How Does Orange Curriculum Rank?

Research shows that parents are the number one influence in a child’s life, so by embracing that central pillar in the young learners’ minds, Think Orange aims to lead the next generation into a better place.

Grant Glas
October 4, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

What comes to mind when you think of orange? Do you imagine the color, or the fruit, or maybe a mixture of both? Color is a gift given to us by God, and Think Orange have cleverly fused their central beliefs and mission to this vibrant and warm color. Just like yellow is combined with red to create orange, a strong church must be experienced alongside a home life of worship, to build a deep and lasting connection with God.

For that reason, Think Orange keeps the family at the forefront of everything they do. While a child may have just 40 hours a year with their church, they will spend vast amounts more with their family. By educating parents alongside their children, Think Orange knows that the roots of faith will be set much deeper, and in turn have a greater effect on a child’s faith. From educated parents, the word of faith can spread to grandparents, siblings, and friends. 

Research shows that parents are the number one influence in a child’s life, so by embracing that central pillar in the young learners’ minds, Think Orange aims to lead the next generation into a better place. With an authentic and glowing relationship with our Heavenly Father, community bonds will be created stronger, faith will be fueled and discipleship networks developed. There is no limit to what can be done when parents are equipped with the tools needed to continue the crucial conversations, at home.

For Parents

By embracing the warmth, excitement, positivity, and power that we associate with the color orange, Think Orange believes that great changes can be made. They have detailed children’s ministry curriculum options, for all children, from preschool up. But, how are parents included? Take a look at Parent’s Cue, an easy-to-use app specifically designed for parents, helping them to develop spiritual habits with weekly devotionals. 

Encouraging parents to deepen their faith alongside their child’s in a natural way, using daily cues and reminders, this free app can be the gentle nudge that you need to push you in the right direction. Designed with expertise from child development leaders, educators, and fellow parents, this app helps to build an everyday faith through regular appreciation and gratitude.

For Kids

First Look

Designed for preschool students, this program focuses on setting your little ones up for a lifetime of faith. Using a combination of developmental biblical learning and intentional love, this program will ensure that your preschooler embraces the fact that God made and loves us all. Still supporting the parent-child focus, this kids ministry curriculum will connect the parents to a specific ministry specialist, providing support when needed.

252 Kids 

Created for kindergarten students through to the 5th grade, this program prioritizes the importance of making wise choices, nurturing strong relationships, and deepening an authentic faith in God. The essential truths that are shared by this curriculum are modeled by Jesus in Luke 2:52:

“I need to make the wise choice.

I can trust God no matter what.

I should treat others the way I want to be treated.”

Teaching kids compassion and morality from a young age will ensure a more supportive and accepting learning environment, throughout the rest of their educational career.


From 6th grade and onwards, the Orange kids curriculum XP3 will have your children covered. XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School are essentially different sides of the same coin, with a solid focus on ensuring the fundamental messages are deeply understood, not just heard. Catering to the differences in attitude between the age groups, whilst helping them to navigate the unique challenges faced at that age, XP3 aims to stay with children long after they graduate.

Why Orange Curriculum?

Fair Pricing

Think Orange allows you to try their curriculum, completely for free, so that you can be certain it’s the right fit for you and your church. Depending on the size of your Sunday school, the age of the students, and the type of package you are looking for, you can get a year's subscription for just $510. With varied pricing available, for starter, basic and premium packages, there is something for everyone at Orange.

Discounted Media Package

When you sign up for the Orange kids curriculum, you automatically qualify for a discounted media package too with a free Playlister screen. Perfect for churches that are seeking simplicity – why not get everything you need in just one place? For groups of 15 and under using the starter package, it costs less than $26 a month to add the media package which even includes the Playlister church presentation software

Breathing life and energy into your church’s curriculum whilst making your life easier, once you have had a taste of working with good presentation software, you will never turn back. The students’ learning experiences will be transformed with videos, dances, stories, and more, when you upgrade to the full package.

Combining family values with the word of God, Think Orange is an excellent solution to the increased separation found between young people and the church. By opening the home’s heart to the joys of regular worship, boundless compassion, and unfailing faith, an unbreakable bond will be forged between the future generations, and God.

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