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Bring the joy of winter to your kids' ministry with crafts, games, and service activities that teach God's love.

Bobby Ikebudu
January 29, 2024
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8 Wonderful Winter Activities for Kids

Winter-themed activities to inspire and educate young minds

As the frosty air nips at our noses and the world becomes a canvas of sparkling white, there's no better time to bring new life and excitement into your children's ministry. The winter season brims with unique opportunities for growth, creativity, and spiritual learning. 

So, why not transform the colder months into a period of warm, spiritual enrichment and joyous learning for the young hearts in your congregation?

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In this guide, we’ll highlight a treasure trove of winter activities for kids they are sure to love. From crafting delicate paper snowflakes adorned with spiritual messages to organizing heartwarming community service projects, each activity is built on foundations of faith, fellowship, and fun. 

These activities, split into four different sections, are tailored to captivate children's imaginations, nurture their spiritual growth, and strengthen their bonds with the community. Gather your craft supplies, bundle up for some outdoor adventures, and prepare for an enriching journey through a winter of wonders. 

Whether you’re a children's ministry leader, educator, or a parent seeking to extend ministry teachings at home, these ideas will kindle a spirit of creativity, giving, and joy in every child's heart. Let's embark on this frosty adventure and discover how the magic of winter can bring vibrant energy to your children's ministry program. 

Here are eight children's ministry ideas to incite wonder in your littlest minds this winter.

Indoor winter activities for kids

1. Snip spiritual snowflakes

Delight in the beauty of winter while teaching a valuable lesson in individuality and God's intricate designs with spiritual paper snowflakes. Use Christian winter crafts to illustrate the uniqueness of each snowflake reflecting the individuality of God's creations, including every child.

Gather colorful papers, scissors, and markers. As the children cut and design their snowflakes, encourage them to think about what makes each of them special and unique in God's eyes. After the snowflakes are complete, ask the children to write or draw a message or a verse from the Bible that resonates with them personally on their snowflake. These messages can range from affirmations of faith to verses about God's love and care.

2. Build a recycled nativity scene

In this eco-friendly craft, children will use recyclable materials to create their own nativity scenes, learning about the birth of Jesus while also understanding the importance of caring for God's creation. Provide materials like cardboard, fabric scraps, and recyclable containers. As children construct their nativity scenes, share stories about Jesus' birth. This hands-on activity allows children to connect with the Christmas story intimately.

Discuss the importance of recycling and taking care of the environment as a part of God’s creation. This activity aims to instill a sense of responsibility towards our planet while celebrating the nativity story. At the end of the session, encourage children to share their scenes and what they learned about being stewards of the Earth. This is a wonderful opportunity to blend faith lessons with practical life skills.

Use these indoor winter activities for kids to fill winter days with creativity while enriching young minds with lessons that go beyond the craft table. Each activity is an avenue to explore faith, creativity, and responsibility, making winter a season of joyful learning and spiritual growth.

Outdoor winter activities for kids

3. 'Help-thy-neighbor' snow-shoveling day

Transform a regular snowy day into a community-building experience. Organize a 'help-your-neighbor' day, where children and volunteers from your ministry team up to clear snow from the driveways and sidewalks of those in need. This activity provides physical assistance while strengthening the bonds between the church and the local community.

Before the event, discuss with the children the importance of serving others, drawing parallels with biblical teachings about kindness and helping those in need. Equip each team with shovels and assign them to different neighborhoods or homes, especially aiding the elderly or those unable to shovel snow themselves. After the shoveling is done, gather the children and share stories of how their actions made a positive impact. This reflection time allows them to see the direct results of their hard work and the joy of serving others.

4. Exploring God’s world with a Biblical twist

Take the children on an adventurous winter nature scavenger hunt, where they explore the beauty of God’s creation in the winter landscape while learning valuable Biblical lessons. Prepare a list of items for them to find, each symbolically linked to a story or a verse from the Bible. Items might include a pine cone (symbolizing growth and life), a red leaf (representing the blood of Christ), or a stone (reflecting the strength and foundation of faith).

Incorporate challenges where children must recite a verse or share a story related to the item they find to make the hunt as educational as it is fun and engaging. Conclude the activity with a group discussion, allowing children to share what they found and the biblical significance of each item. This community service for kids reinforces their knowledge and allows them to see how the teachings of the Bible are reflected in the world around them.

