How to Welcome Families to Your Church This Easter

Second only to Christmas, Easter is one of the busiest holidays of the year for the Church. This incredible time of year brings us countless causes for celebration and worship? At Easter, it's likely that new families are visiting for the first time, so make sure you go the extra mile so that the colors of your church shine through.

Grant Glas
March 21, 2022
Kids Ministry Leadership

There are several things you can do to ensure the people of your community keep returning after your special Easter service. The quickest route to the heart of most families is through their kids, so appeal to your youngest audiences for the biggest impact. Keep reading for some top-tier suggestions of how to boost attendance, from exciting decoration ideas and fun games to speeches that welcome all.

Handmade decor

Kid tying a knot on an easter craft

Why not blend decorating the church for Easter with fun activities for your kids in the lead-up to Easter? Switch up your Sunday school lessons with an arts and crafts project that you can tailor to each age group. Whether they are in preschool and will enjoy coloring a simple egg or are teens that can create some dynamic Easter church graphics, getting your students involved in the decoration process kills two birds with one stone.

Plus, it is a fantastic way to showcase the fun-loving energy of your children’s ministry curriculum. Let parents be proud of their kids’ creative efforts as they point out their church decor on display for Easter while giving new families a glimpse of what everyday life could be like as a member of your church. Unsure how to make your curriculum more relevant for Easter? Try some of these incredible ideas.

Easter egg hunt!

Kids doing an easter egg hunt

An Easter egg hunt for the kids of your congregation will help to get every child involved. Not only is it a fun, all-inclusive game, but an Easter egg hunt can also provide a learning opportunity. Time it so that it follows a moment of your service that talks about the new life Jesus offers, then let your kids begin their hunt.

Be sure to hold it on Easter Sunday rather than Palm Sunday, after the main church service. It can be hosted indoors or outdoors depending on the space available to you, but our favorite location is definitely outside. Take the opportunity to let your kids run in the great outdoors, using your garden or front lawn if available — it will attract attention from passersby, too!

Fun Easter songs

Girl singing easter songs

To make the celebrations more lively for the younger attendees, why not incorporate some modern Easter songs for church alongside classic hymns? There are many catchy and dynamic Easter tunes available online, so don’t limit your music to traditional gospel songs. Take a look at this list of our favorite 15 Easter songs for some fun ideas.

Some songs even have dance moves so the kids can get their bodies moving. Whether you choose to use these in your ministry lessons throughout the build-up to Easter or prefer saving them for your post-Easter celebrations, everybody loves a song and dance!

Food and drink

Delicious sandwich

Though no one will expect an extravagant five-course meal, putting some real time and effort into your hospitality will not be unnoticed. Throwing a reception is the best way to get your congregants talking and bonding, which will encourage newcomers to come back too. Forging genuine connections at church is one of the best ways for people to become closer to God through other Christian members of the community.

Providing a buffet-style lunch arrangement is a clever way of cutting costs while satisfying rumbling stomachs. You can choose a large selection of foods, both sweet and savory, so there’s something for everyone. When setting up the room, try not to place the food tables in the corner of the room as it discourages people from meeting one another. Instead, one large central table or several tables dotted around the room boosts the natural flow of conversation. 

Welcome speech

Warm welcome at church

Possibly the most important point of all is having a powerful welcome speech. This is your opportunity to show all the attendees the true spirit of your church, so be sure to plan it far in advance. Thank everyone for coming, but direct a special part of the speech toward newcomers in particular. Easter speeches for church offer a unique opportunity to bring joy and positivity into the lives of your congregation while expanding it simultaneously, so make the most of it!

You could even include some welcoming signs that say something along the lines of “Happy Easter Family and Friends,” “Welcome to Church,” or “Celebrating Easter Together.” Prioritize inclusivity and acceptance of all, so people are excited to return. Make it relevant to the people present and skip confusing jargon or exclusive language so that everybody feels at home.

Make sure you enjoy yourself throughout the lead-up to this sacred time of year. Though organization and planning can sometimes be stressful, don’t lose sight of why we celebrate. Bring your community together in thanks as we remember the sacrifices Jesus made for us and share our words of worship in prayer. Easter celebrations are for all.

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