Top 12 Kids Ministry Podcasts

If you’re looking for resources and ideas to help you improve on your kids’ ministry or would like some suggestions for podcasts that can help your children on their journey to learning more about God, Jesus, the Bible, and their faith, then read on to learn about our Top 12 Kids Ministry Podcasts. 

Grant Glas
September 28, 2021
Kids Ministry Leadership

1. Orange Kids Podcast 

The Orange Kids Podcast creates an encouraging community for kids’ ministry leaders and volunteers. Each episode features experienced children's ministry leaders who offer nuts-and-bolts suggestions to help you do what you do better - no matter the size of your ministry. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including safety measures in ministry, how to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, how to connect with parents, and more. 

2. Kids Ministry 101 

The Kids Ministry 101 Podcast is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and is designed to train and encourage Kids Ministry Leaders and Volunteers. The podcast started in 2015 and considers current trends and resources in each episode. In addition, their LifeWay Kids team brings conversations and interviews with some of the leading voices in children's ministry to the table to help you hear more about how to best serve the children and families in your ministry. 

3. Nick Blevins Family Ministry Podcast

The Baltimore, Maryland-based Nick Blevins Family Ministry Podcast is where you can hear from top leaders in children's ministry, student ministry, and family ministry. Each week Nick Blevins interviews a top leader and asks them about the principles and practices they use to lead. The podcast discusses everything from recruiting volunteers, to small groups, to partnering with parents and much more. 

4. Mixed Kids Ministry 

Mixed Kids Ministry is a podcast that gathers stories from people who identify as mixed race and faith leaders who can bring their experience and professional insight into this subject. The Evanston, Illinois-based podcast interviews ministry leaders of diverse backgrounds and covers their stories plus a wide range of ministry-related topics. 

5. The KidzMatter Podcast

KidzMatter is one of the premier resources for children's ministry leaders. Led by hosts Ryan Frank and Corey Jones, the podcast discusses current and relevant kid ministry topics and hopes to share valuable learnings with their listeners. 

6. Developing Leaders, Impacting Kids 

The Developing Leaders, Impacting Kids podcast from Cleveland, Tennessee, is about sharing ideas, tips, and strategies to help you develop as a KidMin leader. In addition, each episode features a favorite presentation from their training experiences. The podcast is available on Apple iTunes and in the Google Play store. 

Listening to a podcast is an excellent way for kids ministry leaders to learn from others and a great means for children to consume meaningful and uplifting content while reducing their screen time.

7. Magical MDWK Moments of Ministry 

Magical MDWK Moments of Ministry provides a weekly recap of their Wednesday night ministries for the PVBC kids and youth in Wilmington, North Carolina. Each episode walks parents and leaders through the main points of the Scripture text. From discussing How-To videos, games to serious lessons about finding grace in Jesus, this podcast provides valuable insights with some laughs along the way. 

8. Equipping Kingdom Kids With Becky Fischer

Equipping Kingdom Kids is a Mandan, North Dakota-based podcast for both spirit-filled parents and children's ministry leaders who are interested in raising a generation of boys and girls to walk in the supernatural power of God. Some of the podcast’s recent topics include “Are Your Tongues Fake or Real?”; “What Our Kids Don't Know About Christmas,”; “Kids, Culture & The Bible,”and “Are Night Visitors Real?”

9. Kidmin Talk

Kidmin Talk is based in Parker, Colorado, and provides a weekly look at the world of children's ministry, hosted by Karl Bastian, also known as the Kidologist at  Each episode is created to equip and encourage children's ministry leaders through training, Kidology behind-the-scenes scoops, new products, featured sponsors, and more. While the podcast’s audio version is released through iTunes, you may also find video versions in the Kidmin Talk Facebook Group or the Kidmin Talk Archive.


10. Keys for Kids 

From Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Keys For Kids podcast is dedicated to igniting a passion for Christ in kids and their families together. Founded by Keys for Kids Ministries, a children's ministry organization, the podcast is hosted by Zach, who provides Scripture and a story every day. This podcast is specifically for children and covers fun stuff about God. 

11. Kids-Min U

Kids-Min U from Bakersfield, California, is hosted by Tyler Hodge and Kids-Min University to educate, inspire, and challenge kids ministry leaders to reach the children of their communities and the world more efficiently. The podcast is geared toward all aspects of children's ministry, including leadership, teachers, aides, bus workers, pastors, and parents. Their goal is to provide Apostolic resources and inspiration to churches that want to grow their children's ministries as well as their impact on their communities, children, and families. 

12. Simple KidsMin Podcast

Designed to encourage and equip children's ministry leaders in the local church, the Simple KidMin Podcast covers a plethora of topics that discuss insightful and practical advice and resources for kids ministry leaders. 

Listening to a podcast is an excellent way for kids ministry leaders to learn from others and a great means for children to consume meaningful and uplifting content while reducing their screen time. These podcasts are available on most streaming audio services, like iTunes or Spotify. Whether to supplement a Sunday School lesson or provide leaders with an additional resource to prepare their kids’ ministry curriculum, podcasts are versatile, engaging, and educational and offer something for everyone.

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