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Sunday school video lessons are a great way to teach the important lessons of the Bible in a fun and dynamic way. Some curriculums will come with a video element included, to keep your students engaged with diverse learning materials.

Grant Glas
November 1, 2021
Kids Ministry Leadership

Grabbing the attention of your students more than ever before, Sunday school video lessons are a great way to teach the important lessons of the Bible in a fun and dynamic way. Some curriculums will come with a video element included, to keep your students engaged with diverse learning materials. Our favorite option for a set curriculum that covers it all is Think Orange, as it even includes church presentation software!

But, we know that an all-in-one curriculum is not for everyone. Some churches enjoy having a more active role in choosing the topics on a week-by-week basis, as you can adapt to what your students are enjoying. There are countless ways to run your children’s ministry curriculum, as well as many different styles of curricula, so you can find one that perfectly blends with the unique aspects of your church and community.

So, if you are one of the ministry leaders who have opted to take curriculum design into your own hands, this is the page for you. Read on to learn more about some of the best video resources for a well-rounded free Sunday school curriculum! Even if you have signed up to a curriculum already, why not include additional elements, and keep your kids' ministry lively and exciting, so the kids can’t wait for Sunday? 

As it is regularly updated with relevant and fresh content, YouTube is your best friend. Completely free to access from any computer, and saved online so you don’t have to, following some of the best Christian YouTube accounts will not only inspire you with lesson plans but will provide you with the video content too! Here are our top three YouTube accounts:

Douglas Talks

Using a puppet to share the stories of the Bible, teaching kids how to pray, and sharing important qualities to nurture in yourself, Douglas Talks is a brilliant resource for younger children. With almost 40,000 subscribers on YouTube, it is clear that he is a favorite with kids ministries, and helping on the Sunday school made a simple mission. 

Douglas Talks | AllstarsGO Studios

Spanning between 3 and 15 minutes per video, they are a great way to add a video element to your Sunday school class. We prefer short and sweet videos that can help to get a certain message across to kids, rather than long and time-consuming ones. In today's world, children get plenty of screen time at home and even at school, so let's strive to minimize that by choosing short but thought-provoking video snippets for our little ones. 

LifeTree Kids

Taking a more hands-on approach to video lessons, LifeTree Kids urges little learners to get involved with crafts and activities too. Rather than a puppet, these videos feature real-life children, making it more appropriate for slightly older learners too. Most of their videos are short and concise, at just a few minutes long, and some are recommended for use in vacation bible school.

They also have various series like ‘Empowering Courageous’ an 8-week program that teaches kids about Jesus’ power through 20-minute long videos. If you are stuck with inspiration for what to use in your kids' church lessons, why not follow this series, and find additional resources to use alongside the videos, to really help the message sink in deeply. Keep an eye out for their incredible music videos too!

The Holy Tales: Bible

Teaching your kids about Christian Bible stories through animations, nursery rhymes, songs, and more, The Holy Tales ensures that your little ones will have a joyful experience as they develop their faith. From timeless religious stories like The Garden of Eden, Creation, and Stories of Moses, to Christmas bedtime stories and poems told by The Hippy Hoppy Show, this channel covers all of the bases.

Some of their Bible rhyme videos have accumulated more than 2 million views, and it’s clear to see why. Young kids learn best through repetition, rhyme, and fun, which are three boxes that The Holy Tales certainly ticks! So, why not incorporate some of these catchy rhymes and songs into your kids’ ministry curriculum? Bring your Sunday school lessons to life with music and dance, and your students will be sure to love it.

While we do prefer the smaller snippets to supplement your Sunday school classes, there are many longer videos that we love too! Perfect for at-home watching suggestions or videos for parents to show their kids, Minno and Yippee TV {insert a link to Minno vs. Yippee blog} are great streaming services of Christian TV shows. You will feel safe in the shows that your kid is watching when you choose Christian!

Choose from incredible series’ like ‘VeggieTales’, ‘What’s in the Bible’, and ‘Pilgrim’s Progress Series’ and let your child watch to their heart’s content! Media content, both in the home and in church videos, is an excellent way to keep your kids engaged and excited to learn about the Bible. All kids love animation, so bringing them the religious content that you want them to see, in the form of a cartoon, is the perfect way to blend them together!

Upgrade your ministry lessons with simple yet powerful videos that can help a message to sink deeper than any worksheet could, while letting your young students enjoy more of their time too! Facilitating easy worship while inspiring your kids' ministry, church video lessons will transform how you run your lessons.

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