Do You Encourage Curiosity on Your Team?

Christianity and worship revolve around asking questions. We ask ourselves questions every day, whether through wonderment about the power of God or base-level things like “why am I here?”. Learn more through this podcast by Vanderbloemen that dives into this concept.

Chris Holland
June 28, 2022
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Unfortunately, the styles of leadership used in your church will impact whether or not this curiosity is encouraged or shut down. Some leaders feel like too many questions can mess with the status quo, but is that such a bad thing? 

Deep shifts come from questioning norms that people have passively accepted for years. Think about the struggles that Jesus went through when changing the trajectory of Christianity thousands of years ago. As church leaders, we should build an environment that would allow that.

If you are ready to start encouraging curiosity in your team, keep reading for our straightforward guide on how to do it.

Be an Open-Minded Church Leader

Open minded church leader speaking

Being a leader that inspires curiosity requires you to be open-minded. To boost the curiosities of others, you must first be a leader who welcomes new ideas. If you find yourself in a rut, trapped in the same thought cycles, again and again, try some of these practices to become more open-minded. 

Attend Conferences

Everyone should attend church leaders' conferences. Whether you are a long-standing pastor or new to the game, the church leadership inspiration found at conferences is unmatched. Meet new people and build new friendships while learning invaluable things about yourself and how to do better. Learn how to prepare for the season here.

Read the Latest Books

Reading might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but incorporating it into your daily life is an essential practice if your goal is self-improvement. As a leader, you must read the Bible often, but you can’t forget to get involved by reading present-day discussions. Knowing what your peers are thinking will keep you on the ball and open-minded.

Listen to Podcasts 

As more and more inspiring Christians jump on the movement and start creating quality podcasts, make sure you make the most of it! Listening to podcasts is a hands-free activity that is much easier to incorporate into your daily schedule, whether you fit it into your daily commute or while you are cleaning the house. 

Spend Time with Your Team

Church leader spending time mentoring his team

When it comes to sharing your curious mindset with your team, you have to dedicate time to spend with them. Meetings are the typical environment for a leader to meet with their church workers, so make it your priority to create an inspirational setting that encourages thought.

Lead Dynamic Meetings

Think outside the box with your daily meetings. While following a church meeting agenda template is useful for organization and consistency, don’t be afraid to switch it up. Use your skills as a pastor to set an exciting and inspiring premise for your discussions that can wind up being boring.

Ask Questions and Listen Deeply

The number one way to encourage curiosity is by asking the right questions. Create a community environment in your team where no question is too out there and no doubt is too stupid. Questioning the status quo is the premise for many inspiring changes, so listen to any problems your church volunteers and workers raise.

Ditch Annoying Meeting Behaviors

Annoying meeting behaviors are the actions and habits people fall into which distract and frustrate other team members. These could be anything, but the popular ones outlined by PastorMentor are: 

  • Not showing up
  • Coming late
  • Taking phone calls
  • Checking emails
  • Side conversations
  • Not taking notes
  • Over-talking
  • Interrupting
  • Being unprepared
  • Not engaging
  • Getting off track
  • Leaving early

Build a list of the main behaviors present in your meetings that cause irritation and create a plan to tackle them.

Encourage Discovery and Exploration

Church leader sparking curiosity with his team

Genuine curiosity exists outside of the workplace. Foster a deep thirst for knowledge and experience by offering your team learning opportunities in the form of practical training as well as creative endeavors. People learn by example, so join them on a team-building excursion and have some fun!

Find Learning Opportunities

When finding learning opportunities for your team, try to keep them relevant by conducting research beforehand. For example, you might offer your social media volunteer squad something different than what you would provide for your children’s ministry small group leaders. Not sure? Ask them what they would find useful.

Switch Up the Environment

Changing the physical environment of a place is a powerful tool in altering mindset, so don’t be afraid to take your meetings outside. When you get stuck in the loop of having what feels like the same meetings again and again in the same office or meeting room, you will only produce the same stagnant ideas.

Ask for Ideas and Creativity

Showing appreciation for their previous curiosities will be sure to inspire more of it in your church team. When a big decision arises, ask questions that matter and allow your team to embrace their inner creativity in a meaningful way. Keep your church fresh and thriving by welcoming the ideas of everyone. 

Curiosity is not a thing to be feared. 

It is an innate human condition that inspires change and welcomes new ways of living. It is the reason people love to read, learn, discover, and explore. God is infinite, and we could spend our entire lifetimes learning about him. 

Do all you can to keep curiosity alive and thriving in your ministry and cultivate a community of support and wonderment. A healthy amount of pruning is essential for growth, and the truth is that curiosity is the catalyst for this.

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