Hiring a Children's Ministry Director? Here Are Some Job Description Ideas

Writing a job description for your children’s ministry director position doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a variety of different templates you can personalize for use in your church.

Grant Glas
December 8, 2021
Kids Ministry Leadership

If you've decided to hire a children’s ministry director, but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. A well-structured and properly thought out job description will have a huge impact on the type of applicants you'll receive, and in turn, alter the competency of the final candidate.

Writing a job description for your children’s ministry director doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a variety of different templates that you can personalize for use in your church. Read on to find some of the most effective job descriptions out there for a children’s ministry director.

Volunteer or Paid?

The first thing to consider when creating your ideal children's church director job description is whether or not you are planning on this being a paid position in your children's ministry. Many churches opt for a volunteer-based system, as it saves money, but can also look great on a resume, so everyone wins. Plus, as the job is far from full-time, it can be a great option for retirees or as a side job for someone who works part-time elsewhere. 

However, it has been found that in some cases, if a lot is expected of the director, then a salary can go a long way in boosting morale. So, this decision entirely depends on your budget, how taxing the role will be, the size of your kids' ministry, and how many people are willing to volunteer. Whichever you decide, it is crucial to list this clearly in the job description.

Job Title: Children’s Ministry Director

Position Type: Paid/Unpaid

You may have a team of young adults desperate for some experience to put on their resume,
in which case a semester-long ‘trial’ could be sufficient.

Length of the Role?

Next up, you need to consider the term length for this role. Will it follow the course of the academic year? Or, would you prefer to have a more regular turnover? Again, this depends on the nuances of your church community. You may have a team of young adults desperate for some experience to put on their resume, in which case a semester-long "trial" could be sufficient. Or, you could appreciate the consistency of having someone long-term. 

 Term: One year, beginning in September

Who Will Supervise?

It is unwise to fill a central role like children’s ministry director without having a solid supervisor present to guide them through the beginning parts of their new position. The person you choose to be their supervisor is flexible, and it could be anyone, from Discipleship Director, Program Director, or even the Pastor. Depending on the size of your church, you may have a larger team of workers, in which case the supervisory role will vary. 

Supervisor: Discipleship Director

Create a Position Overview

Important in helping those who are applying to quickly ascertain whether they will be a good fit for the role, a short and snappy position overview can be very helpful. Whether it’s for a children’s church volunteer job description or a paid role, applicants will appreciate having a clear and succinct description. Usually condensed into one or two lines, the position overview should provide the essential information, to help people decide whether or not to read on.

Position Overview: In this role, you will be a central point of support for the kids’ ministry workers, as well as all of the children who attend. You will be liable for guaranteeing that all kids are considered, regular meetings are held, and the running of the ministry is smooth.

What are the Responsibilities of Your Children's Ministry Director?

Stating the responsibilities they are expected to fill will give them a clear idea of what they are signing up for. This is arguably the most crucial element of the job description for children’s ministry directors. Will they be responsible for selecting the children's church curriculum? There is great flexibility in which specific responsibilities you will choose, as each ministry has a different way of running. However, some of the main duties to list in this section are: 


- Recruit suitable people for the other kids' ministry positions
- Organize regular training for all of the ministry staff 
- Track spending and distribution of equipment and supplies
- Communicate clearly with church leaders and the congregation
- Coordinate meetings for team leaders that provide support and solutions
- Express gratitude to the staff of the ministry and boost morale through an annual event
- Lead the teachers and volunteers, praise their strengths, and constructively critique when they fall short 
- Pray regularly for each child in the ministry, as well as the members of staff
- Help to solve issues when they arise
- Be a point of support for every member of the ministry
- Ensure the children’s church curriculum is suitable

Additional Points

On top of these points are the details that are specific to your church. These would include elements such as location, hours worked per week, any benefits of the job, and any extra responsibilities that you may want to include. While adding the hours and salary (if it is a paid position) are great to feature on the job description itself, some of the other points can be discussed if an applicant passes the interview stage of the hiring process.

Creating a detailed plan for your children’s ministry volunteer job description will help you to attract many more of the applicants that you actually want. Especially for volunteer roles, displaying the benefits of the job in a friendly way will help you sell the job position.

Perhaps it could even be beneficial to include a section at the end of the job description labeled “Benefits of Volunteering With Us,” outlining how good it will look on a resume, the community benefits, and whatever else you have to offer.

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