Which Kids Ministry Curriculum is the Best?

Our team has carefully constructed a list of the top church curriculum vital for the growth of your kid's ministry.

Chris Holland
June 14, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Kids Ministry is a complicated church area because of the number of curriculum options. When choosing, it is wise to use a checklist to guide your decision in search of the best. You may need to select a kids ministry curriculum based on the following:

- Your church's theological beliefs;

- The preferred bible translation.

- Ease of use and setup

- Church Software Presentation options (Playlister works with all the video curriculum below)

Let's dig into the list of the 15 best curriculums we have managed to compile. Remember this list is a helper to sort the best children's church curriculum out there:


This is an excellent curriculum that uses the advantage of a joint force to reach the child both at home and in church. The one-year subscription starts at $495 only. It has a two-year cycle with four streams based on the age group. It is also loaded with multimedia that includes social media plans, songs, digital resources, and videos.  Spanish translation is also available with Orange. It is a fantastic curriculum with good reviews, even though it doesn't specify the bible translation. They offer samples, so you get a feel of what you are about to get.

Orange is the number one choice in our Facebook poll



It is another excellent resource for children. It is well-packed with different projects for children's bible studies like The Gospel Project for Kids, Bible Studies for Life, and Explore the Bible. These come with the same title but in different age groups. Apart from these, there are still many resources for kids to read and learn to enhance growth in the faith. They start from as low as $25 per month for Preschool groups and $42 a month for Kids groups, including leader guides, Bible story videos, printable activities, and more.



Group is known for its method of taking children through knowing, loving, and following Jesus. It has what it calls "Group curriculums," and each is "filled with innovative and purposeful experiences that kids will remember – deepening their friendship with God." The groups include Simply Loved, Dig In, Be Bold, FaithWeaver Now, Hands-on Bible Curriculum, and Kids Own Worship. They are all fantastic for kids of different age groups. They have multimedia tools as well, which include: 1. Teacher Packs start at $49.99 (one quarter). 2. Complete Starter Set is between $99.99 – $369.99 (one quarter, depending on curriculum). They provide samples on each curriculum to get a feel of what you are about to get.

Teacher pack start at $49.99 per quarter


Gospel Project

The Gospel Project for kids takes them on a real journey through the gospel in a way that makes it easy to understand and realize what all the stories in the Bible are pointing to ultimately – God's redemption. The leader kits cost between $64.99 and $86.99 per quarter. They come with printed material, digital downloads, and apps for guidance. Multimedia is also a part of the package. It utilizes the CSB bible and offers samples to give a foretaste.

Options available starting at $64.99 per quarter

Hillsong Kids

It's one of the good ones out there. The "Hillsong Kids BiG" is a complete, all-inclusive resource to effectively equip teachers in running the kids' ministry. Each curriculum includes multimedia teachings, quiz review segments, praise, worship tracks and videos, bible verse videos, and all print material. There are lots of materials, and they start from as love as $5.00. They also offer samples.



ShareFaith Kids is a beautiful curriculum that combines Sunday School Lessons And Sunday School activities to give teachers a complete Sunday School resource. In addition, it comes with kids' Bible videos and Sunday School activities. It costs $348 for an annual subscription. It uses a two-year cycle. There are also lots of digital downloads and multimedia, which includes videos. It offers a sample.



Standard Publishing

Children's Sunday school will last them a lifetime. Standard Publishing curriculum for children is a commendable resource that helps children and is excellent for teachers. It offers packages from $45.99 for the teacher's kit each quarter. It runs a one-year cycle system. The multimedia includes resource CD for teachers. Also, Standard Publishing is part of the David C. Cook Family of children's resources. It offers a free sample.


Story Children's Curriculum

Another excellent curriculum that can help children experience God's love by bringing his story to life. The curriculum provides well-formatted relatable Scripture references, memory verses, and bible themes. It includes a leader's guide, lesson plans, skit scripts, activity pages, take-home parent pages, and PowerPoint slides. It comes at the price of $39.99 for 31 lessons. It also includes a DVD for multimedia purposes. There are no samples available.


Answers Bible Curriculum

Answers Bible Curriculum is a chronological Sunday school curriculum that covers the entire Bible. It gives detailed answers that help the young child understand the questions that seem too difficult. In addition, it teaches the application of scriptures in a way that defends the Bible and honors Christ. It costs $179.00 for 10 weeks of material for all ages and $35- $40 for one age group. It comes in a four-year cycle system. It also includes videos, PowerPoint slides, and other downloadable material. There are samples available.



It's a great resource that empowers children with all the pre-requisite knowledge they need from the Bible to grow in God's ways. Apart from Awana Club material, they also offer Sunday School material titled "TruthSeekers. " The TruthSeekers curriculum is beneficial for children that had no prior knowledge of the Bible. TruthSeekers material is billed at $29.99 for 33 lessons. It comes in a four-year cycle system. Also, it comes with multimedia which includes a resource CD with picture cards. They offer samples as well.


The case for Christ Kids

With this curriculum, children learn answers to pressing questions in straightforward language that will help them grow in their faith. In The Case for Christ Children's Curriculum, children understand more about Jesus as they learn on topics addressing the existence, miracles, ministry, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It costs $19.99 for 6 lessons. The DVD contains all PDF files needed to run the program. It does not offer samples, however.


Children Desiring God

This curriculum focuses on the effective equipping of teachers and the successful engagement of children. The electronic edition goes for $60.00. The curriculum contains multimedia which includes a resource CD. Also, they offer samples.



DLTK's Crafts for Kids is a beautiful compendium that offers various printable children's crafts, coloring pages, worksheets. In addition, it includes activities like holidays, educational themes, and some of our children's favorite cartoon characters. It is packed full of fantastic stuff, all for the growth of the child. It includes free Sunday School Lessons but does not offer any samples.


Ministry to Children

It is a large website with nearly 4,000 lessons, printable materials, and ideas. There is much free excellent content for teaching kids at church as this is a free children's church curriculum. It is a ministry that is all about helping children grow in every way possible, and they are really doing an excellent job at it. There are no samples as all materials are free.


Kids Sunday School Place

This is another excellent online source for fresh, creative children's ministry resources that can powerfully help grade school and preschool. They come in complete downloadable Sunday school lessons, Bible crafts, Christian activities, object lessons, stories, skits, games, songs, and much more. It gives teaching Sunday school new ease to the job. It comes in a three-year cycle system. It does not come with multimedia tools, however, but gives samples.

So, that's the list of the best 15 kids' ministry curriculums out there. By now, you should decide on which one to opt for, based on your requirements. They are all outstanding and offer high-quality content with both teachers and students in mind.

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