Top Kids Ministry Facebook Groups

One of the most useful tools for finding support and guidance for your children’s ministry is via Facebook groups. In this blog post, we’ve sourced some of the top kid’s ministry Facebook groups.

Grant Glas
September 2, 2021
Kids Ministry Leadership

There are lots of important decisions to be made when running a children’s ministry, that all work towards setting the stage for kids’ faith development. This includes evaluating which curriculum to choose, what technology and software to invest in to support teachings, organizing and putting on events with limited volunteers, navigating how to best engage children and families throughout lockdowns and pandemics, equipping parents with resources to discipline their kids, and much more. 

Despite the challenges in children’s ministries, we do it for one sole purpose: to share the gospel with children and their families. 

"Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it." (Proverbs 22:6).

Kids ministry allows us to teach core values and teachings from the bible to children while they are still growing and developing, so when they reach adults, they will feel at one with these values. Investing in the next generation is vital, and fortunately, there is so much support out there from members of the church community to help leaders and volunteers run an effective and engaging children’s ministry. 

The acceleration of digital platforms and technologies has made it easier than ever before to find help from those in the kid’s ministry community, from places far and near. One of the most useful tools for finding support and guidance for your children’s ministry is via Facebook groups. In this blog post, we’ve sourced some of the top kid’s ministry Facebook groups for the most welcoming of communities providing a range of support from free tools and resources, to simply a shoulder to lean on.

1. Orange Kids: A Community for Children’s Ministry Leaders

This group was created by Orange Kids — the creator of the popular Children’s ministry curriculum. They have created this Facebook community as an incredibly handy aid to go alongside the teaching materials, small group guides, media packages, graphics, and other materials in the curriculum. From help with uploading personal video messages to the Playlister app to creative ideas for your ministry fair, this group is bursting at the seams with truly helpful advice and support to support your teachings.

Join the group here.

2. I Love Kidmin Community

At KidzMatter, they are passionate about helping you lead your ministry well. That's why we print KidzMatter Magazine, publish books, and host events. They have the tools and the know-how to help you reach kids and families. They believe we are all in this together.

Join the group here.

3. Stuff You Can Use: A Children’s Ministry Community 

We all know how challenging it can often feel trying our best to run children’s ministry sessions and events. Especially for those smaller churches who may be under-resourced and not have as many volunteers as they’d like. Being part of a community of like-minded people who understand these struggles in our journey to keep serving (because God loves these children!) is so important. Not only does it push us to keep going, but it can also serve to give us lots of inspiration in terms of teaching resources and materials. The “Stuff You Can Use: A Children’s Ministry Community” is a kid’s ministry community designed to help you grow. Whether you’re a children’s pastor, children’s worker, or children’s ministry volunteer — it’s completely free to join! Members are encouraged to share ideas, learn from each other, make new friends, and most importantly… have fun!

Join the group here.

4. Children’s Ministry Network

The Children’s Ministry Network group is a warm and welcoming space for everyone to come together and provide that much-needed support and advice for topics such as how best to engage kids virtually, the best video curriculums to try out, and so much more. The group invites its members to share their gifts (talents) given to them by God with others serving in Kid’s Ministry. How-to videos and step-by-step tutorials are encouraged, to help those who lack the knowledge on where to start or how to finish across multiple areas including animation, video editing, ministry camp activities, and more.  

Join the group here.

5. Children’s Ministry Connect

The Children's Ministry Connect group is an open format discussion for anyone serving in kidmin. Use this group to share resources, ideas, questions, and challenges relating to anything to do with kids’ ministry. The wonderful community is on hand to serve you with authentic and unbiased feedback and answers. The Children’s Ministry Connect group, which currently has almost 2000 members, is run by the non-profit organization, CMConnect.  The helpful admins also share various training tools and advocacy programs on the group, with an emphasis on helping under-resourced churches thrive. Example content includes “how to help children and families in your church cope with anxiety as a result of the pandemic” and “video ideas for recruiting volunteers”. 

Join the group here.

Being a kids ministry leader is a wonderful journey to enjoy. Children’s ministry is one of the most important ways we get to serve God, make an impact, and spread the gospel to an entire generation of disciples. It’s a role that will inspire you, challenge you, and above all, grow your faith and dependence on God. Whether you’re just starting out or have a wealth of experience working in children’s ministries, you can always find support to help you along the way. Why not explore the above recommended Facebook groups for kid’s ministry — you have nothing to lose but a whole lot of love, support, and guidance to gain.

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