16 Creative Ideas for a Kid’s Ministry Curriculum

It can be tough to know what kids’ ministry curriculum is best for your Sunday School as you will want to create a program that is both engaging and educational. To help you better prepare, we’ve compiled a list of 16 Creative Ideas for a Kid’s Ministry Curriculum.

Grant Glas
October 6, 2021
Kids Ministry Leadership

It can be tough to know what children's church curriculum is best for your Sunday School as you will want to create a program that is both engaging and educational. To help you better prepare, we’ve compiled a list of 16 Creative Ideas for a Kid’s Ministry Curriculum. 

1. Follow a Theme 

Every story of the Bible has a theme in terms of location and possibilities to change the room decor. For example,  the theme of the first part of Genesis is a garden, the theme for Exodus is the great outdoors, Psalms is the shepherds. Decorate your classroom according to the stories you tell that week, and your kids will surely enjoy it. 

Change it up and encourage the children to make up their own motions!

2. Sing and Dance! 

Since many kids’ church songs have motions, change it up and encourage the children to make up their own motions! For those who are uncomfortable, you can lead the regular motions and they can follow. But for the brave ones, they can freestyle, have a dance party, and move to their hearts’ contents. It’s a fun way of letting kids express their love for God and make Sunday School enjoyable.   

3. Move Around the Room 

Every time you tell a story, encourage the kids to move around the room when the story’s location changes. Likewise, every time a character changes locations, allow the kids to do the same. 

4. Learn About Bullying 

Many movies are highly educational, not to mention: kids love watching tv! Watch the Disney movie “A Bug’s Life” or "Luca" to teach children of all ages about bullying and discuss how to prevent victims of bullying and how to assist those experiencing it. 

5. Tell Your Story With a Soundtrack 

Add some Hollywood to your Sunday School and tell your stories with some background music. Not only will it give your storytelling a dramatic effect, but it will also make your children’s ministry more fun and interesting for the kids. 

6. Jesus Heals and Forgives

This free and engaging Children’s Ministry lesson involves a Bible, tape, markers, index cards, a basket, pretzels, and bowls and is ideal to teach kids that Jesus heals and that, most importantly, he is their friend.

7. The 23rd Psalm

David and the 23rd Psalm is a lesson for kids of all ages and involves the popular Kids’ Travel Guide to the 23rd Psalm, which teaches them that God loves and watches over us. 

8. Show  a Video 

Kids love movies and tv, and now every and then, it doesn’t hurt if you watch a Bible story video together in Sunday School. Since it’s not just entertaining but also educational, it will be valuable for your lesson. We’ve previously covered The Top 10 Bible Story Videos to Use in Your Kids Ministry to give you some ideas of which videos to pick.  

9. Who Made God? 

Help children understand that God is eternal and always has been with a game that involves the BIble, alphabet cards from A to Z, and a few old and new pennies. Each child gets an alphabet card which they have to hold up if it’s their turn while you start saying the alphabet. Afterward, discuss what came before the alphabet and everything else in the world and always point the lesson at God, who existed before all else. For more info on this game, go to Children’s Ministry. 

10. Jesus Turned Water Into Wine

A great lesson and game all-in-one is “Jesus Turned Water Into Wine,” about Jesus’ first miracle which he performed at a wedding. The point of this lesson is to show that Jesus created miracles to show us he is God. Play out this miracle with your kids and during each part of the play; ask them relevant questions about how they feel, what they would do in Jesus’ place and how they interpret the story. For detailed game info, click the link above to Children's Ministry

Change locations to outside or your cafe.

11. Change Your Location

Since no Bible story happened in an air-conditioned building, why does Sunday School do? Try out a new location, go outdoors and tell a story that relates to something in nature. For example, tell the story of Zaccheus by a tree near the church. It’s a great way to make the kids breathe in some fresh air and change the routine of your ministry.

12. Talk with a British Accent 

Mix things up and teach with a British accent. Give yourself a new name and introduce yourself with it. When you talk in your regular voice, children can easily drift off into daydreaming and stop listening. If you put on a new accent, they will for sure start paying attention to the lesson again! 

13. Use Flashlights

Tell the story of Peter denying Jesus by turning off the lights in your room and holding a flashlight under your face. Why? Because the story plays at night and telling it like this is adventurous. You can tell many other Bible stories in the dark with a flashlight on, and the kids will surely enjoy it! 

14. Incentivize Listening 

Announce to your children that they can win prizes to answer super tricky questions after a lesson. This will incentivize them to listen better. 


15. DIY Arts & Crafts 

Sunday School is ideal for getting children involved in some fun arts and crafts activities. For a comprehensive list of ideas, check out these Sunday School Craft Ideas

16. Game Ideas

With the colder months coming up, you’re likely to want to spend most time indoors. If you can meet your kids in person for Sunday School - given the current circumstances - play a game to get them engaged and gently nudge them to participate. There are many free ideas on the internet, including indoor Sunday School game ideas on Children’s Ministry.

Kids Ministry is fun if you incorporate some games and activities that keep children engaged. And with our list of 16 Creative Ideas for a Kid’s Ministry Curriculum, that should surely be no problem.

What more ministry ideas?

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