Which Kids Ministry Curriculum is the Best?

Our team has carefully constructed a list of the top church curriculum vital for the growth of your kid's ministry.

Chris Holland
June 14, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Kids Ministry is a complicated church area because of the number of curriculum options. When choosing, it is wise to use a checklist to guide your decision in search of the best. You may need to select a kids ministry curriculum based on the following:

- Your church's theological beliefs;

- The preferred bible translation.

- Ease of use and setup

- Church Software Presentation options (Playlister works with all the video curriculum below)

Let's dig into the list of the 15 best curriculums we have managed to compile. Remember this list is a helper to sort the best children's church curriculum out there:


Orange is an excellent curriculum that uses the advantage of a joint force to reach children both at home and in church. A one-year subscription for it starts at $510 and it has a two-year cycle with four streams based on the age group and class size. They also offer a media package at a discounted rate when you sign up to their children’s ministry curriculum with prices starting at $412. Depending on the age group you are buying for, this media package will give you access to videos, songs, dances, and more, helping you to reinforce your weekly sessions with fun and lively activities. This package even includes Propresenter and Playlister, a church presentation software that makes sharing resources a seamlessly smooth process. 

Putting the students at the forefront of their learning, Orange offers curriculum options that are carefully crafted to suit the subtle changes between age groups. Even though the bible version used in this curriculum is not specified, the reviews for it are incredible, and they do also offer a Spanish language edition. If you want to try it out prior to purchasing, you have the option to do so!

Orange is the number one choice in our Facebook poll



It is another excellent resource for children. It is well-packed with different projects for children's bible studies like The Gospel Project for Kids, Bible Studies for Life, and Explore the Bible. These come with the same title but in different age groups. Apart from these, there are still many resources for kids to read and learn to enhance growth in the faith. They start from as low as $25 per month for Preschool groups and $42 a month for Kids groups, including leader guides, Bible story videos, printable activities, and more.

With initial costs low, Lifeway is a great choice for churches that are interested in having more space for adaptation within their curriculum. However, there is an overwhelming number of different add-ons for the curriculum, and the prices vary for each. For that reason, this is not the best option for those who enjoy easy, all-inclusive options that dodge the stress of too many decisions. We do love the CD-Rom format of the Lifeway leader kits, though, and they include lesson plans, printable worksheets, game boards, and posters, all provided to you digitally. Offering adaptations for 9 different bible translations, this curriculum will cater to the needs of almost any church.



Group is known for its method of taking children through knowing, loving, and following Jesus. It has what it calls "Group curriculums," and each is "filled with innovative and purposeful experiences that kids will remember – deepening their friendship with God." The groups include Simply Loved, Dig In, Be Bold, FaithWeaver Now, Hands-on Bible Curriculum, and Kids Own Worship. They are all fantastic for kids of different age groups. They have multimedia tools as well, which include: 1. Teacher Packs start at $49.99 (one quarter). 2. Complete Starter Set is between $99.99 – $369.99 (one quarter, depending on curriculum). They provide samples on each curriculum to get a feel of what you are about to get.

Group encourages a spiritual transformation in the minds of their young students. Tilling the soil of their children’s hearts to help the seeds of faith to flourish, this curriculum prioritizes a deep relationship with Jesus. Encouraging hands-on and at-home learning, Group knows that a workbook simply isn’t enough to make an impact alone. Home to a variety of different curriculums, this option is perfect for churches that like having more agency over the details of their curriculum. Select your curriculum, the age levels needed, length of weekly lesson time, and format, and they will craft your personalized plan for Sunday school learning.

Teacher pack start at $49.99 per quarter


Gospel Project

Using the Christian Standard Version (CSV) of the Bible, The Gospel Project for kids takes them on a journey through the gospel in a way that makes it easy to understand the ultimate theme of the Bible’s stories—God's redemption. While you have the option to sample before purchase, the leader kits cost between $64.99 and $86.99 per quarter, and they come with printed material, digital downloads, and apps for guidance, in addition to select multimedia. 


