How Cloud Based Digital Signage Works

It sometimes feels like everything exists on the cloud, from our personal photos to the content we consume. Nowadays, there is no need for physical DVDs, and physical photo albums have almost become a retro kind of sentimentality. So, why should our signage solutions be any different?

Grant Glas
September 26, 2022
Church Software

5 Benefits of Going Cloud

Going cloud means opening your capabilities. Keep reading for five reasons why cloud-based digital signage is the future.

What is “The Cloud”?

The "cloud"

You have definitely used it at one point or another, but as a concept, it can be hard to define. It isn’t a weather-related phenomenon, and it won’t get swept away by a storm (you might be surprised to know some people still think that – Citrix found the number to be 51%). Instead, it is a handy way to store data online, taking up no physical space and accessible from anywhere.

Cloud computing refers to the interconnected network of servers used to hold data and provide services. Backing up your iPhone to iCloud is one way many people interact with this software every day, whether or not they realize it! Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), often known as subscription-based online software, serves as a common component of the cloud’s service delivery function. 

Cloud Digital Signage

Cloud digital signage paired with tv

Cloud-based digital signage software for content management is a common feature of contemporary digital signage platforms. In simple terms, it means you don’t need a USB or disk to get the content from the design phase to the screen. 

If you prefer to do things the old-school way, you might be wondering what the issue is. Learn more about the true cost of physical hard drives here.

Other names for cloud-based digital signage software include interface, dashboard, and content management system (CMS). You can access your content simply by logging onto your dashboard or CMS, as long as you are connected to the internet. But, if you use Playlister, content can play offline – you only need a connection to make changes.

Why Cloud Based Digital Signage Is the Future

Large churchusing cloud based digital signage for events

1. Access Your Content Anywhere 

Handling your digital signage material through cloud-based software allows you to back up, store, and access your content and data from anywhere in the world, at any time. In today’s globalized world, almost everything is handled remotely. And, as we don’t know if we might be forced to self-isolate again, the freedom to do what you want from where you want is key.

2. Connect to Countless Screens

Most churches have multiple uses for digital signs, and opting for a cloud-based digital signage platform lets you increase your scope. If you use cloud-based digital signage you can start streaming instantly whenever you get a new TV or open a new class for kids’ ministry. Choosing the cloud means you aren’t limited by how many screens you can use. A cloud-based digital signage player won’t limit your church’s growth.

3. Save Time and Effort

If your business or church spans more than a couple of sites, updating your content manually is time-consuming. You have to gather the old hardware sticks, return them to base for updating, then rush them back before your Sunday service begins. And, what happens if you accidentally send your satellite church out-of-date information, and realize your error too late? 

With a cloud digital signage system, the update is instant.

4. Multiple Users at Once

Depending on the cloud-based digital signage player you use, all you need to access it is the account details. Anyone can type the username and password into the interface to have access, allowing multiple users to work on a project at once. 

This opens up the scope of your digital signage, meaning that several teams can upload, edit, and get creative with the signage. Most cloud-based digital signage allows you to lock certain elements if needed.

5. Reduce Costs and Save Money

On-premise digital solutions need servers and IT support, both of which are expensive. Because cloud-based digital signage doesn't need a separate server or IT support, costs will be substantially lower. 

Additionally, digital signage software requires less upkeep, uses less power, and often receives free upgrades. You stay ahead of the game with top-quality software when you opt for the right cloud-based digital signage.

6. Better Security for Sensitive Information

If you change your passwords often and limit who has access to your account, cloud-based digital signage solutions are an ultra-secure option. A USB stick can be snatched by an opportunist with bad intentions, but password-protected software is much harder to bypass. Keep your creative signage projects safe and sound by choosing a cloud-based solution for your church signs.

Making the Switch

Church music team leveraging cloud based digital signage

Jumping from manual to remote can seem like a hassle if you’ve always done things in a certain way. Maybe your ideas for church signage are scattered around on multiple computers in various locations, and gathering them all seems like a little too much. But, the beauty of cloud-based digital signage means any person can upload their relevant information, from any computer or laptop, taking the pressure off one person to do it. 

Going cloud means you could have state-of-the-art displays on your church screens in seconds. Take the leap and upgrade your signage solution.

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