Organizing Your Workspace for a Productive Year

Every new year brings new goals, resolutions, hopes, and dreams. Most of us base these on making our time count by being productive and getting things done.

Grant Glas
February 15, 2022
Church Software

Time is precious and if we aren’t careful, it can slip through our fingers. So, boosting your efficiency and productivity through workspace organization is key to success.

Improving your work environment can do great things in any field, but it can go especially far for your church. Whether you’re a pastor or a church volunteer, clearing up your workspace can boost your creativity, helping you get things done faster and come up with unique and inspiring ideas too. Read on for the best ways to get organized.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Girl planning her day

The power of planning cannot be understated. Determining a time in your busy schedule for each and every activity or goal increases the chances of you following through. When we have vague ideas or plans in our minds, we drift into our default state of mind and live life on autopilot. We’ve set these things as our resolutions for a reason — we don’t do them naturally.

So, start big with goals you want to achieve, and then break them down into bite-sized chunks. This way, you can easily reach the small day-to-day goals, and before you know it you’ve completed something huge. A diary or journal is a powerful tool for planning. And checking in frequently can help you assess your progress, giving you space to re-assess if any changes are needed.

Set Deadlines: Hold Yourself Accountable

Woman working to meet her deadlines

Adding timestamps to these deadlines is a brilliant way to keep yourself on track. Whether there is a real target time that you have to meet, or you simply want to keep yourself motivated to achieve, deadlines are a point of reflection. Set reminders in your calendar and notes in your journal, and see how it improves your efficiency at work.

If you don’t manage to hit your target, it’s important not to be too hard on yourself. Instead, use this as a moment of reflection and ask yourself important questions like: Why couldn’t I reach this deadline? It could be that you piled your work plate far too high, which isn’t good for anyone. Use these setbacks as opportunities for growth and development.

Declutter Your Desk or Office

Organized workpace

As time goes by and we settle into our office spaces, the clutter naturally builds up too. Differentiating valuable papers and things we might one-day need from the items that are better off in the trash can be difficult. Many of us instinctually hold on to things we don't need for fear of throwing away something important.

But, all of these little bits and bobs only distract us and limit our work capacity. It might not seem like a big deal, but a cluttered desk or office tends to mean you have a cluttered mind too. So, have a deep clean out of your drawers and files and only keep what you need. This way, your vital documents will be easily accessible, and you will have more space too.

Decorate Your Space Mindfully 

Mindful workspace with moody lighting

Choose pieces for decoration that can double as efficiency-boosting tools. For example, a large calendar that can adorn the walls of your office will help you see deadlines or events for the month ahead. Plus, you can get exciting themed calendars that match your personality and interests, adding decorations that you love too. 

Try not to overuse things that might distract you from the tasks at hand. Instead, choose simplistic but motivating pieces that will inspire you, reminding you why you are working so hard. This could be a biblical image, a passage from a powerful sermon, or simply a photo of your family. But, keep it to a minimum so it won’t negatively impact your productivity. 

Get New and Improved Church Software

Using software

Your office can be spick and span, and your organization down to a T. But, if you don’t have good church software, you're wasting your time. Why bother doing the boring parts of recording data and working out statistics when your church management software can do it for you instead? If you are still working without the aid of a CMS, it’s time to step into the future.

Elevate your productivity in the realm of children’s ministry curriculum by choosing a church presentation software that pretty much plans your classes for you. With Playlister, the best church presentation software, the content for your Sunday school classes will be ready to go when you are. Say goodbye to janky USB sticks and dodgy hard drives, and take one thing off your mind with Playlister.

How to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Working in a clean work environement

Having a clear desk and an uncluttered office is one thing, but how can you extend this motivation to your entire team? Church volunteers and part-time workers won’t have a desk space to rely on, so leaders must look out for them. Checking in to ensure your team is doing well is a sign of strong leadership and will boost workplace productivity for all.

Equip the help of useful apps to make their lives easier, and they will appreciate it. Orange offers an incredible app that aids kids’ ministry workers while boosting church organization and communication with families too. If you take good care of everyone in your church community, their motivation and dedication will exceed your expectations too.

See how creative Matthew Encina organizes his work space:

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