What Are The Best Orange Apps Available?

These days, almost everything is controlled through an app — the music we listen to, the messages we send, the photos we share. So, why not the way we guide our ministry?

Grant Glas
January 6, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

A simple and effective ministry app could transform the ease with which your volunteers lead their small group sessions, and change how parents interact with their child’s development.

Customizable and adaptable, Think Orange knows that every single church ministry is different. Read on to learn more about the two Orange apps that are facilitating easy leadership and accelerated interaction with their children’s ministry curriculum!

Volunteers looking for the right app.

Lead Small – For Volunteers

Developed to aid small group leaders, this app acts as a guide for volunteers. Simply add the small group lesson plan to the app, and it will be displayed clearly for the volunteer to follow along. From lesson objectives and curriculum overviews to early-arriver ideas and devotionals, everything your volunteer needs to lead a compelling session will be in one easy space.

You can even upload details of the kids that will be in attendance, turning the roster digital. This in-app listing of the kids will not only boost communication with parents, but will ensure that no birthday is ever missed, and it enables parents to share any specific prayer requests for that day too! We know that parent involvement is a key philosophy for Think Orange, and this handy app connects, bridging that gap.

No more flapping around with loose sheets of paper as they struggle to remember the next objective or activity, a simple and contained app means that everyone will be on the same page. Even if a volunteer can’t make it that day — no problem! Anyone can download the lesson plan to their app, and pick up exactly where the last person left off. 

Whichever curriculum you choose to use, send it directly to the phones of your volunteers, so they can spend their time prepping whenever is easiest for them. You can even send direct messages to volunteers, meaning that this app doubles as a messaging service, keeping everything you need for your ministry in one simple place!

Dad with kids

Parent Cue – For Parents

This app helps parents to stay involved with their child’s journey, showing them exactly where their kids are in the curriculum. It provides them with a weekly countdown, so they know just how much time is left until their child graduates on to a different topic or curriculum.

Complete with developmental cues to urge parents to make the most of their time together, they can savor every moment with their children. You can customize the Bible story, memory verse, and even change the lesson sequence that appears on the app. Adapt the kids’ ministry curriculum as you need it, with the Parent Cue app. 

Prompt parent’s involvement in the ministry by sending notifications too. You can target them at the parents of specific age groups if the problem is distinct, or send ministry-wide messages when needed. Engage families more than ever before and keep both the kids and their parents on track with the best Bible study app!

With daily devotionals designed for every single phase of childhood, from birth to 18, this app will remind parents to have consistent conversations about faith with their little ones. Helping kids to forge a deeper connection with God through practicing worship and learning about the Bible daily, this app will instill timeless truths in the child’s heart and mind. 

Choosing the right app

Why Choose an App?

An app keeps everything needed for your church’s ministry in one place, ensuring everyone is connected and on the same page. Gone are the days of printing countless copies of a lesson plan, or struggling to find the roster when you need it. Embrace the digitization of data, and upgrade to a simple yet effective app.

With a three-step customization feature, you can upload your church’s logo, social media channels, online giving link, and more. Simply sign up, then either start from scratch or use the handy template to build what you need, and send the content to those who need it.

Don’t worry, they will even include the tools needed to easily onboard your parents and small group leaders, helping to connect you as quickly as possible! With a hassle-free set-up and user-friendly interface, using these apps is a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you choose simplicity?

Pricing starts incredibly low at just $20 per month for each app individually, or $30 per month for a subscription to both. If you aren’t sure yet, why not try the 30-day free trial, and see if the total transformation of your ministry’s organization is worth it! As one of the best apps for youth ministry, we are sure it will be.

Some of you may be asking, “What is Think Orange?” And if you don’t know yet, we urge you to check out this article which details the unique yet effective method of kids ministry that they lead. Their central philosophy of parent and family engagement is pioneered through the Think Orange curriculum options too, which seek to continue building a child’s faith even while they are at home. 

Involving the family in ministry is vital for cultivating community bonds, forging connections that last, and prioritizing a child’s relationship with God. Kids spend just a couple of hours with the church each week on average, and most of their time at home. What if their time spent at home urged them to connect with God, reflect on their day, and practice being good people?

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