The Best Easter Curriculum For Your Children’s Ministry

The very basis of our faith revolves around the Easter story, so planning your kid’s ministry curriculum in advance is vital to ensure that you can effectively educate young Christians about the importance of celebrating this very special occasion.

Grant Glas
February 23, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Why Celebrate Easter at Your Ministry? 

Easter is arguably one of the most important times of the year for your kid’s ministry. Discussing the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection will help remind young Sunday school members of the power of God’s love, encouraging them to put their trust in God’s plan for their own future. 

The very basis of our faith revolves around the Easter story, so planning your kid’s ministry curriculum in advance is vital to ensure that you can effectively educate young Christians about the importance of celebrating this very special occasion. 

Ministering to kids can be challenging, particularly if they are new to church or unsure about how to build their relationship with God, so Sunday school lessons are often most effective when they incorporate a variety of fun activities that will include and engage all children, rather than simply reciting Bible stories. 

The resurrection of Christ may be a difficult concept for children to understand, so now is the time to begin creating an exciting and interactive curriculum for your Easter lessons so that by the time Easter weekend arrives, you’ll have nothing to worry about except joining in on the fun and helping young church-goers trust in God’s unconditional love.

Children’s Church Easter Activities 

Arts and Crafts

Kid painting easter eggs

Fun craft activities are one of the best ways to help children consolidate their knowledge of the Easter story, so be sure to add some into your seasonal curriculum. For ideas and inspiration, Ministry to Children offers a guide to the top Easter crafts complete with easy-to-follow instructions so that every child can participate. 

From Easter coloring pages and last-minute preparation crafts to delicious Easter biscuits, there are plenty of unique art activities that you can try out in your kid’s ministry. As children take their creations home, it will also encourage faith-based discussions with their parents to help consolidate their learning and explore Christianity outside of the church environment. 

Family Church Videos

Girl watching bible movie

Ministry videos are one of the best ways to explain challenging Bible stories to children, while also providing some relaxing leisure time for both kids and volunteers.  To make the most of videos, pair viewing with activity sheets and discussion groups to ensure that the content has been understood and that the children feel confident in their knowledge.  

If you’re searching for age-appropriate videos to show during lesson time, be sure to check out our guide to The Top 10 Bible Story Videos to Use in Your Kids Ministry, which includes a specific video about the life and death of Jesus that is perfect for Easter time. 

Easter Songs for Church

singing at church

Worship songs are one of the best ways of celebrating the Easter season and praising God, so why not end your Sunday school classes with a child-friendly church song? The Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) offers copyright licensing of songs that can be used in worship, and now has thousands of songs used by 250,000 ministries. 

Using the CCLI Song Select tool, you can find anything from contemporary Christian pop to classic hymns such as Christ The Lord Is Risen Today. Singing in Sunday school is an excellent learning tool as it includes all children, so choose a song with simple lyrics that kids can follow easily and then enjoy rejoicing through the language of music! 

Kids Ministry Curriculum Packages for Easter

If you’re looking for help with your children’s ministry curriculum, investing in a dedicated Sunday school plan could be a great idea for your church.  Plenty of curriculum plans include special activities for Easter, so now is the perfect time to choose your Sunday School lesson provider in preparation for the 2022-2023 year. 

Ministry To Children

Girls coloring on table outside

If you’re a new ministry with a smaller budget or limited church software, Ministry To Children could be a great option for you. It offers an extensive curriculum that is perfect for young children, and it is 100% free to use making it ideal for smaller churches.

It has a selection of lesson plans specifically for Easter, as well as a wide selection of resources ranging from craft activities and coloring sheets to free animated videos depicting the Easter story. It is the ideal curriculum planner for any church leaders in search of Easter inspiration that will help them build a lesson plan unique to their ministry, and it is sure to help young children understand why we celebrate Easter. 

Kids Sunday School

kids at Sunday school

Another brilliant free curriculum plan is Kids Sunday School, which has dedicated sections for Christian holidays and the New Testament to help teach children about Easter. Its detailed Easter lesson plan factors in breaks and prayer time, and includes printable ‘take-home pages’ to help children discuss what they have learned with their parents. 

As well as structured lesson plans, Kids Sunday School also has plenty of fun worship songs, coloring pages, and age-appropriate games so that you can create your own Easter lesson plan for your ministry without the hassle of finding resources. 

Orange Curriculum

Orange website

When it comes to the most comprehensive and reliable curriculum plan, Orange is our top pick! It has different learning programs for all ages including babies, toddlers, and elementary school kids so that you can teach all children about the importance of the Easter holidays, and also keeps parents informed on what their child is studying so that the learning experience can continue outside of the church. 

If you’d rather not purchase the full package, Orange offers one-off Easter resources, such as Easter-specific teaching videos and fun Easter songs complete with dance moves for children to follow along. With a solid curriculum and plenty of Sunday school activities behind you and your ministry, Easter is sure to be a success, so begin preparing now to give your young church members the best learning experience possible!

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