relationship with God and their faith.

The free-to-use lesson structures are carefully planned out in time slots, with periods allocated to discussion questions, prayer time, and breaks to help maximize engagement while offering a range of activities to help aid learning. This curriculum also offers printable activities such as fun coloring sheets and take-home pages for children to show their parents so that they continue their learning outside of the church environment. 

Think Orange

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This extensive curriculum is fused with Think Orange’s core value that ministry learning must be combined with a faithful home life to build a deep and lasting connection with God. Depending on your ministry needs, Think Orange has tailored curriculum plans to suit different age groups to ensure the best learning experience for young church members.

Purchasing a curriculum plan is a big investment for a small church, which is why Think Orange allows you to try out its services for free before committing to anything. For small group ministries, you can get a year's subscription to Think Orange for as little as $510, making it the perfect option for churches with a small budget that still want a strong curriculum package. 

Hillsong Kids

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If you want to plan your own curriculum, but still want access to free resources as inspiration and learning aids, the Hillsong Kids YouTube channel offers an incredible array of worship songs, animated bible stories, and family church videos to subsidize your lesson plans. Seeing as this service is completely free to use, you can share the videos in class or show children where they can stream at home if they want to continue learning after Sunday school has ended. 

Life.Church Open Network

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Another curriculum that caters to churches of all budgets, the Life.Church Open Network has an excellent selection of free, downloadable ministry resources including games, activity sheets, and kid’s videos. It also offers parent conversation cards to help bring the learning process into the home, as well as a bible app for kids that has been downloaded over 14 million times by young Christians! With an emphasis on reinforcing church learning outside of Sunday school, this curriculum has everything you need to support your small group ministry without the added expense.

Manage Your Curriculum with Playlister

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Managing your church curriculum may feel challenging if you have a small volunteer team, so check out our guide on How to Use Software Efficiently as a Small Church Team so that you can effectively divide tasks among your team and conduct comprehensive training that will help volunteers feel confident in their abilities to use your ministry software. 

Investing in appropriate church software is the best way to store, export, and manage your curriculum so that volunteers can access it easily and focus on supporting young church members, rather than struggling with technological inconveniences. With Playlister, you can store all of your church media so that everything will be accessible when staff members enter the classroom. 

You can schedule when the pre-built lesson appears in the classroom, and volunteers can instantly import media files, such as videos, to save time and eliminate the need for endless USB sticks. With the help of the right curriculum and effective church software, you can maximize the productivity of your small ministry without any hassle, creating the ultimate faith-based learning experience for the young Christians of the future!

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