The Top 10 Bible Story Videos to Use in Your Kids Ministry

If you're a pastor, worker, or volunteer in a children's ministry, it might be time to consider including videos in your church curriculum. Here's our list of the Top 10.

Grant Glas
September 2, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

If you're a pastor, worker, or volunteer in a children's ministry, it might be time to consider including videos in your church curriculum. As well as providing plenty of fun and entertainment, videos may help to explain long stories or complex concepts straightforwardly and engagingly that could help bring kids closer to the bible in an enjoyable way.

To help keep kids engaged, it's best to opt for shorter videos with plenty of colors and a simple dialogue that explains topics clearly. To make the most of videos, pair viewing with activity sheets and discussion groups to ensure that the content has been understood and that the children feel confident in their knowledge.  

To make things easier for those looking to include videos in their children's church curriculum, we've created this rundown of the best ministry content for you. If you're searching for appropriate, informative, and exciting family church videos to show in your children's ministry, keep reading.

The Top Ministry Videos to Show in Church

1. Kids Ministry curriculum providers are the best places to access short yet comprehensive videos explaining bible stories in a fun and simple way for kids. The Story of Creation by Bible Stories for kids is a video that details the beginning of the book of genesis, from the Garden of Eden to the story of Cain Abel. It is ideal for showing to new attendees in ministry induction classes as it provides an easy-to-understand starting point for bible studies.

2. Also, by Bible Stories for kids, the Noah's Ark episode recounts one of the most well-known bible stories in a child-friendly format. This video is sure to be plenty of fun for children while also helping to improve their understanding of the classic bible stories that have shaped our churches to this day. 

3. Depicting another well-known bible story, Jonah and the Whale by Cartoons for Kids, is ideal for shorter classes is only 10 minutes long, but is excellent for facilitating discussions about the significance of prayer and the importance of staying close to God. 

Jonah and the Whale is a great craft opportunity as well.

4. For the full story of Jesus's birth, life, and death, All About Jesus by Bible For Kids provides a complete rundown with added subtitles to help comprehend. It is excellent for showing on Christmas or Easter as it explains everything from the story of Mary and Joseph to how Jesus died on the cross.

5. An additional video to show children is the Miracles of Jesus - a shorter animation to help teach children about how Jesus was able to heal the sick. It is perfect for providing more background information about the life of Jesus and could be shown on any occasion. 

6. Moses and the 10 Commandments by Geethanjali Kids teach kids about the ten commandments and their importance to God. This is an excellent way to help teach kids about some of the main principles their faith has been built on in a simple manner, while also providing background information about the Old Testament's most well-known prophet.  

7. Also by Geethanjali Kids, the story of David and Goliath is a great story for helping children understand how their faith can help them to overcome life's obstacles. This is one of the most celebrated tales from the Old Testament and provides kids with an inspiring example of how anyone can triumph in the face of adversity. 

8. The Beginners Bible is renowned for being one of the most popular creators of bible stories for kids. If you're searching for a video to show in the run-up to the Christmas holidays, the Nativity story is ideal and will help kids understand the birth of Jesus and why we celebrate this time of year.

9. Teach kids about the importance of kindness with The Good Samaritan - a video about why we should care for others and why community matters. This video also features a fun song at the end to consolidate the message of the video and help children to remember it. 

10. While not a depiction of a bible story, PursueGOD Video offers a short video titled What Is the Church? to help young people understand why we attend church and feel more enthusiastic about their relationship with their faith. It is the perfect introduction to church and encourages children to discuss what they have learned afterward, providing pre-prepared questions to talk about in class. 

The Best Church Software for Video Streaming 

Every kids' church needs software to help integrate videos into the curriculum and facilitate effortless streaming without the need for dozens of USB sticks, which is why Playlister is here to help! 

We provide kids ministry presentation software that allows church workers and volunteers to create and instantly import the curriculum and access it from any classroom, allowing for easy video streaming with all the material you need in one place.

Play lessons in your rooms easily with an Apple TV

The Playlister Pro plan includes an Apple TV box, which can download your videos for streaming without the need for any internet connection. Plus, Playlister is easy for staff and volunteers to use, meaning that they can focus on what is really important: sharing the word of God with kids and helping them to understand and embrace their faith. 

Introducing videos into your church curriculum has never been easier!

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