Orange Curriculum vs. Gospel Project: Which is Better?

There comes a time when churches must look critically at how they run their ministries. Pruning projects that no longer serve your people is a must, or you risk wasting valuable resources and limiting your church’s growth. The same goes for your curriculum — does it still educate your youth while supporting their relationship with God?

Chris Holland
November 3, 2022
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A Guide to Help You Choose the Right Provider

There comes a time when churches must look critically at how they run their ministries. Pruning projects that no longer serve your people is a must, or you risk wasting valuable resources and limiting your church’s growth. The same goes for your curriculum — does it still educate your youth while supporting their relationship with God?

If you feel ready to upgrade your ministry with a curriculum that actually works, this is the blog for you. Choosing a curriculum that serves your ministry requires careful thought, as exceptionally high-caliber alternatives pop up every single day. How can church leaders make a decision when they are swamped with choices?

No need to stress — we have put together this comparison guide to assist you in your decision-making. This blog compares the central characteristics of two of the most popular curriculum options — Orange Curriculum vs. Gospel Project Curriculum — emphasizing their benefits and drawbacks. We will examine the similarities and differences in detail, including materials provided, cost, lesson structures, and more. 

Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to helping your church select the right package.

Gospel Project

the Gospel Project website

Gospel Project is an incredibly popular option for curriculum. It was created by LifeWay, one of the biggest Christian publishers and merchants, and provides curriculum choices for children as young as preschool up to adulthood. The Gospel Project is a terrific option if you're searching for a single curriculum that will offer high-quality resources for every member of your church.

The Gospel Project is a LifeWay Sunday school curriculum that takes children on a meaningful tour of the Bible in a chronological, simple-to-understand manner. From Genesis to Revelation, this program will guide your pupils in developing a meaningful connection with God. For those of all ages, from the youngest preschoolers to your adolescent students to your senior congregation, a Christ-centered, chronological approach is excellent.

Using the Gospel Project curriculum, help your children develop and sustain a deep connection with the Holy Spirit. The children at your church will learn a natural knowledge of God's grace as each lesson inevitably points to Jesus as the redeemer, teacher, Lord, and Savior. Through a variety of activities, such as music, dance, artistic endeavors, and more, the Gospel Project shows kids of all ages His kindness.


The Gospel Project summary

Gospel Project curriculum is a LifeWay curriculum that leads people of all ages towards Jesus by chronologically celebrating His joy, adapted to each age group.

What’s Included

the Gospel Project pdf

  • Starter kits that include an activity pack, videos, music, and more
  • Leader guides
  • Kids resources
  • Small group resources
  • One-time purchases — posters that create a mural to show how the entire Bible points to Jesus
  • Quarterly digital products

Key Features

  • The Gospel Project curriculum is organized into three-year cycles, with new volumes released every three months.
  • A chronological study plan from Genesis to Revelation that unites scripture's big story and themes.
  • Each lesson includes an engaging activity, small group discussion questions, and a memory verse.


The Gospel products

Adapt your membership to suit the specific needs of your church and pay only what you need to. They offer six different sizes, ranging from fewer than 50 attendees to more than 800, helping you to build the perfect plan for your kids. Here’s how much the Gospel Project curriculum for preschool and kids would cost your church:

1-50 Students

Basic: $65/per month

Plus: $111/per month

51-100 Students

Basic: $102/per month

Plus: $148/per month

101-200 Students

Basic: $140/per month

Plus: $186/per month

201-400 Students

Basic: $219/per month

Plus: $265/per month

401-800 Students

Basic: $262/per month

Plus: $308/per month

800+ Students

Basic: $374/per month

Plus: $420/per month

Committing to a monthly membership guarantees you fresh new content each week and eases financial concerns. You do, however, have the option to purchase resources separately if you don't want to commit to a whole curriculum plan. Are you unsure whether the Plus Plan is cost-effective? What each one includes is shown below.

