How to Celebrate Your Pastor This October

Pastors are the backbone of our ministries. Their commitment to God and the Bible encourage and inspire so many others, connecting Him with people everywhere. One foolproof way of showing appreciation is with a heartfelt gift to put a smile on their face by letting them know you care. Just like volunteers need to feel appreciated, so do our leaders, and these gift ideas for pastors will help them feel valued.

Chris Holland
September 20, 2022
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11 Gift Ideas for Pastors

Keep on reading for our top 11 gift ideas for pastors.

1. Gift Card

Amazon gift card

Leave the final decision to them with a gift card they can spend how they like. Use your knowledge of their likes, dislikes, personality, and hobbies to make a wise decision, whether it's a Starbucks card, a fine-dining restaurant voucher, or even an Amazon gift card. While they are not the most imaginative, a gift card is a perfect choice if you aren’t sure what your pastor wants or needs.

2. Pen Set

Pen set

Writing with a high-quality pen transforms how your words glide across the page, and there’s a good chance your pastor enjoys this too! You can never have too many pens, so choose a fountain or premium rollerball pen to keep your pastor on top of their admin. 

Want to ensure you find the perfect pen for your pastor? Check out these reviews listed on Pastor and Pen – it’s a website dedicated to exactly that!

3. Host a Party

Outdoor party

Does your pastor thrive in a social setting? It’s time to plan a party! This is a great way to get everyone involved, as different church members can cook up your pastor’s favorite sweet treats and savory dishes. Plus, it’s a win-win situation, as everyone can enjoy the celebration together, strengthening community bonds while celebrating the hard work of your church leader.

4. Drinking Cup

Black mug

A cup, mug, or water bottle is one of those boring essentials we rarely treat ourselves to. But we can’t deny that it feels incredible to have a brand-new vessel to sip from. 

If your pastor is often on the go or has a commute to church, select an insulated travel mug to keep their drinks hot or cold while traveling. If they are more of a homebody, choose a large mug with a funny quote to make them smile.

5. Event Tickets

Local event

Support local artists and businesses while treating your pastor when you gift them tickets to local events. Things like art exhibitions, music shows, and theatre productions are thoughtful gifts that will keep your pastor involved in what’s happening in your local area too. 

Gifts for pastors should remind them to unwind and enjoy themselves. Pick an event that aligns with their interest so they can take the day off.

6. A Dinner Invitation

Long dinner table set

Sometimes, a personal gesture means so much more than anything superficial. If you are close with your pastor (or want to get to know them better), why not invite them to your family home for dinner? 

This could be the perfect opportunity to strengthen your relationship and get to know the person behind the pastoral role at your church. Pastor appreciation gift ideas don’t have to cost much at all!

7. Audible Membership

Audibe an amazon company

Encourage them to keep learning with an Audible membership that will make reading (or listening to) books a breeze. Hearing words read aloud has a calming effect on the listener and will offer your pastor a chance to unwind, close their eyes, and relax. Help them reignite their passion for reading with a membership that takes the pressure off and does the work for them.

8. Office Makeover

Office space

Get the whole team onboard for operation office makeover and transform their working space into a haven. You could do it as a stealthy surprise or ask for their opinion in the process to ensure you get it just right. 

A lick of paint, a few new plants, and a good old clean will motivate your pastor to keep giving their all to your ministry. This is one of the most unique gifts for pastors that will go above and beyond their expectations.

9. Journal/Notebook

Leather journal

The best gifts for preachers and gifts for pastor appreciation should inspire. A luxury journal or notebook is an incredible choice as it provides them with a space for their thoughts, whether related to their pastoral work or personal life. Journalling is a useful tool for all people, especially those with a lot of weight on their shoulders, like pastors. 

10. Bible Verse Bracelet

Not all pastors wear jewelry. But if yours does, an engraved bracelet with a Bible verse on it will be an incredibly thoughtful gift. 

Depending on their style, you can choose a more masculine or dainty design and engrave it with an inspirational quote from the Bible. This will light even their darkest days with hope, reminding them why they serve God and their community.

11. New Headphones

Apple headphones

If you’ve noticed your pastor still uses headphones with cords or has a particularly beat-up pair of earbuds, treating them to a new pair will blow them away. Everyone loves a new piece of technology, and your pastor is no different. If you want to splash out on something fancy with your gifts for pastors’ appreciation, get a few people involved to split the cost.

Choosing the Right Gift

wrapped gift

Pastor appreciation day gifts can be absolutely anything, from a personal handwritten letter to a meal voucher for two. The best gift ideas for pastor appreciation come from the heart, expressing genuine gratitude for their relentless handwork and determination. Choose from these 11 pastor gifts ideas and make your pastor or preacher smile this October.

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