Top 5 Kids Ministry Curriculum in 2021

Wondering which kids ministry curriculum would best suit your Sunday school? Look no further than our carefully selected top 5 list!

Grant Glas
June 17, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Wondering which kids ministry curriculum would best suit your Sunday school? Look no further than our carefully selected top 5 list! You can embrace the changing times by selecting a curriculum that offers both online and in-person learning for little ones. Whether or not your congregation can make it to the church, they do not have to compromise on faith and worship come Sunday morning. Above all, a great Sunday school curriculum for kids can make church lessons informative, engaging and fun!

With the shift to online learning in today’s schools, we know that the technologies and curriculum used in the church need to evolve and modernize too. Ditch loading up the USB sticks and struggling with old software, with Playlister or Propresenter you can send resources simply and reliably to classrooms in church, or to families at home. But which kids' ministry curriculum should you choose? Choosing the ‘best’ children’s ministry curriculum can be tough, as there are a wide variety of options out there. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide, to make your choice that little bit easier!  

A great Sunday school curriculum for kids can make church lessons informative, engaging and fun!


When making your selection, it’s important to think about your specific goals, the age of the children you teach, and what works best for you. Whether you are wanting to shift towards online-only classes, focus on in-person gospel or streamline your Sunday school operations with smart software, you can find the right curriculum here for you and your church.


1. First Look


This preschool program run by Think Orange focuses on laying a foundation of faith in your little one’s mind. Combining developmental biblical learning with intentional love and safety will help your preschooler embrace the fact thatGod made and loves them. As an all-around curriculum, it will connect you with a ministry specialist for support, more consistent volunteers, and customizable programming that considers the needs of every child.

First Look combines child development and theology to create a comprehensive preschool ministry curriculum and strategy for every phase of a kid's life

Imagine your preschoolers having fun, coloring at home with Mom or Dad and being reminded of what they learn in church each week about love, patience, and kindness. These are the type of materials you can keep families engaged with using First Look.


Try completely for free on their website, to see if it’s a good fit for you and the kids. Simply complete a form and you’ll be ready to go! Once your free trial is over, the price depends on the size of your Sunday school. With a ‘starter’ option available for smaller groups under 15, you can pay just $510 for access to the curriculum. However, this option does have some elements of the curriculum missing, so be sure to check what you are getting. If you want the family experience feature included, or the stage production for little ones, then stretching to the premium package is worth it! 

Interested in adding in combining it with a media package too? The Orange curriculum has got you covered. Get everything you need in one handy place at a discounted rate, and secure your media software here too! The additional fee includes songs, choreographed dances, customizable art files, and more, so you can bring the curriculum to life. It even includes access to Playlister’s presentation software, so you can effortlessly import and share the videos at just the touch of a button.  

2. 252 Kids


Also brought to you by Think Orange, this curriculum has been developed to engage elementary and preteen children. Based upon the importance of making wise choices, nurturing strong relationships, and deepening their faith in an authentic way, 252 Kids weaves worship music, bible scripts, group activities, and video experiences, covering all the bases for kids' church lessons.

Children's ministry curriculum that combines child development and theology to create a comprehensive strategy for elementary and preteen



With 3 separate options available, starter, basic, and premium, you can find a way to work this curriculum into your budget. The starting price for groups of 15 or less is: Starter – $510, Basic – $644, and Premium – $664. Without access to large group events and devotional cards, the basic package is not for everyone. While price will change depending on the size of your school, we think the premium package is worth it for full access for the young minds of your church.  

Also offering discounted access to a media package, this option is great for simplicity. For small groups, adding the media access to your order costs just $309 for the entire year, and even includes the Playlister church presentation software. Making learning more dynamic, and the lives of the workers much easier, with good presentation software you will never turn back. Reinforce the students' learning experiences with videos, dances, stories, and more when you upgrade to the full package.