The Gospel Project details

Basic Plan Details

This package includes these essentials for weekly group ministry:

  • Leader Guide PDFs
  • Leader Guide RTFs
  • Activity Page PDFs
  • Learner Guide PDFs (Preteen only)
  • Bible Story Pictures
  • Story Point Posters
  • Countdown Videos
  • Bible Story Videos
  • Questions from Kids Videos
  • Mission Videos
  • Leader Audio Training
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Visual Aids (Charts, Maps, etc.)
  • At-Home Resources for Family Worship

Plus Plan Details

This package includes everything in the Basic plan, plus these handy extras for an extra hour of class:

  • Worship Guide PDFs
  • Worship Guide RTFs
  • Worship Activity PDFs
  • Worship Videos and Audio
  • Resources for a Midweek Discipleship Experience

Orange Curriculum

Orange Curriculum website

Think Orange kids' curriculum does things a little differently. They know that keeping parents involved in their child’s educational journey is essential; this curriculum takes it beyond the classroom. Orange develops biblical materials that link the home (parents and guardians) and the church (ministry leaders like you). This distinguishes them from the other church curriculum options out there. 

They offer a wide range of tools to assist church workers, from senior pastors to volunteers, to help make God's message more meaningful to more children. Churches worldwide of all sizes, localities, and denominations are turning Orange and noticing the difference it makes in the faith of their youngest members. In addition to dynamic and exciting class content, they offer several handy Orange apps — like Parent Cue — keeping families in the loop every step of the way.

Each age group gets a unique curriculum made with the help of child development experts and experienced church leaders. Meeting kids where they are instills a deep understanding in their minds from a young age, helping their relationship with God feel like second nature. The needs of children vary hugely as they grow and develop — choose Orange for a curriculum that is committed to adapting to each age group’s capabilities.


Orange curriculum summary

Think Orange is a curriculum with age-specific modules that partners with parents on a deep level, which leads kids to a life of godliness and enhances community bonds between generations.

What’s Included

  • Especially designed age-specific modules
  • An Orange specialist to offer dedicated support 
  • Training opportunities for volunteers
  • Customizable programming
  • Engaging learning experiences 
  • Step-by-step small group plans
  • Intentional partnerships with parents
  • Special needs class adaptations
  • Monthly planning documents
  • Devotionals for kids
  • Parent-cue take-home resources 
  • Social media guides for parents

Key Features

Orange curriculum features

  • Think Orange curriculum is divided into four sections: First Look (preschool), 252 Kids (elementary school), XP3 Middle School (middle school), and XP3 High School (high school).
  • The two Orange apps available – Parent Cue and Lead Small – help parents stay connected while making life easier for your kids' ministry volunteers too!
  • It is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that strives to strengthen young people’s connection with God through two primary influences: the church and the home.


The staggering price plan options mean Think Orange is an affordable option for any size of budget. Your costs will vary hugely depending on the level of access you require and how many students you have in attendance. Below is a price breakdown for the Starter, Basic, and Premium Packages, based on a 252 Kids subscription.

1-15 Students

Starter: $525/year

Basic: $663/year

Premium: $684/year

16-25 Students

Basic: $663/year

Premium: $684/year

26-50 Students

Basic: $965/year

Premium: $987/year

51-75 Students

Basic: $1273/year

Premium: $1300/year

76-100 Students

Basic: $1496/year

Premium: $1586/year

101-200 Students

Basic: $1703/year

Premium: $1798/year

201-400 Students

Basic: $2053/year

Premium: $2223/year

401+ Students

Basic: $2615/year

Premium: $2859/year

As the Starter pack is only available for the smallest group size, it is intended for use as a stripped-back package for tiny churches or as a trial. The main difference between the Premium and Basic packages is that with Premium, you also get large group teaching experiences, which are an exciting time for kids to bond with Jesus and each other. 

Which is Better?

theGospel vs Orange curriculums

While both curriculum options are fierce competitors in the race for the title of best kids' curriculum, Think Orange comes out on top. It encourages parental involvement in their child’s religious learning experience like no other provider does, and the value this has on a child’s relationship with God is invaluable.

Encourage parents at your church to download their apps and stay on track while letting the kids of your ministry enjoy the endless array of activities. Think Orange provides group events and dynamic lessons, designed by experts for each age group. Plus, it gives you the option to add their media package into the mix, getting a free membership with Playlister church presentation software, so your curriculum will be up and running in just three simple steps.

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