The Top 10 Bible Lessons and Curriculum to Present Them

If you’re having trouble deciding where to start with your Bible lessons, here is our pick of the top 10 Bible stories that are sure to provide a solid foundation for future Bible studies.

Grant Glas
September 14, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

If you’re a leader or volunteer at a kids ministry, your main mission is to help bring children closer to their faith and nurture their understanding of the Bible so that they can begin building a strong relationship with God. 

The Bible is abundant with lessons and teachings, but when ministering to children, it's best to keep things simple and concise so that their introduction to bible studies is engaging and enjoyable for them. When putting together bible lessons for your children’s ministry, select key stories from the Bible with a strong message about the importance of staying close to God so that the kids will begin to feel confident in their faith. 

If you’re having trouble deciding where to start with your Bible lessons, here is our pick of the top 10 Bible stories that are sure to provide a solid foundation for future Bible studies.

1. The Story of Creation

Quite possibly the best bible story to begin with for church introductory lessons, the story of creation from the book of genesis is important for kids to learn as soon as they begin studying the bible as it will provide a clear starting point for them to build upon. It will also help children to understand why we attend church on Sundays, as this was God’s day of rest in the story of creation. 

2. Adam and Eve

The story of Adam and Eve is an excellent follow-up lesson to the story of creation, and has a clear message about the importance of obeying God. Understanding the Original Sin is vital for children’s knowledge of their faith, as well as teaching them about good and bad. It will help children to understand that they too can help combat the bad by doing good deeds, and give them faith that if they follow God’s wishes, they will be safe and content. 

3. The Tower of Babel 

In this story, the Babylonians began building a tower that would "reach to the heavens" so that they could be like God, meaning that they would not need him. However, God knew that humans could not live a successful life without his presence, so he made everybody speak different languages so that they would not be able to communicate and complete the building work. By teaching this story, it will help further children’s understanding of the world around them, while also demonstrating that a life without God cannot be fulfilling. 

4. Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark is one of the most well-known stories from the bible. It details how Noah was instructed to build an ark by God and take in two of every animal to save his family and the animal kingdom from an impending flood that would cleanse the earth of sin, teaching children that if they live a faithful life, God will always provide them with support and sanctuary. 

5. David and Goliath 

In the story of David and Goliath, David defeats the evil tyranny of the giant Goliath, despite being much smaller than him. It will clearly help children understand how their faith can help them to overcome life’s obstacles, providing kids with an inspiring example of how anyone can triumph in the face of adversity

6. Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Perhaps one of the best stories for demonstrating the importance of trusting in God, Daniel was saved from being eaten by lions as God protected him. This poignant tale will help children to believe that God will always be by their side even during difficult times if they maintain a strong relationship with him. 

7. Jonah and the Whale

After trying to escape his duties to God, Jonah was swallowed by a whale where he spent three days and three nights repenting before being saved and assuming his role as a prophet. As one of the most popular bible stories, Jonah and the Whale will teach children about the significance of maintaining their relationship with God

8. The Birth of Jesus 

If it’s coming up to Christmas, the story of the birth of Jesus will make for the perfect Sunday school lesson. It will provide children with a background on Jesus, and is sure to help further their understanding of why we celebrate Christmas. This is one of the most important stories in the bible, so it's vital to include it in your curriculum.

9. Jesus Feeds the 5,000

To teach children about the miracles that Jesus performed, the story of how Jesus fed 5,000 people using only five loaves of bread and two fish. This tale will remind children of Jesus’s compassion and kindness, helping them to trust in their faith. 

10. The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ 

Ideal for Easter lessons, the story of the crucifixion of Jesus is arguably the most important story relating to Christ. As Jesus is resurrected, it offers a clear demonstration that there is always hope, which is undoubtedly an important lesson for all children to learn, particularly if they are facing any difficulties. 

The Best Children’s Church Curriculum 

Once you’ve decided on your basic lesson plans, you need reliable church software to provide resources, such as worksheets and discussion questions, to help bring your classes to life. If you’re finding it hard to decide on which program to opt for, our guide to the Top 5 Kids Ministry Curriculum is a great place to start. Also, be sure to check out Which Kids Ministry Curriculum is the Best? for even more options for your church. 

At Playlister, our top pick is Orange curriculum

At Playlister, our top pick is Orange curriculum - an all-in-one solution that will help you reach children at home as well as in church. Depending on the age group you are buying for, you can buy media packages with plenty of fun videos, songs, and dances that will help compliment your bible lessons and bring them to life. Certain Orange Curriculum packages also include Playlister, a church presentation software that makes sharing resources an effortless process. 

We understand how important it is for kids ministry leaders to feel confident that they can impart the word of God to the children of the future, so having a solid church curriculum is the best place to start. With clear lesson plans and a great curriculum program to back you up, your classes are bound to be a success!

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