Through these outdoor winter activities for kids, children get to experience the joy of giving, the beauty of God’s creation, and the practical application of biblical teachings. It’s a wonderful way to make the most of the winter season, turning it into a time of learning, serving, and growing in faith.

Educational winter activities for kids

5. Winter-themed Bible verse memory challenges

Spice up Bible study sessions with winter-themed verse memory challenges. Select verses that resonate with themes of hope, renewal, and joy, akin to the winter season. For instance, verses that speak of God's faithfulness during times of change, just like the transition of seasons, would be perfect.

To add a fun twist, each child who successfully memorizes and recites a verse could earn a winter-themed reward, like a snowflake sticker or a small snowman figurine. You could also create a "Winter Verse Tree" on a bulletin board, where each memorized verse adds a new ornament or snowflake to the tree.

Enhance the challenge with group activities where children work together to piece together a verse, like a puzzle, from scattered words written on snowflake cutouts. This simple activity helps with memorization and encourages teamwork and cooperation.

6. Winter parable storytelling sessions

Host storytelling sessions to share winter parables and stories from the Bible. Transform your storytelling area into a cozy winter scene with blankets, pillows, and maybe even a faux fireplace setup. As you narrate each parable, involve the children by asking them to act out certain scenes or by using props that bring the story to life.

After each story, engage the children in discussions about the moral of the story and how it relates to their own lives. Encourage them to share personal experiences that echo the lessons learned from the parables. To deepen the impact, you could follow up the storytelling session with a related craft activity. For example, after a story about sharing and generosity, the children could make friendship bracelets to exchange with one another.

These educational winter activities for kids provide an engaging way for children to learn important biblical teachings while enjoying the spirit of the winter season. Plus, they create lasting memories and lessons that the children can carry with them long after the snow has melted.

Cultivating compassion in winter with charitable acts

7. Homemade gifts for local shelters

Winter is a time of giving and compassion and presents us with a wonderful opportunity for kids in ministry to extend their love beyond the church walls. Teach children the art of giving while installing a sense of responsibility and empathy by crafting homemade gifts for local shelters. 

You can organize sessions where children create simple yet heartfelt items like pom poms and cardboard photo frames. As they craft, discuss the importance of helping those in need, framing it within the Christian values of charity and love. 

Encourage children to add personal touches to their gifts, like handwritten notes and drawings. This personalization makes the act of giving more meaningful and will put a smile on the face of the receiver. Once the gifts are ready, plan a visit to the local shelter to donate them. If possible, allow the children to interact with the recipients of their gifts, so they can see the impact of their kindness firsthand.

8. Host a winter clothing drive

Organize a winter clothing drive in your children’s ministry program to help those in need while teaching children the value of sharing and kindness. Encourage the children and their families to participate by donating gently used or new winter clothing items like coats, scarves, gloves, and socks.

To make this more interactive and educational, set up a sorting event where children help organize the donated items. During this process, you can have discussions about the importance of helping others and how even small acts of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Once the drive is complete, take the children along to deliver the collected items to a local charity or shelter. This experience can be eye-opening and profoundly impactful for young minds, helping them develop a lifelong habit of giving and serving.

Bring it back to scripture by connecting this activity with a Biblical lesson on sharing, such as the story of the Good Samaritan or Jesus’ teachings on helping the needy. This will help children understand the deeper spiritual significance of their actions.

Through these charitable activities, children in your ministry can experience the joy of giving and understand the powerful impact of compassionate acts. They learn to see beyond themselves and recognize the needs of others, building a spirit of generosity and empathy that aligns with Christian values.

Winter's warm embrace in children's ministry

As the winter landscape transforms, our children's ministry becomes a vibrant hub of warmth, creativity, and spiritual growth. Our diverse range of winter activities for kids are profound opportunities for nurturing faith, compassion, and camaraderie among our young ones. 

Each crafted item, game played, and act of kindness is a step toward instilling deep-rooted values and a sense of community spirit. Let's embrace the winter season as a time for indoor crafts and Bible games for children, encouraging meaningful growth and joyous learning.

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