Chronologically diving into the bible, the Gospel Project helps kids to avoid moralistic thinking through discipleship that is filled with the light of the gospel. Helping your students to optimize their faith through digital learning, this option offers access to their handy app. Use it alongside teaching to relate to your young adult students, and reach them where they are. Pricing for this is very low, starting from just $15 a month!

Options available starting at $64.99 per quarter

Hillsong Kids

One of the best curriculum options to choose from, the "Hillsong Kids BiG" is a complete, all-inclusive resource to effectively equip teachers in running the kids' ministry. Each curriculum includes multimedia teachings, quiz review segments, praise, worship tracks and videos, bible verse videos, and printable material—all starting from as low as $5.00.

Offering a free trial to see how this curriculum fits within your Sunday school, Hillsong Kids BiG is a dynamic and lively curriculum option. Including 90 minute services for Junior, Primary, Elementary, and Pre-teen age groups, this package is a great option for everyone. For Junior and Primary, there are 3 seasons offered, costing $800 a year. Looking for mid-week devotionals? Get them at the HSK app, where you can also find fun crafts for kids, additional learning resources, and helpful information for parents.



ShareFaith Kids is a beautiful curriculum that combines Sunday School Lessons And Sunday School activities to give teachers a complete Sunday School resource. In addition, it comes with kids' Bible videos and Sunday School activities. It costs $348 for an annual subscription. It uses a two-year cycle. There are also lots of digital downloads and multimedia, which includes videos. It offers a sample.

If you’re interested in signing up for the SUITE Plan which includes full membership, lifetime premium support, and a media membership, it will cost a bit more at $948 per year or $88 per month. Many consider the extra fee worth it, as it even includes a personalized website for your church and an online giving/tithing platform. As an incredible all-in-one package, ShareFaith has every aspect of worship and outreach covered.



Standard Publishing

Children's Sunday school will last them a lifetime. Standard Publishing curriculum for children is a commendable resource that helps children and is excellent for teachers. It offers packages from $45.99 for the teacher's kit each quarter. It runs a one-year cycle system. The multimedia includes resource CD for teachers. Also, Standard Publishing is part of the David C. Cook Family of children's resources. It offers a free sample.

Offering a fit finder quiz so that you can be sure that you are investing in the right curriculum, this option saves you the hassle of decision. With an immense selection of different study options, this quiz is necessary, as it’s hard to know where to begin. Starting from $6.29 per student for a creative pack, we recommend taking the quiz to receive a Sunday school package that’s tailored to your needs.


Story Children's Curriculum

Another excellent curriculum that can help children experience God's love by bringing his story to life. The curriculum provides well-formatted relatable Scripture references, memory verses, and bible themes. It includes a leader's guide, lesson plans, skit scripts, activity pages, take-home parent pages, and PowerPoint slides. It comes at the price of $39.99 for 31 lessons. It also includes a DVD for multimedia purposes. There are no samples available.


Answers Bible Curriculum

Answers Bible Curriculum is a chronological Sunday school curriculum that covers the entire Bible. It gives detailed answers that help the young child understand the questions that seem too difficult. In addition, it teaches the application of scriptures in a way that defends the Bible and honors Christ. It costs $179.00 for 10 weeks of material for all ages and $35- $40 for one age group. It comes in a four-year cycle system. It also includes videos, PowerPoint slides, and other downloadable material. There are samples available.

Offering a full month for free so that you can be certain of this curriculum before you try, Answers Bible Curriculum (or ABC) is a great fit for the whole family, from preschool to adulthood. You can even choose the King James or the Standard English version of the bible to be the basis of your curriculum. Just select how many units you plan to teach, the age group, and you’ll get a full, personalized quote. You have the option to sample the curriculum as well.



A great resource that empowers children with all the prerequisite knowledge they need from the Bible to grow in God's ways, Awana offers a membership for just $99 per year on top of individual curriculum plans sold by age group. Providing you with access to many handy features like 30% off all products, digital recruitment, and training resources as well as exposure for your church, this membership is an excellent choice. With options also available in Spanish, Awana is accessible to many disciples.


