The Best Kids Sunday School Games

One of the best things about Sunday school is playing Bible games. Kids' Bible games are fun, engaging, and teach about the Word of God. To provide you with some ideas that you can easily incorporate into your Sunday school curriculum, we’ve come up with a list of the best Sunday school games for kids.

Grant Glas
January 19, 2022
Kids Ministry Leadership

Bible Adventure

Alphabet letters

One of the best Bible games for kids is a Bible alphabet game, which is ideal for younger ones. Simply start by saying, “I took a trip through the Bible and found Abraham.” Let the children continue by taking turns to repeat the sentence and add a name of a biblical figure that starts with the letters B, C, and so on. Complete the entire alphabet. This is an excellent way to help kids remember different characters in the Bible. You can also spend some time talking about persons they have forgotten about once the game is done. 

Simon Says

Kid playing simon says

Ask the kids to line up and face a chosen leader in the front of the room. This leader decides what the kids have to do by announcing “Simon Says,” and then following it with an activity like turning around, touching the ground, barking like a dog, doing jumping jacks, etc. So, if the leader says “Simon says, bark like a dog,” the children have to do it. If the leader doesn’t use the phrase “Simon says,” the kids shouldn’t follow the command. The ones who make mistakes get eliminated, while the ones who get it right remain in the game until a winner emerges. This is a great warm-up game to get all the children motivated and focused for class. 

​​Bible Bingo

Bingo game

Everyone loves a game of bingo! As part of Sunday school, it can help children become more familiar with various sections and books of the Bible. Simply divide each bingo card into sections that correspond to the sections of the Bible. And if you can’t come up with any cards, simply search the internet for a free game of Bible bingo

Memory Verse Game

Bible verse

Memorizing the Word of God is an essential part of growing in your faith. By using a simple memory game, you help children retain important truths about God. Simply ask each child to repeat a verse several times until the whole class knows it by heart. Have each one take a turn to ensure they’ve truly memorized the verse. These types of activities are great Sunday school games for kindergarteners and even older kids. 

Disappearing Words

Writing bible verse

Another memory game is “Disappearing Words” which helps kids learn about the contents of the Bible by reciting verses. Simply start by writing a verse to be memorized on a whiteboard and ask your kids to recite it. Then, have one student erase one word and let them all repeat the verse again. Allow each child to take a turn in erasing a word and continue until all words are erased. By the end, the entire class will be saying the verse from memory. 

Hot Potato

Instruct kids to form a circle and then play music while passing around an object. Periodically, stop the music. Whoever has the object in their hands when the music stops is eliminated. This game usually involves a lot of laughing as the kids try to get rid of the object in their hands as quickly as possible. It serves as an ideal ice-breaker or warm-up game in the morning. 

Bible Trivia

Playing bible trivia

Come up with a list of questions to play a game of Bible trivia with your Sunday school kids. Include “true or false” questions, and quiz the kids on different books, the Old and/or the New Testament. You can also ask about the Ten Commandments, or customize the quiz based on that week’s theme. It’s a great children’s Bible game that generally everyone enjoys playing. 

Red Light, Green Light

Kids game, red light, green light

You or an elected leader stands at the wall on one side of the room facing away from all students who stand at the opposite wall, all lined up. As soon as the leader calls “Green Light,” the children run toward the leader. However, if he turns around and calls “Red Light,” all children must immediately stand still. Anyone who continues to move is eliminated. The first kid to reach the leader without being eliminated wins. 

Verse Hunt

Setting up for verse hunt

Write one word of a chosen verse on a card or separate pieces of paper and hide these cards around the classroom. Ask the children to go search for the words and then piece them together on the floor by laying them out in the correct order. Once the verse is complete, let the children recite it together. 

Circle Circle

Girl catching ball

One of the more involved Sunday school activities is “Circle Circle.” Instruct kids to form a circle and choose one or several of them to stand in the middle. Those in the circle then throw a ball to other members of the circle while the middle kid(s) try to catch it. As soon as a child in the middle catches the ball, they trade places with the person who threw the ball. 

Follow the Leader

Kids playing follow the leader

Have kids stand in one single line and then name the first kid in line the leader. Ask him/her to make outrageous motions while walking around the room. Each kid in the line has to follow the lead of whoever is in front of them. Those who do not follow correctly are eliminated. You can also opt to set up two lines and have them compete with each other. 

Bottom Line

When planning your weekly Sunday school curriculum, you’ll surely want to incorporate a number of kid's Bible games. They are the most efficient way to teach children about the Bible because they are fun and require them to participate at the same time. And with this list of the best games for Sunday school, you’re more than prepared to engage your students in class each week.

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