A Guide to Pastor Appreciation for Children’s Ministry

October is almost upon us, which means it is nearly time for Pastor Appreciation Month! This exciting time is dedicated to sharing our gratitude for clergy members and pastors, recognizing their relentless efforts for the church. Families and visitors of the church might get a gift for their church leader, but how will the kids of your ministry get involved?

Chris Holland
September 22, 2022
Kids Ministry Leadership

6 Ways to Get Your Kids Involved

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Instill a feeling of thankfulness in your little learners at kids’ ministry by showing them how it’s done. Show your children how to say thank you by example and through educational classes to teach them what this special day is all about. They might learn to thank their pastor by copying their parents, but it is essential they understand why we give thanks to clergy.

Here are six pastor appreciation ideas for children's ministry to use during Clergy Appreciation Month.

1. Pastor Appreciation Lessons

Young pastor speaking

Give your kids an insight into why we value church leaders through a Sunday school lesson on pastor appreciation. Use this Ministry to Children kids’ sermon to outline the importance of pastors in the church as the people who organize, lead, and guide. 

As pastors are responsible for countless things, they have a huge weight resting on their shoulders. The lesson’s purpose should be to teach kids that we are lucky to have pastors. Not only do they take some of life’s weight for us, but they also provide us with guidance and friendship when we need it most.

2. Kids Songs for Pastor Appreciation

Kids group singing at church

Surprising the kids' minister or pastor with a performance from the students at your church is one of the best pastor appreciation ideas for children’s ministry. It will provide endless fun for your little learners as they learn the words and dance moves. Having fun is essential when it comes to children’s pastor appreciation ideas.

It might even bring a tear to your pastor’s eye as they watch the show. Depending on the age group, you could change the words to a simple nursery rhyme or even learn the words to a more complex song like A Leader’s Faith by LaRue Howard. Pastor appreciation from kids will mean a lot to your church leaders.

3. Activities for Pastor Appreciation

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Get creative with your children's activities for pastor appreciation this year. Let your kids embrace the fun side of giving thanks by making thank you cards and art pieces (with the help of an adult if needed). Get all the children in your kids' ministry involved and make a big piece, like this thumbprint tree.

Why not get punny with your pastor appreciation ideas (kids-friendly)? Show them the value of symbolism with a plant that says “thanks for helping me grow” or a fruit bowl reading “we love your fruitful leadership.” Receiving a token gesture from the kids will put a smile on the pastors' faces.

4. Kids Volunteering to Help Pastors

Girl volunteering to help the pastor with social media

Let the older kids of your ministry help at your pastor’s organization or their favorite charity. Lending a helping hand will show some kids at your church the beauty of volunteering, which might even set them up to serve when they are old enough.

Doing this will give a cause close to your pastor’s heart some exposure while creating a great photo op for the kids' ministry. Just make sure the cause is appropriate for the age group, and give them some fun activities to busy themselves with while ‘helping out’. Making volunteering accessible and friendly will improve your volunteer culture.

5. Children’s Ministry Pastor Prayer

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Dedicate some time to praying for your pastors during your kids’ ministry classes. As your pastors and kids’ ministers pray daily for the students in their ministry, remind your kids that it’s time to repay the favor with a heartfelt prayer that focuses on your gratitude, appreciation, and admiration.

This prayer by Children’s Ministry Basics is ideal for middle school kids but might be too long for some elementary aged-kids to read independently. For younger kids, keep it short and simple with some actions to help them remember the words. As an introduction to prayer, ask them to say “thank you for all that pastors do”. They can ask God to look after their loved leaders too.

6. Pastor Appreciation Sunday School Lessons

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If you want to dedicate more time to teaching your young students about the importance of pastors, try out this puppet skit for kids by Sunday School Network. Show your youngest learners that being a pastor is a job appointed by God and that every person in that role is special.

The selfless serving that pastors engage in is something all kids should aspire to achieve. Teach them the value of the kinds of qualities that pastors have, like determination, strength, compassion, warmth, and leadership. After all, the kids in your Sunday school class will be the next generation of church leaders.

Enjoying Pastors Appreciation Day

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Remember to have fun while using our pastor appreciation ideas for children's ministry, as it will help the youngest of your church have a positive association with this special time. Kids’ ministry leaders should give their students the vocabulary needed to thank their pastor while highlighting why we need them.

Pastor appreciation from children’s churches can be endlessly creative as the kids share their ideas too. Our pastors and clergy are here for us through thick and thin, throughout the highs and lows, so let’s give our all to helping them feel valued.

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