The case for Christ Kids

Including lesson plans, a weekly checklist, parent pages, and promotional materials for an incredible price, The Case for Christ Children’s Curriculum is a great option for kids aged 8 and up. This is a top choice for churches working within a budget, as the price doesn’t increase with the number of children attending. Instead, a one-off payment will provide you with resources that can be shared far and wide.

At just $19.99 for 6 lessons, you’ll be given a DVD with all the PDF files needed to run the program. Your children will be able to learn answers to their pressing questions in language that is easy to understand, developed with them in mind. As they learn on topics related to our existence, miracles, ministry, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the kids in your ministry will grow in their faith. 

Children Desiring God

Working under the new name of Truth:78, this English Standard Version (ESV) curriculum will give you 10 kids’ church lessons for free! Including everything you could need, from teacher materials, visuals, student resources, and take-away pages for parents, Truth:78 has an impressive selection of different lesson packages and plans. 

With a focus on effectively equipping teachers and successfully engaging children, they offer free resources and print or digital curriculum packages by age level. Keep the learning process fresh and exciting at your Sunday school with this curriculum that prioritizes partnership with parents too.



As a hub for educational resources, DLTK is the perfect option for churches that are seeking to maintain a level of control over their curriculum. Rather than signing up for a set-in-stone 3-year plan, the independence that choosing your study path can bring is preferred by some, especially those with their teaching expertise.

DLTK's Crafts for Kids is a beautiful compendium that offers various printable children's crafts, coloring pages, worksheets. In addition, it includes activities like holidays, educational themes, and some of our children's favorite cartoon characters. It is packed full of fantastic stuff, all for the growth of the child. It includes free Sunday School Lessons but does not offer any samples.


Ministry to Children

It is a large website with nearly 4,000 lessons, printable materials, and ideas. There is much free excellent content for teaching kids at church as this is a free children's church curriculum. It is a ministry that is all about helping children grow in every way possible, and they are really doing an excellent job at it. There are no samples as all materials are free.

Simply sign up to their mailing list to receive bible lessons, games, and printable pages every week. Ministry to Children is an amazing option for churches with smaller budgets, as a free kids curriculum is a financial weight lifted. Plus, it gives church leaders the chance to take more direction with their classes, keeping them more involved in the curriculum and learning process.


Kids Sunday School Place

This is another excellent online source for fresh, creative children's ministry resources that can powerfully help grade school and preschool. They come in complete downloadable Sunday school lessons, Bible crafts, Christian activities, object lessons, stories, skits, games, songs, and much more. It gives teaching Sunday school new ease to the job. It comes in a three-year cycle system. It does not come with multimedia tools, however, but gives samples.

With some elements available for free to users, the Kids Sunday School Practice lets you try before you buy. However, as the membership options start at just $39 a year, it’s hard to find a reason to say no! Just one purchase includes grade school and pre-school, as well as Spanish or English, making it a very flexible option.

So, that's the list of the best 15 kids' ministry curriculums out there. By now, you should decide on which one to opt for, based on your requirements. They are all outstanding and offer high-quality content with both teachers and students in mind.

Looking for ways to present your kids ministry curriculum?

While your decision will depend largely on the size and scope of your church, our favorite choice is Think Orange Curriculum, First Look, and 252 Kids. Offering a seamless transition from youth to young adulthood, the adaptation for different stages of learning is unmatched, as the learning style and content are perfectly tailored. Plus, we believe that all-inclusive options with Orange will save you money overall and get you access to free Playlister, as no one wants to miss out on certain aspects of curriculum perks.

Playlister uses Apple TVs to present the above curriculum in churches all over the world. Here are the top 5 ways your church should use an Apple TV to present kids ministry curriculum.

Apple TVs have hard drives to save up to 32 GB of content allowing you to play your curriculum offline. And an excellent remote which makes training volunteers take less than 15 seconds.

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