7 Benefits of Cloud-Server Digital Signage

Have you ever experienced a digital signage server crashing right when you need it most? It’s embarrassing when a spectacularly creative digital signage solution fails last minute (to say the least).

Chris Holland
October 5, 2022
Church Software

How Going Cloud Can Help

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Have you ever experienced a digital signage server crashing right when you need it most? It’s embarrassing when a spectacularly creative digital signage solution fails last minute (to say the least). 

But did you know that hiccups aren’t a given in digital signage? When you use the cloud, you can wave goodbye to the majority of slip-ups that might come your way.

There are no servers when you choose to go cloud. Instead of the responsibility being on you or another church leader, a team of online experts takes control, keeping everything running smoothly.

 With the cloud, you can access everything you need even if your laptops die and computers go bust. All your documents are stored in one handy place. 

The benefits of choosing the cloud are endless. Keep reading as we outline seven central reasons to switch to cloud-server digital signage.

What Is Cloud Computing?

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Delivering IT resources like servers, apps, data storage, analytics, and software over the internet is known as cloud computing. Businesses have traditionally used internal servers and hard drives to store data and software, but this has proven difficult with remote working and project sharing. Since then, cloud computing has become a more practical and affordable method of deploying IT resources without barriers. 

Cloud computing can be hybrid, private, or public. Public cloud providers give IT services to many businesses for a price, whereas private cloud services are the purview of a single company. Applications and data can travel between private and public clouds with the help of hybrid cloud services. Learn more about it in this article.

Benefits of Cloud-based Signage

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While this online way of running things can feel untrustworthy to those with more old-school ways of doing things, the benefits far outweigh the costs. The truth is that when you use a cloud-based server for your digital signage, your data is safer, the prices are lower, and the updates come quicker. Here are seven reasons to switch.

1. It Has a Simple Setup

Manually installing and managing your digital signage servers takes a lot of expertise and technical know-how. It will require you to have a high functioning IT infrastructure to manage the servers, which can be costly and time-consuming. 

On the other hand, a cloud-based digital signage solution takes the pressure off, keeping the hard work at bay. Anyone can access the software with the login information and password, offering incredible flexibility.

2. There Are Lower Upfront Costs

A cloud-based system is cost-effective as you don’t need any additional gear to run your digital signage program, keeping hardware costs low. The majority of the technical maintenance, including software upgrades and maintenance, is handled by SaaS providers, costing you less to hire qualified IT personnel. Additionally, most cloud-based digital signage system providers provide subscription-based “pay-as-you-use” software licenses, keeping you in control of your costs. 

3. You Can Access It From Anywhere

Working from home is entirely possible when you choose cloud-server digital signage. Update and adjust your digital church signs from anywhere in the world, when everything you need is on the cloud. It also means your content development team may rapidly access the corporate account on computers or mobile devices to debug the signs if there is any issue.

4. It Keeps Your Data Safe 

The biggest problem with any physical infrastructure—data loss as a result of mechanical failure of the device—is avoided by cloud-based digital signage software. Accidents like fires, floods, or eventual hardware failure can malfunction and seriously hurt a business.

In contrast, data kept in the cloud is often impervious to loss and damage, as recovery is incredibly simple. Choosing to go cloud will keep your creative signage solutions safe. 

5. It Makes Growth a Breeze

A cloud-based digital signage software like Playlister offers you unlimited space due to the extraordinarily huge storage capacity of cloud infrastructure. Depending on the requirements of the business, cloud-based digital signage platforms may be scaled up or down at any moment. This makes it ideal for churches that sometimes host events or large gatherings —your ministry won’t lose money by scaling up and down when needed.

6. Software Will Update Automatically 

Save money on upgrades and maintenance by using the cloud, as your digital signage’s cloud platform may update itself automatically to the most recent version. Plus, a cloud-based digital signage program will often offer free upgrades. As the service providers are experts, they will continually test the software and provide newer and better versions to ensure that your experience is flawless. 

7. Cloud-based Digital Signage Solution Support

Most cloud-based digital signage solution providers offer highly efficient customer support, meaning that technical teams will be on board to tackle any issues. After software installation, most providers will help teach your organization's personnel how to use it. In addition, the providers also take care of the occasional faults and troubleshooting needs that arise with your digital signage software.

Switching to Cloud-server Digital Signage

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Increased security, simple access, rapid installation, disaster recovery, and automated upgrades are all advantages of cloud-based software. With cloud-based digital signage, you don't need to set up and maintain internal servers or employ an IT team to handle software and hardware just like on-premises systems. 

Using a cloud solution enables you to concentrate on producing dynamic digital signage material that engages viewers. Don’t spend your time worrying about practical slip-ups and technical mishaps when you could focus on your church community instead. With cloud-server digital signage, the power is in your hands, so use it wisely.

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