How to Manage Digital Signage for Your Church Remotely

Digital church signage options can completely transform the feel of your church, from old and outdated to modern and inspiring.

Grant Glas
October 26, 2021
How to Use Playlister

Digital church signage options can completely transform the feel of your church, from old and outdated to modern and inspiring.

When TVs need to be updated manually with USB sticks, many churches find that their signage gets stuck with the same content for weeks and weeks on end. Having to manually upload a memory stick and change the content can take longer than expected, and leave the members of your church bored, wondering if it was worth the investment.

Instead, downloading software that enables you to control your digital signage remotely, can remove the limitations of your creativity. With set scheduling available, so certain things can play at the same time every day, and options that work without any internet, software will make your life a whole lot easier.

Digital Signage with an Apple TV: Use Playlister

Playlister can help you to export your signage and curriculum across all church campuses so that volunteers can access it easily without the need for any USB sticks. All with an Apple TV.

Apple TV
The Apple TV box can fit in your jacket pocket. Since it works without the internet, the Apple TV is great for churches.

Plus, you can store all of your church media in one place and schedule lessons to appear on screen at any time so that everything will be readily available when staff members enter the classroom. As one of the highest-ranking church presentation software systems, Playlister understands the importance of empowering volunteers to share the word of God with young church-goers, which is why we strive to make it as simple as possible to amp up the efficiency across all ministry locations.

Church of the Highlands controls 100+ digital signage screens using Playlister. Here is a screenshot of their screen manager where they control the TV's content in Playlister.

Cheap Digital Signage: Yodeck

With a single screen account available for absolutely free, why not try Yodeck as your signage solution? Design, schedule, and display professional content from the internet, using this software. Offering free widgets and layout templates to provide you with eye-catching content, this software package prioritizes quality signage. 

Display documents, webpages, live streams, and YouTube videos while using this software to boost your church interior design. With a staggered price list ranging from $7.99 p/m to $12.99 p/m depending on the needs of your church, there is an option here for everyone, no matter your budget.

Cheap Digital Signage: Screenly

Powering over 10,000 screens across the globe, Screenly is a cheap solution and quick fix. Save your content offline for no buffering time, and so that even if there’s no internet, the show can go on! Not only can you share content to your screens remotely, but you can keep track of your screens’ playback functioning remotely as well.

This way, if a problem arises, you’ll be the first to know about it, no matter where you are. With a free option available for one screen, or staggered pricing depending on how many screens you have, Screenly is scalable to suit your church, whatever its size.

Advanced Digital Signage: NoviSign

This cloud-based digital software allows you to update the content of your screens remotely. Whenever the content is created, and whoever needs to upload it, using this software, you can send it straight to the screens in your church. The flexibility offered by this allows for total control of your content.

Digital Signage in a church

Create playlists that feature specific messages, announcements, and other media, and set them to play on specific dates, so even you won’t have to remember! Costing just $20 per month, and with a 30-day free trial on offer, NoviSign could be the digital signage solution you have been looking for.

Advanced Digital Signage: OptiSigns

Including more than 100 apps ready for you to use in your indoor church signage, OptiSigns helps you to keep things fresh. With over 500 templates offered for different industries and purposes, you’ll get sophisticated and impressive content displays with ease.

Starting at just $10 p/m per screen, this is an affordable option for the churches that are seeking to upgrade to a more modern church design. With a range of Android, Amazon, Mac, and Roku devices already equipped to stream the services, you won’t even need to buy an extra hardware device!

Advanced Digital Signage: OnSign TV (requires hardware)

Suitable for churches of all sizes, this software enables you to remotely manage multiple screens. Offering a range of powerful features, the priority of OnSign TV is empowering signage operators to fit any digital signage project into any content management system. 

As a cloud-based solution, it offers real-time synchronization, so that the content on your screens will be updated instantly. Starting from just $16.99 p/m per player, and moving up to $29.99 p/m per player for the enterprise option, you can choose exactly which package would suit your needs.

Advanced Digital Signage & MDM: Hexnode UEM

Doubling as a mobile device management software, this digital signage solution will equip you with all the tools you need to organize your media. Allowing you to distribute content to 1000s of screens from any internet-enabled device, the scope with Hexnode is big.

Church Digital Signage

With a media editor included so you can trim, mute, and add background music, you can edit and share all in one place. Starting from just $1 p/m per device, this option really is the most price-efficient. Or, you can see how it goes with a 30-day free trial, and ensure it is a good fit for your church.

Multi-use and mixed media digital signage: Rise Vision

Designed for any industry, Rise Vision can help small to large churches to create, manage and deploy presentations, images, videos, and more. Create schedules for custom templates, so that the content displayed will change throughout the day as needed. 

The media library can store an unlimited number of uploads, so your content won’t have to be limited by storage! Starting at $8 p/m per display and moving up to $11 p/m per display for the premium, tier 1 package, this software is affordable.

Choose to step into the modern era with one of the best digital signage software options that can be controlled with the click of a button. Not only does it keep content diverse and engaging, but it also means that you will be notified if any problems arise with your devices. Stay ahead of the game, and be protected, with remote-controlled digital signage software. 

Try your digital signage with a free Apple TV

Apple charges $149 for an Apple TV. Playlister offers you the chance to try an Apple TV risk free. Use the code TRYPRO and we’ll send you a free Apple TV (Playlister Pro Kit) for one month. You can cancel and return the Playlister Apple TV anytime. Looking for more reasons to get an Apple TV? Read our top 5 Apple Tv uses at your church.

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