Top 6 Bible Skits for Kids

Looking for ways to revamp your kids' ministry? Why not plan some fun Sunday school lessons with exciting Bible story skits!

Grant Glas
January 26, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Bring the stories of the Old and New Testament alive by letting the students of your ministry act them out. Not only will it encourage a deeper knowledge of the Bible, but it will also add a lively splash of fun to your ministry classes.

If you are wondering where to begin when planning and preparing a skit, you've come to the right place. Read on to hear more about our top six Christian skits for kids to incite enthusiasm in your church lessons. When done right, these drama-inspired lessons are highly rewarding!

Discipleship and Recycling

Recycling containers

Offering a humorous blend of important information about environmental awareness and the foundations of what it means to be a disciple, this short Bible skit is ideal for younger children (preschool and elementary). Encouraging kids to keep God’s Earth clean while delving into the roots of the word disciple, this skit provides a two-for-one lesson. All you need is two puppets or volunteers, one carrying a bag of recycling and the other a Bible, and let their hilarious conversation pan out.

Read the full script by Sarah Keith here.

The Garden of Eden

Beautiful Gardon of Eden

Focusing on Scripture from Genesis to help students understand the story of the garden of Eden, this funny Bible skit highlights that God banished Adam and Eve due to His eternal love for them. This can be confusing for some children who question why He would exile those He loved, so a skit to explain it can really help. Designed for middle school kids so they can get into character and argue their cases, this skit can be a lot of fun.

The full script was written by Jamarquis Lamar Johnson.

Christian Kindness

Friends being kind

One of the most central virtues of being a Christian is kindness; it's a godly quality. Children must be taught to be kind from a young age, to make sure they grow into adults who treat others with compassion. So, why not demonstrate this through this skit for children’s church that uses the example of two different kings and their differing methods of ruling. It is the kind king who maintains the support of his people, while the mean king’s people turn against him.

The script was written by Kelly Gross.

The Tale of Noah’s Ark

Building Noah's Ark

This is a particularly fun one for the kids, because there are countless character options given the number and variety of animals on board. Depending on the time and resources you have available, you could transform this one into a short Bible play or even create your own script as a group. Noah’s Ark is one of the most important stories in the bible, so why not make it come to life and transform it into a skit?

Don’t want to build a script? Try this one by the Sunday School Network.

David and Goliath

Stop kids bullying

A modern take on this biblical classic, "David and the Bully" highlights the importance of boldness and courage in the face of bullies and cruel people. While this Sunday school skit is designed for high school students as it focuses on the perils of drugs, you can tailor the script to younger children by changing the bullying Goliath character. Why not create a character who doesn’t know how to share or who pushes other children on the playground?

David and the Bully is composed by Kids’ Sunday school.

Why Me?!

Kid sad wondering why me

Providing an important lesson to kids, this funny Bible skit highlights the issues of constantly asking the question: "Why me?" Ideal for teens, this skit challenges youngsters to overcome their feelings of self-pity, jealousy, and disappointment. Instead of blaming the universe, it urges them to give thanks for what they do have and reach a state of contentment. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, but take responsibility for your actions.

Read the full script written by Gail O’Connor here.

Girl having fun doing a skit

Instead of reading Scripture or studying the Bible in a formal way, why not try taking a break from your normal curriculum? Let your students get excited about the Bible stories they're reading by becoming a part of it themselves! If you're searching for a curriculum that includes a blend of hands-on activities like these Bible skits for children, check out our list here.

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