The Ultimate Amazon Fire Stick Setup Guide

Streaming sticks are the future, giving us access to more shows and movies than ever before. But as there are countless options out there, how do you know which one to choose?

Chris Holland
September 19, 2022
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How to Set Up a Fire Stick

In terms of price, efficiency, and quality, Fire TV Stick takes the trophy for us. It has changed the name of the game when it comes to entertainment, giving you all the content you need in one handy place.

Ready to set up Fire Stick? Keep reading for our all-in-one guide that will have you streaming in no time.

How Does Fire Stick Work?

Your Amazon Fire TV Stick setup works by attaching directly to your smart TV and is controlled by a simple remote. (Don’t forget that you will need batteries for it to work.) Download whichever apps or channels you want, and personalize it as you set it up.

Although the included USB Micro cord and power adapter may not be required to set up the Fire TV Stick, you will want to use them to ensure speedier performance. 

Amazon Fire Stick Setup: How To

Fire tv stick tutorial

Follow these simple steps to have your Fire TV stick setup complete in an instant. A few minutes are all you require before you are ready to stream all of your favorite media – just stick to these Firestick setup instructions.

1. Start by connecting the USB Micro cord to the power supply.

2. Connect the opposite end to the Fire TV Stick.

3. Insert the Fire TV Stick into your TV's HDMI port.

4. Press home on your Fire Stick remote.

Sometimes, the Home button doesn’t register at first, but don’t worry. Try moving the remote slightly closer to the Fire Stick, hold the Home button for 10 seconds, then make sure the batteries are working properly. If not, change them.

Didn’t work? Try disconnecting the Fire TV Stick’s power source, wait a moment, then plug it back in and try again. If you are still unsure how to connect Firestick remote, get help from Amazon.

5. Use your remote to press Play/Pause.

6. Choose a language.

7. Choose your wireless network.

8. After entering your password, choose Connect.

9. Choose to Create an Account or Sign In. Assuming you already have an Amazon account, the actions that come next after choosing Sign In are as follows.

10. Open on a phone, tablet, or computer, sign in, and input the special activation code you received in step 2 to get started.

11. Choose Continue rather than Change account since doing so would indicate that you had previously entered the incorrect ID.

12. To opt in or out of having Amazon store-linked network passwords, select Yes or No. Personally, I go with “No.”

13. Choose whether to use parental restrictions.

14. If you chose yes, enter your PIN for parental control, and write it down somewhere your child won’t find it.

15. After noting the location where Parental Controls are handled, click OK.

16. To check that your Fire TV Stick's remote is compatible with TV controls, click Next.

17. Modify the volume before confirming with a Yes click.

18. When prompted with the message “Your Fire TV remote is now correctly set up,” click OK.

19. Opt out of Amazon Kids+ or sign up (if you don't have Prime, you could get a warning about it). Do you have any questions about Prime? For additional information, see our list of the top Prime Video movies and TV series.

20. Click Get Started to go through the onboarding process for downloading apps from Amazon, or click “No Thanks” to bypass it.

21. Choose all the services you desire, then click on the TV stations to select your services.

22. Click on the sports apps after choosing the TV channel applications you want.

23. Choose the sports applications you want, then click on the highlighted apps.

24. Make your choice from the offered services, then click Play to continue.

25. Download applications by clicking Finish.

26. To continue, tap Got It.

27. Enter Parental Controls PIN (clearly, if you didn't create a Parental Controls PIN, skip this step).

28. Choose or create a user profile.

29. Enjoy your Fire TV Stick – the setup process is complete! 

Top Tip:

Do you ever wish all the streaming services would just join forces and save us the hassle? You need Plex. It combines all your favorite streaming platforms in one handy place, saving you searching through Netflix, then Amazon Prime, then Disney+. Check out our blog on how to set up Plex on your Amazon Fire TV stick for seamless viewing, whatever you want to watch.

What About Apple TV?

Apple TV is another popular choice for a smart TV streaming stick. As they let you stream almost any kind of content with ease, they are an incredibly popular choice for churches. Effortlessly stream kids’ curriculum to the classes, creating a dynamic learning environment for your youngest learners. Read this blog for five ways to use a Fire Stick at your church.

What Are You Waiting For?

The beauty of using an Amazon Fire TV stick is its simplicity and ease of use. Amazon Fire Stick setup shouldn’t take you longer than an hour – it just depends on how long you want to spend downloading your apps and programs. Now you know how to use a fire stick, it’s time to get streaming.

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