What Needs to be Renewed in Your Ministry This Spring

It's time to give your kids' ministry some much-needed TLC and take your Sunday school lessons to the next level. Set the scene for success for the rest of the year by taking a close look at how you're running your children’s ministry curriculum. From the quality of your volunteers to the happiness of your students, consider everything for a full upgrade.

Grant Glas
March 22, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

It's easy to let things slip when managing your ministry. With countless things to consider, staying on top of it all can sometimes feel impossible. But what better time is there than the dawning of spring to clear out the cobwebs? Read on for our handy guide of the best ways to give your ministry the spruce up it needs. There's no time like the present!

Is your curriculum relevant?

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Assessing your kids’ ministry curriculum can be difficult if it's one that you have had for many years. Taking an objective eye to something that has been a big part of your ministry, whether for months or years, isn’t always easy. So, we recommend seeking answers from your small group leaders and volunteers to get around this.

They are the people on the field who work with the curriculum every day. That means that realistically, they are better equipped to highlight any benefits or shortcomings than you are. Using a standardized questionnaire can make gathering the data easier if you have a large church network. But, nothing can beat having a face-to-face meeting where everyone can voice their opinions with clarity.

If you have been creating your curriculum as you go along, it might be time to think about an upgrade. We are fortunate enough to have access to some of the best curricula designed by a team of child development experts and ministry leaders, so don’t miss out on a premium quality curriculum.

Do you have the right technology?

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Investing in the right technology will bring your ministry back to modernity. Nothing gets kids excited like up-to-date and relevant gadgets, so invest in your students to put their faith first. Are you still fumbling around with DVDs and USBs at the start of a session? It’s time to level up. 

You can use Apple TVs for a wide variety of things, from streaming your curriculum resources to creating fun digital signage solutions. And, when paired with the Playlister church presentation software, it takes the weight off your shoulders. Simply set up your schedule, and your curriculum resources will be ready and waiting for you. 

Have you updated your job descriptions?

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If you have noticed the quality of your volunteer applicants waning, it's probably time to renew your church job descriptions. One of the biggest causes behind disinterested and flaky volunteers is unclear descriptions and insufficient training. Try some of these templates next time you recruit and see the results for yourself.

To maximize the efficiency of your volunteer team, make sure you organize training periods for each new member. When you allow newbies to shadow veteran small group leaders, teaching methods become more consistent, and the central mission of your church is kept clear and concise for all who join your congregation.

Are leadership skills prioritized?

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Improving and developing the resources we already have access to is the best way to be self-sufficient and in a constant state of growth. Inspiring leaders have an impressive impact on the people they work with, which is why we believe putting leadership skills first is key.

Are you prepared for this coming Bible conference season? Make sure you plan far in advance so your leaders are ready to attend as many conferences as possible! We are blessed to have so many conferences filled with highly acclaimed ministry leaders at our fingertips, so let’s make the most of it.

Do your kids enjoy Sunday school?

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How much your little learners enjoy their experience of your ministry says a lot about how successful it is. Education is one element of Sunday school, but so is development, community, and fun! Turn your attention to your smallest members and ask them what type of classes they enjoy the most — don’t be afraid to really take their feedback into consideration.

What kids find exciting will vary hugely between preschool and teen Sunday school lessons, so make sure you switch up your questions for each age group. Upgrade with games for kids church for the younger children and interesting kids ministry resources for your teens to appeal to every class. Using the same material time and time again can get stale — so find new resources today!

Taking the time to renew your kids’ ministry this spring will have benefits that last far beyond the coming fall. Sow the seeds of growth, and your ministry will soon reap the rewards. Adding a splash of life to your curriculum with new resources and updated technology will capture the attention of your students, letting them know how much you care.

Ensure that every member of your ministry team is on the same page by scheduling regular meetings within your ministry. At these meetings, people can bring attention to any issues they may have, so you can solve them before they become problematic. Use fun and inclusive events to boost communication between your volunteers, congregation, and workers while deepening connections too.

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