3. Lifeway


Lifeway, a Sunday school curriculum for kids places emphasis on tackling real-life issues alongside practicing faith and worship. Through focussing on bible study, the story of redemption, and spiritual conversations, your kids’ will dig deep into scripture and their understanding will transform forever. Lifeway also offers a 2-minute study assessment quiz to help you choose which study is right for you.

source of Christian resources since 1891, providing your family and church with Bible studies, books, Bibles, church supplies, events, and more.



More adaptable, with specifics for the number of groups and team leaders at your church, choosing Lifeway could save you some money. Whilst it doesn’t offer the ease and simplicity of simply purchasing a bundle with everything you need, you can decide if certain elements are suited to your kids. 

These prices vary based on which specific curriculum you want, as there are numerous different options: Concrete and Cranes, ZIP for Kids, Destination Dig, God’s Brave Girl and so much more. Prices vary for all of these and would add up when selected together. We prefer more all-inclusive options that save us the worry of working it all out, as browsing through the curriculum options felt somewhat overwhelming here.

4. The Gospel Project


Immersing kids and preschoolers in the gospel can be the perfect way to teach them the stories and theological concepts of the Bible. This program seeks to target both hearts and minds, teaching children that the Bible is more than just a collection of stories, but one unified story – that of God. Brought to life through exciting methods, this program spends equal time in the Old and NewTestaments and includes family resources for great dinner-time discussions at home. Your whole family can grow in gospel together!

The Gospel Project is a weekly Bible study that helps all ages dive deep into the big story of the Bible—God's plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus



Using a small group of 15 with one leader, to work out pricing for students up to grade 5, the total for the Gospel Project for the Fall semester comes in at $174.21. However, this doesn’t include the entire year like some of the other options do. It does offer an option for digital learning through the app, which for a group of 1-25 students costs $30 per month for the premium package and $15 per month for the basic package.

5. Grow


TheGrow curriculum is entirely digital, meaning you can get started straight away without waiting for physical materials to be shipped to you! Not only does this care for the planet by saving on resources, but it also means it can be downloaded anywhere and at any time. Offering a curriculum for kids, students and adults, Grow knows and understands that the quality of kids' church lessons depends on their adult guides too! Their handy feature will help to maximize effectiveness and time, empowering you to invest in your people rather than resources and build discipleship across every age group.

50 Weeks of Sermons, Discussion Questions, Activities, and Games. Everything You Need for Students, Volunteers & Parents.



With this curriculum, you definitely don’t need a large church network or a huge pool of volunteers and workers. Grow prioritizes the smaller church, and is built to be accessible to every church, no matter the size. Complete with church management software features like to-do lists, calendars, and meeting kits, Grow is a great option for those who are just starting. Plus, it offers a full 52 weeks of learning, for preschool and elementary students combined. With a set price of $997 a year, or $289 quarterly, this option will have you ready to start learning in seconds.

If you don’t need the organizational aspects, volunteer guides, and email templates, you can save some money by opting for the basic package. Coming in at $597 a year, this option is great for those who are working within a budget. Whilst you would need a separate package for the older students in middle school and high school, the pricing is the same. So, depending on the range of students at your Sunday school, you might be paying just shy of $2000 annually, for everyone to be included.

Selecting a new style of kids' church lessons can transform the energy of your Sunday school, preparing the youngsters for a life of easy worship and faith! With diverse methods of learning in a dynamic environment, learning about God can be fun and engaging from a young age. While your decision will depend largely on the size and scope of your church, our favorite choice is Think Orange, First Look, and 252 Kids. Offering a seamless transition from youth to young adulthood, the adaptation for different stages of learning is unmatched, as the learning style and content are perfectly tailored. Plus, we believe that all-inclusive options with Orange will save you money overall and get you access to free Playlister, as no one wants to miss out on certain aspects of the curriculum perks.


Looking for ways to present your kids ministry curriculum?

Playlister uses Apple TVs to present the above curriculum in churches all over the world. Here are the top 5 ways your church should use an Apple TV to present kids ministry curriculum.

Apple TVs have hard drives to save up to 32 GB of content allowing you to play your curriculum offline. And an excellent remote which makes training volunteers take less than 15 seconds.

Would an Apple TV demonstration using the curriculum above be a bad idea?

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