Why You Need Mac Mini Digital Signage

If you are looking for a new signage solution in 2022, Mac mini might be what you need. It combines the power of a desktop computer with the size of a mobile phone, making smart TVs portable and accessible. Mac mini digital signage is one solution for multiple screens, streamlining your technology while simplifying the process.

Chris Holland
September 27, 2022
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How to Use Your Mac Mini 2022 

Curious about what Mac mini digital signage could do for you? Keep reading for everything you need to know.

What Is a Mac Mini?

Man holding mac mini

The Mac mini, designed and produced by Apple, is a compact desktop computer. You may have heard the Mac mini vs. iMac debate, but it differs hugely from traditional laptops and computers, as it doesn't have a keyboard, mouse, or even a screen. 

You might wonder how a screen-less, keyboard-less, mouse-less device could work or what the benefits of an almost non-existent computer could be. But don’t underestimate this little box.

A Mac mini becomes “smart” when you connect it to a standard PC screen, TV screen, or another gadget. As it only weighs 1.5kgs and is only 19.7cms big, mounting it behind a screen is simple. 

With a Mac mini, you can transform almost any monitor for a Mac mini into a fully functioning iMac desktop and take it with you on the go. It also supports HDTV, which is helpful for digital signage when you deal with displays.

Unlike other compact devices like tablets and notebooks, Mac minis don’t lose any of their power despite being tiny. Their incredible popularity comes from their unwavering strength as computers, as they provide the juice needed for gaming, working with complex software, and digital signage. Typically, these require a robust desktop computer that limits your mobility – but not anymore! 

Mac Mini Digital Signage

Mac mini set up to screens

The Mac mini has established itself as a more cost-effective substitute for Macs, an IT data system, and for creating digital signage. Businesses may pre-schedule and put up material to broadcast on digital screens, like corporate updates and announcements, emergency alerts, presentations, event listings, office directories, and more, by converting a screen into a digital sign.

Nowadays, many of us are invested in the Apple ecosystem with AirPods and iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. If that’s you, and you need a digital signage player that makes sense with your technology, the Mac mini is the best choice. 

It is capable of handling all your content without limits, supporting multiple 4k displays wherever you need them. This powerful iOS device is suitable for all kinds of digital signage, from the business world to churches, and is capable of incredible scalability. 

Cost of Mac Mini Digital Signage

While the Mac mini might appear costly to set up, it will be able to handle all types of content with ease. The latest Mac mini costs $699 or $899 from the Apple website, depending on the required specifications, so it is a big jump from an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku. But, the seamless streaming capabilities on countless screens simultaneously make it a clear choice for those who are already set up with Apple products. 

As with all electronics, you can opt to buy a second-hand or used Mac mini to save some money on the product. Just remember that warranty and returns won’t be available to you if anything happens to go wrong with the process, which might leave you worse off in the long run. Sometimes, buying big is worth it for the increase in quality, as it saves you from replacing your products sooner than is needed. 

Mac Mini vs Apple TV

Mac mini vs apple tv

As an Apple TV functions in a similar way to a Mac mini, without a screen, keyboard or mouse, there is some overlap between the way they are used. Typically, an Apple TV is used for streaming movies or sharing photos with your family, whereas a Mac mini is a tiny powerhouse that could run up to three displays at once. 

If your church or business needs to power multiple screens, you would need multiple Apple TVs, bringing the cost up too. If you are a small church looking to save some money, check out your Apple TV digital signage options. Spoiler alert: they have multiple uses that extend beyond your signs!

Which Software Works Best?

Ministry eacher using playlister to teach kids

Just like on any streaming stick or computer, the Mac mini allows you to download all the programs you require. But running multiple software can get confusing when you use more than a couple of screens at your business or church. Choosing one presentation software for your church digital church signage enables you to control all of your screens with one click.

With Playlister, you can control your church signage and display your kids’ ministry curriculum on a screen when needed. It solves the problem of confusing setups with conflicting software with one hardware solution for all of your TVs, from the entrance hall to Sunday school. Enjoy it for one month for free and make life easier for your pastors, preachers, and all church leaders.

In Conclusion

Mac mini connected to monitor

For efficient and effective digital signage that makes a statement, the Mac mini is the only way to go. No other device has the same power coupled with a compact design, meaning you can attach it wherever you need it. Combine it with Playlister software for a connected system and an organized church. Check out this blog for more ways to utilize digital signage.

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